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Last update: 02.07.2020

NodeJS, Chatbot, Backend and DevOps Engineer

Graduation: Bachelor of Engineering
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)




I'm Vikesh, an enthusiastic software developer and open source contributor with vast experience in web technologies like Python, PHP, Ruby, Node, Wordpress, Shopify, React, React Native, AWS, Shell Scripting etc. I have developed a dozen web and desktop applications as well as 15+ Bots for Twitter and Team collaboration platforms like Slack. I love Dev operations and have worked with AWS, Digital Ocean, CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, Grafana, ECS, ELB, SES, Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc.
My Past Work Experiences:
I have worked with over 10+ clients as a freelancer/contractor including from all around the world. 
  • Developer, Penta SLL (A Business Bank in Berlin), - Remote, Oct'17 - March'18
  • CTO, Speedbox (A logistics based startup in Mumbai) - Feb 2017 - September 2017
  • Interned at Slack on Automation Team: June'16 - August’16 in San Francisco
  • Interned at Directi as Software Engg Intern: Jan'16 - March’16 In Mumbai
  • Interned at Directi as Software Engg Intern: March'15 - Sept’15 In Mumbai
I spend most of my time on Open Source Project and have contributed to projects of some top companies including - Google, Apple, LinkedIn. I am also a core team member of the NodeJS Foundation and handle the Automation project for NodeJS. I'm a core developer of Botpress a chatbot building framework. You can view all my open source projects on Github
Apart from programming, I also write blogs and I maintain my own blog at - Eulercoder
I’m also a writer of few top tech publications on Medium: HackerNoon and FreeCodeCamp
Lastly, I was featured as Geek On the Top on GeekforGeeks - the biggest Computer Science Portal on the web.
Please have a look at my attached resume. 
I love building APIs, Integrations, handling Dev Operations, and Backend Development. I can start working remotely, immediately. I can do 4-5 hours of overlap with the team. 
My Contact Info
  • Email:
  • Phone: +919930631359
  • My Website:
  • Github | LinkedIn

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks and regards,

Vikesh Tiwari
Open Source Developer | Reader | Blogger

Project history

Lawdroid, Vancouver (Remote)
Contract Software Engineer, 06/2018-Present
  • Working on a voice based product for Lawyers using Clio APIs in NodeJS, React, and Google Cloud Engine for Storage and Speech API. 

TouchFoundry, CapeTown (Remote)
Contract Software Engineer, 03/2018-06/2018
  • Built microservices for a AirBnb like product using Microservice Architecture in TypeScript, NodeJS and AWS for server. 
  • Worked on user Sign In and Sign Up using AWS Cognito and Amplify in React. 
  • Setup scalable and secure Microservice Architecture on AWS using Elastic Container Service, API Gateway, Cognito, CloudWatch, MongoDB Replica Set and build automation using Bamboo.

Penta SSL, Berlin (Remote)
Contract Software Engineer, 10/2017-03/2018
  • Worked on Email Campaign Automation and dashboard using NodeJS and Mailgun API.
  • Worked on company website using NodeJS (Express) and React. 
  • Built a Viral Loop like referral management system using NodeJS and React.
  • Integrated LeadSrx, Post Affiliate Pro, Google Tag Manager, Adsense on company website. 
  • Collaborated and Communicated with whole team in Berlin Remotely.

Speedbox, Mumbai
Chief Technology Officer, 02/2017-09/2017
  • Interviews candidates, built and lead the whole development team of 8 people.
  • Worked on API dashboard, website, API architecture and development in NodeJS and React.
  • Automated staging and production builds using Jenkins and Shell Scripting.
  • Worked with Business team and clients to build custom integrations. 

Slack, San Francisco
Test Automation Intern, 06/2016-08/2016
  • Automated the whole QA Engineer development setup process using Shell scripting.
  • Wrote APIs for an internal website to show all test result data and trial handling using PHP.
  • Wrote Visual, UI and Backend API unit tests using Ruby Rspec framework.
  • Created a Slack internal documentation website from Github pages using PHP and Shell Script. 

Directi, Mumbai
Software Engineering Intern (2), 03/2015-09/2015 && 01/2016 - 03/2016
  • Implemented Flowchart Evaluator to create flowcharts with Debug and Execute option using JavaScript and Google Blockly. 
  • Implemented Test Data Judge using Sphere Online Judge to show failed test cases in C++.
  • Worked on OAuth 2.0 CodeChef API using PHP Slim and Swagger. 
  • Build the developers page to create tokens and test APIs using JavaScript and PHP.

  • All projects (15+) are Open Source and available on Github. 
  • Validated all the documentation of Apple's Swift Repository fixed typos and Grammar errors.
  • Fixed a bug in the installation script and broken links of Google's Web Fundamental repository.
  • .gitignore: gitignore command is used to add gitignore files in any project.
  • Fabulous Bot: A bot for Slack which can answer any queries from Google directly on Slack. It also supports YouTube, Maps, Gifs, Github and Emoji. 
  • The L: Is a bot for Slack and Twitter which uses Wolfram Alpha API to answer questions on any topic.

Time and spatial flexibility

Can travel to countries if needed.

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