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Mathias HOUNYE


Last update: 10.03.2022


Graduation: not provided
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Negotiable for remote projects.
Languages: English (Limited professional) | French (Native or Bilingual) | Russian (Full Professional)


I discovered my passion for web development, 7 years ago, and quickly i acquired a solid base of programming. Today, my experience is resumed, of more than 4 years in PHP, mastering PHP 7, programming POO, API Call, architecture mvc, SQL, and API rest. I have already 3 years of experience in Laravel, and I have just completed a new certification in symfony and codeigniter. I have advanced knowledge in Javascript, Jquery, CSS, bootstrap 4, HTML. My work environment covers the use of phpstorm, trello, git, gitlab.I like to code, and I possess the qualities: logical reasoning, analytical mind, perseverance, insatiable curiosity, rigor and self-denial. Because my university education was mathematical science and physics.  I have participated in many professional projects and my work experiences have helped me improve my leadership skills, allowed me to gain proficiency in the necessary development tools, and provided me with an in-depth knowledge of designing a user-friendly and secure website.

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