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  • Graduation: Information Systems
  • Hourly-/Daily rates: not provided
  • Languages: English (Limited professional) | Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 15.07.2018
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I have experience and knowledge to work as Requirements Analyst, Testing & Product Owner, performing tasks such as: survey of the scope of business with the client, regular Meetings, Agile Methodology Applicability, Documentation Development: Vision, Minutes, Requirements, Stories , Impact, Use Cases, Test Plan, Test Cases, User Manuals, Prototyping, Database Administration, Data Modeling (Transact-sql), Performing Functional Tests, Integrated, Systems, Performance, Load, Stress , Mobile, Error Identification, BDD, TDD, Mass Creation and Test Scripts, and Test Automation.
11/2016 – 02/2018           CTIS TECNOLOGIA S/A  –  OFFICE:: PRODUCT OWNER
  • Participated in the survey of requirements with customers, creation of documentation: Vision, Minutes, Stories, Impact, Use Cases, Test Plans, Test Cases, User Manuals,
  • Prototyping, Data Modeling (Transact-sql, queries),
  • Applicability of BDD, TDD, Test Cases, Mass Test Creation, Test Scripts,
  • Performing Functional Tests, Systems, Integrated Performance, Interface, Identification of system errors / failures,
  • Reports, Quality Indicators, Continuous Integration and Release Management,
Milestones and Accomplishments: I collaborated with obtaining the quality of the description of the business documentation, reducing the deadline for deliveries, a greater control in the development of the solution, increasing the billing by 20% and the credibility of the services rendered

04/2016 – 07/2016           crer shows entretenimento –  OFFICE: ANALISTA DE TI
  • Maintenance and Management of Computers, Networks and Servers,
  • Virtualization of physical servers,
  • Management and Administration of Financial Systems,
  • Database Administration (Sql Server 2005/2008/2012), Generation of scripts, backups, restores, dashboards.
Milestones and Achievements: I collaborated with database administration and management, improved query optimization, and the deployment of a call system.
  • Follow-up of periodic management meetings, creation of documentation: requirements, test cases, RoadMaps, user manuals - use of the IBM Rational tool. 
  • Test Automation using the HP - ALM tool, Mass Generation and Test Scripts.

Milestones and Achievements: It contributes to the implementation of the testing tool, obtaining a significant margin in the quality of products delivered with the reduction of errors and development time, greater iteration and satisfaction between the development team and the client.
09/2005 – 03/2015           CTIS TECNOLOGIA S/A –OFFICE: Analista de sistemas/analista de testes/consultor crm
As System Analyst (Developer - Requirements):
  • Business Requirements Survey, elaborated documents: Vision, Technical and Functional Specification, Use Cases, Process Mapping (Uml, BPMN, Blue Print), Prototyping, Function Point Count, Manuals,
  • Data Modeling, Query Creation and Maintenance, Reporting in Oracle Forms / Reports,
  • Programming and Development of Systems in Asp, Php, Delphi, Visual Basic, XML.
As Test Analyst:
  • Responsible for the evaluation and Quality of the Test Plan and Roadmap,
  • Mapping of Testing Processes, TDD Applicability, Test Case Preparation, Scripts and Mass Testing,
  • Performing Functional Tests, Systems, Integrated and Regressive, Performance, Load, Stress, Interface,
  • Automated Automated Testing,
  • Use of Transact-SQL for testing and loading,
  • Quality analysis of source code developed, Release Management,
  • Creator of occurrence reports, management reports, performance and quality indicators (errors / failures).
As CRM Consultor
  • Survey of the System Requirements, Elaboration of the Functional Project Specification, Process Modeling, Elaboration of Manuals and User Support,
  • Elaboration of predictive models and scenarios,
  • Customization and Administration of the ORACLE CRMSIEBEL OnDemand Tool, taking into account the business model,
  • Creation and Maintenance of Control-M (Job and WebServices Parameterization), Data WareHousing, Transact-SQL,
  • Creation and Extraction of Management Reports, serving as the basis for decision making with the company's executive board,
  • Data Mining (ETL), Creation of Dashboard, Graphs and Generation of Indicators by metrics,
  • Parameterization and Integration of the Panels with the Ctis Blog (Wordpress),
  • Using Google Analytics.
Milestones and Achievements (General): it contributes to increase the quality of the documentation and the products developed, the coverage of the tests, the reduction of costs, increased system performance, greater agility, monitoring and control over development, 30% of profit on deliveries and greater precision of the numbers informed by the extraction of reports and graphs.
Today i can to travel to europe (portugal, england, finlandia), brasil, suécia