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? ????? ????????????????: Java.
? ????????? / ?????????? / ??????????: Java Swing, Apache POI, Java 8, Java2 EE, JPA / Hibernate, Spring, SOAP, RESTful, Maven, Gradle, GlassFish (Payara), Tomcat.
? ????? ??????????: Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA;
? ???? ??????: MySQL;
? ?? Microsoft Windows: ??????? ???????????? ? ??? ??????????;
? ????? / ????????:
??????? ? 2013 ???? ??????  ????? Java Start, JavaOOP, JavaEE (
Created a web client that checks credit cards to ensure correct input using the free CDYNE service
Programming languages: Java
Technology: SOAP, JSF

Position: Java-developer in a non-commercial project
Responsibilities: Developed  an on-line library using Spring Boot.
A user types in the name, or genre, or author in the search line and receives the query result in the form of online book cover. An application includs the following functional :
• Authentication / authorization of the user to enter the library (login-password)
• Separation by roles (access to protected sections only for admins)
• Ability to edit / delete / add books
• Customizable page output
• Editing the directories that are used in the book
• Switching languages (Russian and English)
• Search for books, search for reference values
• Reading books
• Voting for a book
• Collecting statistics on the number of book views
Programming languages: Java
Technology: Spring Framework, Lombok, Gradle, Hibernate, Bootstrap(Bootsfaces), JSF, XHTML, Ajax, IntelliJ IDEA, MySQL, GlassFish (Payara)

Developed a desktop application for users of the resource, which reads data from the partner site; tests for these data positions in the final file. If there are no matches, a new record is created in the final Excel file. The final file is used by the server as a data source for the user's site.
Programming languages: Java
Technology: Apache POI, jsoup, DOM
Achievements: developed and put into commercial use desktop application