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Last update: 19.08.2018


Company: DesPro Solutions
Graduation: M.Tech in Communication System
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Greek (Native or Bilingual) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)




We have a team and we are doing work related to Web Development, Machine Design,  3D- Rendering, 3D-Design, Software Development, Web App- Development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data analysis and Data Visualization.
Our experience:
1. We have worked with Software Defined Radio device introduced by AMITEC. We have worked on that device and did an analysis of different Communication Standard including 4G LTE, OFDM, WiFi, Bluetooth, and GSM. We have used C++ and Python programming to do that research work.
2. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are our passion. We are just nerd about that. We have implemented natural language processing using artificial intelligence. Semantic analyzer using deep neural networks.
3. We have professional MATLAB, Opencv, and Python Programmers and We can do any type of MATLAB and Python Programming.
4. We like to implement more complex IEEE paper, ACM journal papers. Till now, We have implemented more than 30 IEEE paper.
5. We have developed software for the automatic face mask generation using deep neural network and C#.
6. One of our researcher has done research on "Image Compression based on Pattern Adaptive Multi-Overcomplete Dictionary Learning and Machine Learning." This research work is going to publish as a chapter of one of the books based on Machine Learning.
7. We have experts designer in the Solid Edge, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Blender and Maya Software for designing complex 3D Design and 3D Rendering.
8. We have skilled force for Web development and Web-based application development. We have done lots of project for Web Development and Web App Development.
9. We have already developed a software solution for the diamond industries.
10. We have skilled people with mathematics and programming those can develop any type of visualization for Data and we can provide you with the best analytics using the data.
Some of the Completed Projects:
1. DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) to denoise the image.
2. DWT (Discrete Wavelet Transform) to the denoised image.
3. Banner extraction using machine learning in python.
4. Change detection using the FCM algorithm.
5. Change detection using PCA + NSCT decomposition.
6. Image compression using multi overcomplete dictionary learning where we have used machine learning to make it more adaptive to image.
7. Natural language processing using machine learning.
8. Quadcopter simulation using MATLAB Code.
9. Build a system dynamics approach to the Keynes model using Simulink/Matlab.
10. Face recognition using SVM and CNN. Face Recognition using SVM and CNN: In this work, our task is to develop a three face recognition system.
- SVM with HOG as a feature extractor
- SVM with SURF as a feature extractor
11.  Pattern-Based Dictionary Learning: We have proposed a new way to compress the Image using Classifier and Dictionary Learning algorithm. We have compared the results of that proposed algorithm to current algorithm JPEG2000 and JPEG.
12. We have design diamond machinery for the diamond cutting and bruting. We have done 3D rendering to many designs.
13. We have design software for the ERP and CRM solution.
We have a great team that can do any type of work-related all the stated skills. I hope you will consider this letter for your work and will provide some task so we can prove our skills.

Project history

Hello all,
I am an Electronic and Mathematical nerd. I have fond of playing with them. Mathematics is the language by which we can universalize the universe in just one equation(Ex. Equation of General Theory of Relativity and Equation of String Theory). Doesn't is fascinating!!! Everywhere there is just a physical form of mathematics. 

The second thing I like the is Electronics because we can solve our everyday problem using Code and a bunch of electronics. 

I like to union this both field and that results in my passion for Machine Learning. We can make something very useful by using just some linear algebraic equation with electronics.

I am a professional MATLAB Programmer and Embedded System Designer. I have a two-year experience in MATLAB. I have completed many projects related to MATLAB. 

List of completed MATLAB projects:
1. Face detection using PCA algorithm on MATLAB.
2. Change detection in Image using NSCT Decomposition and PCA Method.
3. Change detection in Image using fuzzy c - means algorithm Method. 
4. Image denoising using DCT dictionary, Global dictionary and using the K-SVD algorithm.
5. Image compression using JPEG.
6. Image Compression using JPEG-2000.
7. Image compression using single dictionary learning algorithm (Machine Learning).
8. Implementation of MOD algorithm. 
9. Image compensation using my proposed method.
10. Recovery of compressed Huffman coding bits using modified recursive Huffman coding(Proposed by me).
11. Implementation of Turbo Encoder and Decoder in Simulink.
12. Implementation of OFDM Channel in Simulink.
13. Image compression using Multi-Overcomplete dictionary learning.(Proposed by me and it is a machine learning based project.)

I have also two-year professional experience as the Electronics system designer. In that experience, I have completed projects.

1. Implementation of Single axis board using TI's (Texas Instruments) motion controller driver and TI's piccolo series microcontroller.
2. Two-axis board using Trinamic motion controller and Atmel's Micro-controller.
3. Three-axis board using Trinamic motion controller and TI's Controller specially designed for the Motion controlling application.
4. Quad axis board using Nippon pulse motion controller and SAM series microcontroller.
5. BLDC Control board using TI's microcontroller and motion controller driver.

I have two-year experience in PCB design as well. I use Altium designer to design PCBs. All five projects' PCBs are designed by me in Altium designer. I have also designed small circuits like breakout board for FT232 and FT232H. 

I am a professional transcriptionist, translator, expert in data entry, professional mathematics problem solver, PDF editor, Fillable PDF maker, Typist and PDF Conversion. 
I am very sharp with my skills. You will get your work done accurately and in very less time. I am here to satisfy my customer need with my excellent capability to work and to enhance my ability to work with more challenging work.   Thank you.

Time and spatial flexibility

I am working only from a remote. 


I am highly passionate about my work. I wish we will have a great work together. 

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