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Last update: 20.08.2018

Lead Engineer

Graduation: B.S Computer Science
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Hi, I'm Jes. I'm a 20+ year veteran of the evolution of technology. I started programming before I knew how to drive, fell in love and have been doing it ever since. I've endured the painstaking growth from old school C++, classic ASP , the fledgling days of PHP and those excruciating fluorescent banners that give me flashbacks, all the way to Ruby on Rails, Django, color theory and skeuomorphism. I'm thoroughly enjoying javascript's rapid growth and the capabilities of node, angular and my personal favorite, d3. I’ve spent the past several years in leadership roles and take pride in building diverse teams that learn, grow, and build together.  

What I do:

Truth is, I love what I do. I love taking other peoples ideas and working with them to create a beautiful and practical solution. I've had the great privilege of leading and working with disbursed teams of all sizes. I love Agile but find myself happiest in a mixture of the scrum and XP but not quite as rigid as DSDM. There is a great deal that can learned from in the Agile methodology, but implementation should be a help, not a hindrance and for every team, it takes a slightly different shape. As a hybrid of both designer/developer with the ability to take the “ten thousand foot view” and break it into a manageable roadmap that is flexible enough to support change, I have helped many companies get their products on track.  
What I love:

Helping other people be their best selves at work is a role I take very seriously and find great reward and pride in watching it happen. Leadership is, for me, not about making others “stay in line” but about helping them grow professionally and not being afraid to take up their space. It’s about encouraging them enough to speak up for themselves and supporting them when they do; it’s about shielding them enough so that they can focus on their work, but not so much that they are in the dark. It’s sometimes about providing constructive feedback and collaboratively finding solutions. Overall, I think the best leaders are the ones that know when to step in, and when to step out. It’s a balance that is unique for every team, but one that I believe fosters the environment of trust and respect between all. 

I love standing up for what I believe in and trying to make my corner of the world a better place. When I'm not cooking, gardening or spending time with family, I'm speaking at conferences, attending board meetings and helping individual families effected by autism. When my own daughter was diagnosed with autism nearly 5 years ago I made a decision to be part of the solution. As a result I started a non-profit that focuses on advocacy and ensuring that all kids have equal access to services regardless of socioeconomic status. I received gubernatorial appointment to serve on Vermont Inter-agency Coordinating Council which focuses on Childrens’ Integrated Services, and Early Intervention. I’m also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech.

What I’ve been working on: 

I’ve had a lifelong passion for AI and have been working extensively in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. My latest dive has been in neural networks. 

I’ve been working in health tech. First in bringing behavioral health solutions online with WeCounsel, then Salusive, writing a mobile app (react native) that help patients participate more actively in their care by using bluetooth devices and sending their collected data to their doctors for more pertinent, and timely follow up care. Finally, I’ve been proud to be a part of HealthTalkAI, improving patient outcomes and preventative cancer screening by taking a “robo-call” process and creating bots that bring it to text messaging using natural language processing. 

Most recently, I’ve been Software Development Manager for Tallwave. In this role I supervised 5 people, and lead the software development efforts on several different projects, ranging from an enterprise mindfulness platform (, to a complex customer service application for Thomson Reuters. I also supported other internal initiatives. 

Why me?

I’m a problem solver at heart and believe that all problems are an opportunity. I am strategic and thorough in my approach, understanding the immediate business needs, but also mindful of the company’s vision and how we can bring the two together to be a true reflection of who and what we are- and most importantly, our why.  

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