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Last update: 01.12.2019

Senior Drupal Developer | Architect

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Languages: Danish (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)


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IT Skills
I have expert skills using:
  • Drupal version 6, 7 and 8
  • PHP
  • Drupal
  • React
  • Vue
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SASS
  • Varnish
  • Apach
  • Nginx
  • Linux / Unix

Project history

Achievements - major profile projects
In my 10 years career as a Drupal developer, I have worked on a number of projects and solved numerous different tasks. In the next section, I have listed some of the major projects I have worked on. Drupal architect and lead developer, Unity Technologies Unity Technologies is a global company that in the period 2015-2018 has experienced a lot of growth and change:
  • Growing from roughly 500 employees to 2500 employees.
  • Changing the core business model from perpetual licenses to software as a service.
  • Restructuring the organization
What was initially a 3 months contract became 4 years of work, as the lead developer of what Unity calls the Webteam.
When I joined, Unity had a lot of different technologies for various things, each developed and deployed in a unique way. The main corporate website faced a lot of legacy issues. During my contract, I have been in charge of:
  • Defining the cache strategy for, allowing the old Drupal 7 site to scale to 1 mill. page views per day.
  • Consolidating various old sites and applications on a Drupal 8 powered platform.
  • Developing the online store used to sell subscriptions, integrating with the subscription system and product catalog.
  • Improving the multilingual strategy using Crowdin to create in-context translations and allow both Unity employees and translation agencies to translate content into 8 languages.
  • Change the way Unity create, manage and deploy new content from a setup where frontenders designed and created static content to a full editorial system, where editors build pages using a flexible system with workflows, content reviews and approvals, making it possible for Unity to prepare content, have it translated and have it ready to go live at a specific time and date.
  • Architecting and developing a shared platform for Drupal 8 sites, used to power roughly 10 big and small sites for various purposes.
  • Find, interview and select a new external hosting partner based on company needs, pricing, SLA etc.
  • Lead the migration of all Unity sites to a new external hosting vendor, planning the processes and ensuring both internal and external communication for a smooth transition.
  • On a day to day basis work remotely with a team based in Copenhagen Denmark, while working together with Stakeholders and other developer teams based in San Francisco USA and Shanghai China.
  • Interview and select new employees and help setup a Webteam department in San Francisco, USA.
Drupal Architect and developer, Kristeligt Dagblad Kristeligt Dagblad is a Danish medium sized newspaper. It has an online presence with several sub-sites and native iOS and Android apps. A team of in house developers does most of the day-to-day development. The team had been without an architect and I helped improve the architecture in the following areas:
  • Improve the caching strategy to allow for fast response times for users with full and limited access.
  • Design and develop a system to allow selling of subscriptions in many different ways, which has facilitated growth in a period where many competitors are loosing subscribers.
  • Create the main editorial interface, built as a single page JavaScript application, optimized for the monitors used by the editorial team.
  • Improve the integration to the subscription system used to handle customer information and access.
  • Clean up and refactor old systems to allow the in-house team easier maintenance of the system and implementation of new features.
Drupal architect, Copenhagen Municipality Copenhagen Municipality, an organization with roughly 35k employees, invested roughly Euro 7 million over 4 years in a Drupal 7 online and intranet platform. Some years into this process they faced some serious problems as they lacked overall understanding of the entire setup of many sites and integrations. I worked on two fronts:
  • Short term fixes for immediate system failures
  • Long term work on stabilizing the setup, refactoring and improving various integrations etc.
Later on, I helped implement some of the import core systems, guided and helped the in-house development team, helped ensure that the companies lived up to technical requirements and helped validate estimates. Drupal Lead developer and architect, Egmont is a large media company with revenue of Euro 1.5 billion. In 2010 Egmont decided to develop a new Drupal portal for selling, for the first time, Egmont products from a number of Egmont's divisions on one integrated site in two languages; and
I was the key architect with overall responsibility for designing and developing the key Drupal elements and for leading the technical implementation. For the first time, three separate Egmont divisions worked together on developing the new platform. In addition to the technical difficulties, navigating in this complex environment with different stakeholders and communicating and agreeing the technical solutions was one of the key challenges. Drupal architect, The Danish Business Authority The Danish Business Authority had just chosen Drupal for all Government sites relating to Danish companies ( I joined in the second phase of the project, where, as an architect, I had to find solutions to the requirements that had not been realized during the first phase of the project and estimate develop and implement these solutions. The biggest project was a new dashboard for consumers. I was responsible for the development of different components and functioned as technical Drupal support for a team of 4 Drupal developers. Drupal architect / Lead developer, Prosave is a B2B purchasing site for electricians. The project was originally developed in China, but the architecture was flawed. I was hired to develop a new architecture, leading a group of developers, 3 Ukrainians and 4 Danes. Drupal architect, Copenhagen Business School, with no prior Drupal experience, was developing their new Drupal site. I joined the project as new architect when the previous Drupal supplier was dismissed. The project was very late and the technical architecture was flawed. My job was, together with CBS's team, to fix the flawed architecture and develop new components and integrations while at the same time getting the project back on track and deliver the project on time. The project succeeded to the satisfaction of CBS. Drupal architect, Aller Media is the leading publisher of magazines and newspapers in the Nordic region with a weekly circulation of 3.2 million copies. Aller Media was developing their Drupal strategy and I was involved in the core team for deciding and building the architecture and developing the key components. In addition I was responsible for the Paywall integration into the Drupal Architecture.

Time and spatial flexibility

I work remotely mostly. With frequent visits to office when needed.

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