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  • Graduation: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
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  • Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 02.10.2018
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Senior Drupal Architect & Developer Full Resume
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I am a senior web programmer and developer with over a 15 years of experience programming with web technologies. After graduating in Computer Science from Queens College of the City University of New York, he has primarily focus on the content management system, Drupal.

I've worked on major migrations and redesigns under Drupal 6, 7 and 8 for the past 10 years. Has taken the lead developer and architect role on several projects for media companies such A&E, NBC Universal, Fox News, ToughMudder, WWE.com, Time Out Magazine (NY), eCommerce companies such Aavid, Shurtape, Fizzics as well as medical research and non-profit organizations such the Ford Foundation. 

Experienced in full architecture of a site, multi-language setup, eCommerce (including Stripe support), social media API integration, building custom RESTful APIs, search integration (Solr and Acquia Search) with faceted support, SEO optimization, blogging, authentication (LDAP).

Skill set includes the following technologies: Drupal 5/6/7, proficient using Drupal hooks, Form API and Database API. Developing theme layer (preprocessors and templates), building custom modules, working with contributed modules, e.g. CCK, Views, Panels, Features, Memcache, ThemeKey, Devel, Pathauto.
PHP, Drupal 5/6/7, MySQL, Linux, Git, SVN, WordPress, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS. For development I currently use PHPStorm IDE, MAMP Pro, New Relic and iTerm2 as terminal.

Great communication skills, fluent in English and Spanish, experience with agile and waterfall methodology, proficient with Jira, Bugzilla, Trac and other bug tracking systems.
WWE.com: Integrated multiple A/B tests for interstitial ads on several pages including the homepage with the goal of determining which ad positions were more effective for users to interact with.

Aavid.com: Worked on the integration Apache Solr Search module to allow end-users to search for products which had multiple categories. An Ajax faceted filtering feature was also implemented for search.

ToughMudder.com: Multi-language setup with the Internationalization (i18n) module and Internationalization Views module. Backend support for multiple media library uploads in order to integrate a responsive design to serve multiple mobile devices.

fizzics.com: Developed a custom sub-theme extending Zurb Foundation to facilitate the frontend developers to integrate their HTML, CSS and Javascript code. 

321launch.com: Build a custom RESTful API to handle the separation between the backend (Drupal) and the frontend framework. Due to the complexity of the requirements, I decided to build a small, yet extendable custom API module as oppose to using Services.

Shurtape.com: Integrated faceted search, developing custom panes to be used on panel pages, build the panel pages along with defining the regions that would be used.

Medical Research: Implemented the shunting-yard algorithm in reverse polish notation in order to perform complex mathematical equations which would evaluate and validate patient data. The algorithm was extended to allow logic gates operations such AND and OR.
Available to travel to attend important meetings, architectural discovery, all hands-on-deck or client facing meetings.

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