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Saad Shaikh


Last update: 08.08.2020

CG artist / UX designer

Company: Logo Design 66
Graduation: Bachelor of commerce
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Languages: English (Full Professional)




I learned commerce but after completing my bachelor I realized that commerce failed to satisfy me. Then I decided to find something else that makes me happy so I moved into the software engineering field. it's a very interesting field but again within a semester, I realized this is not what I am looking at and, again during my studies, I started to find something that urges me to learn more and more.
after some research on the internet and continuously arguing to myself, I found that I would love to do it anytime and that thing urges me to learn more and more that was digital designing.

so without further delay, I quit software engineering and started learning digital designing and I started with Adobe Illustrator. I consider myself a student because I always trying to learn something new from every possible way. I'm a CG artist who loves to do their work.

nowadays I am a part of The Microvision Studios which is located in Karachi and San Fransisco. one of the leading studios in Pakistan.

My career started at Divssoul as a project manager and there I also started my Digital designing career so that is reason Divssoul is always standing on top in my heart. My boss and colleagues were so cooperative and they always ready to help each other. it was precious time for me and I learned a lot.

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Profileimage by Saad Shaikh CG artist / UX designer from Karachi CG artist / UX designer