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AR/VR C++ Networking embedded real-time python golang

Profileimage by Andrey Nechypurenko AR/VR C++ Networking Embedded Echtzeit Python und Golang Spezialist from Starnberg
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  • Graduation: Master of Science in angewandte Mathematik
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  • Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)
  • Last update: 23.02.2019
Profileimage by Andrey Nechypurenko AR/VR C++ Networking Embedded Echtzeit Python und Golang Spezialist from Starnberg

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A data processing professional with specific experience in development of distributed real-time embedded component-based systems. Large experience in networking and communication, theoretical and practical knowledge in signal processing (including using Neural Networks for image restoration). In addition to the technical tasks, a lot of projects withing last five years where certain management skills and ability to coordinate distributed international teams were required.
BYK-Gardner GmbH. Senior Software Engineer. 06/2012 - present Defining architecture and development of the real-time embedded firmware for color measurement devices. Coordination and supervision of the distributed development team.
  Veterobot Founder. 09/2011 - 01/2017 Veter - robotics vehicle for researchers and makers.
Veter is the open software and hardware robotics platform for researchers in robotics, AI and computer vision domains as well as for DIY enthusiasts. From the very beginning my responsibility was design and development of software, hardware and mechanics for the platform. Also, as one of the founders I am involved in customer acquisition, planning and other administrative tasks.
  GE Healthcare Senior Software Engineer. 01/2009 - 08/2011 ViewPoint - patient data and image maintenance applications for ultrasound devices.
Manage patient information, report data and images in one flexible IT solution. I am responsible for the report definition and generation module, was involved in development of HL7 export subsystem, parts of the user interface and configuration consistency checking tool.
  Siemens AG. Corporate Technology Department (CT SE2) Senior Software Engineer. 05/2001-12/2008
Corporate Technology at Siemens AG is the internal research and development department. The employee of CT has two major tasks: a) participation in real projects for about 75% of the time; and b) participation in internal research projects. This mix of real-life and research projects can assure that new technologies are applied for concrete business applications and products. The following is just several examples of projects I was participating within Siemens AG.
Leading internal research project on multi-core platforms.
In additional to the typical project management tasks, I was heavily involved in defining evaluation scenarios and potential application domains for different multi-core platforms. From the technical prospective, to illustrate the advantages of the multi-core platform, we built highly scalable video-conferencing solution for Siemens Enterprise Networks department.
Leading internal research project on model-driven development.
As a part of the project management tasks, I was responsible for coordinating the work between our internal team and cooperation partners from Distributed Object Computing (DOC) Group at Vanderbilt University (USA). There are several publications available as a result of this project here. They provide detailed overview of the innovations we developed in this domain.
Evaluation of IBM Cell for high performance medical imaging
IBM Cell processor was considered as possible replacement for custom FPGA-based board. I was responsible for evaluating certain architectural concepts and development techniques for Cell-based system.
Audi C6 Head Unit
I was responsible for conducting architectural and code review for Audi C6 head unit (infotainment system). The focus was on the embedded communication framework.
The distributed management and monitoring system for Siemens mobile communication equipment.
Picture Archiving System (PACS) for Siemens medical equipment
Distributed PACS system provides different services to locate, view and modify different content received from modalities like computer tomographs, radiology stations, etc. Responsible for Cross Tier Communication module and Storage Framework.

Telesens-KSCL AG. Senior Software Engineer. 01/2000-04/2001
Distributed Workflow Manager
CORBA based workflow management application for distributed billing system. This work was done according to WfMC and OMG related specifications.