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Julian Corbet

Software Developer for desktop, mobile and web applications

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  • Graduation: MSc Computer Sciences
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  • Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 28.02.2019
Profileimage by Julian Corbet Software Developer from Frankfurt
  • Design of completely new software solutions from first requirement gathering all the way up to a viable delivered product
  • Creation of desktop applications for various Windows and Linux environments using Java and Delphi
  • Usage of various scripting languages such as bash, csh, batch scripting, groovy and python
  • Creation of mobile applications for Android devices, interfacing both legacy and cutting edge APIs to create robust yet quick software solutions
  • Creation of web applications with large user bases, including maintenance and data validation over long periods of time
  • Setup and support of various IT environments, including distributed system across several servers with failover frontends and additional database servers, using technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3
  • Creation of VR applications using C# and Unity
  • Interfacing with legacy- and proprietary hard- and software, including reverse-engineering of unknown interfaces and file formats
  • Testing external and internal software both through automated and manual test cases, including the definition and maintenance of such test cases
  • Definition of and ensurance of adherance to requirements for large software projects
XDC Report Creator
2018 until now
Created a tool that automatically generates XDC reports based on input data which can be gathered using a web interface or an input file for highly reproducible successive runs

cdm commandline tool
Created a commandline-based tool for editing cdm files in a much more efficient way than previously possible

Configuration Tracking Tool
2018 until now
Created a tool for the European Space Agency that provides an interface for administrators and developers to their latest configuration tracking API

CDM Script Editor
Created a graphical desktop tool for editing scripts in CDM files

Co-created Galocator mobile app that uses GPS and Galileo signals to independently and collaboratively create position fixes and compare the resulting data

Created a desktop tool for web application templating and local preview with included PHP quasi-server

Open MCT
2017 until now
Created a bridge between EGS-CC and Open MCT by NASA and started participating in the development of Open MCT

2017 until 2018
Created EKSE for the European Space Agency, a tool that enables fast backend access to the next-generation monitoring and control system architecture for administrators and developers

Created the universal converter mobile app that enables the performance of various conversations on the phone within one app, including a mode in which messages encoded in Morse code are directly sent via the phone's in-built flashlight

Automated Setup Script for EGS-CC
2016 until 2017
Created automated setup script for EGS-CC, which massively simplified the setup of EGS-CC based systems

Graph Merging Library
2015 until 2016
Created the graph merging library as proof-of-concept for merging several human genomes to generate a more accurate reference graph, allowing aligning reads with higher accuracy when reading out DNA

2014 until now
Co-created the skyhook.is web application

Co-created a WarCraft II clone playable in any modern web browser to showcase the capabilities of HTML5

2012 until 2018
Created a domain-specific accounting software for several German horse racing tracks

2012 until 2015
Created a desktop application with its own integrated enhanced latex-based markup language that allows such quick note taking, that entire lectures including pages upon pages of mathematical formulas can be noted down in real time

2005 until 2010
Created a replacement for the Windows explorer.exe with integrated folder structures, shell environment, todo list, freely modifiable shortcuts, graphics enhancement engine, etc.
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