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Andrey Andreev


Last update: 20.02.2021

The developer of information systems Java PowerBuilder PostgreSQL Oracle Sybase-SAP

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Developer of software for information systems in Java and PowerBuilder - SAP (Sybase). The database under the SQL server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase - SAP and application servers Apache Tomcat, Jaguar, JSP, GoLand, HTML, JavaScript and so on. I have experience developing information systems that work with hundreds of millions of entries in the Adaptive Server Enterprise Sybase-SAP, Oracle and PostgreSQL database. With the management of accumulated data through a public WEB server serving a large number of Internet clients. I have experience in developing information systems in the field of automation of oil refining, banking, accounting, transport and media systems. I can provide the whole complex of IT services from the analysis of the business task, to the development of the database structure for the SQL server and the development of all the necessary client and server software. Using VPS / VDS and other modern cloud technologies under Windows and Linux.

Excellent versed in cars, electric vehicles, as well as all electronics. I know well the software of microcontrollers and control units of the automation system. With ease I can develop, calculate and produce, as in a single copy, and launch any radio-electronic unit in the series.

Project history

Worked in banks, software, service and oil companies to automate various business processes. From the development of the banal ERP information system on the SQL server, to the stepper motor control system or the programming of microcontrollers for reading the temperature readings of the distillation column of oil refining. 

Time and spatial flexibility

If it is very necessary, I can fly to any civilized country, where there are normal hotels, electricity and hot water. That is, where you do not need to put a tent and feed yourself mosquitoes and crocodiles.

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