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Software Developer / Software Engineer / Java Software Architect

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Proficiency Java, Android, Ruby
Server Side Spring MVC, Spring Security (OAuth2), Spring Social, Spring Boot, Hibernate 4, Apache CXF, Apache Oltu (OAuth2), EJB, JMS, Struts 2, Hessian RPC Services, Apache CXF, JPA 2 (Hibernate, EclipseLink), REST services (RestEasy, Jersey), SOAP web services, Web start, Atmosphere framework (socket programming, server side notifications), JavaMail, Quartz, ActiveMQ
Testing FrameworksRestAssured, Mockito, spring-test-dbunit, Junit, JMeter
Java Plugin Development Cytoscape
Process Management jBPM (Java), BackgroundRB (Ruby), Delayed Job (Ruby)
Enterprise Integration Apache Camel
Source Control Git, SVN
Project Build Maven, Enterprise Archive Build (.ear), Gradle
Agile Project Management Scrum, Agilo, Trac, Kanban
Json Json, Gson
Google Web Toolkit Google Maps
ORM Hibernate, EclipseLink, iBatis
Databases MySQL, Postgres, H2, MongoDB
Server Deployment Jboss, Tomcat, Glassfish
Mobile Development Android, Bada
Template Velocity, Soy
03/2017 – 10/2018
Java Software Architect | Crossover for work
Worked on challenging and out of the box solutions. Implemented the coding standards and design patterns. Besides other projects developed an exciting intranet project called Jive. Which was meant for employees' collaboration.
03/2013 - 01/2017
Senior Software Engineer | Logitive Systems
Worked on improving my skill set while working on cutting edge technologies at the same time. I worked on a social media web service and client called ESM. I had a chance to deal with many foreign clients.
07/2008 - 02/2013
Java Technical Lead | VeriQual (Pvt.)
Did scrum in Java technologies stack. Also did design & development in Ruby on Rails, Java, C++ and Android. Implemented various processes for agile development. Also improved my team building skills.
09/2007 - 06/2008
Senior Software Developer | Etitan Solutions
Did design & development in Java and C#.Net for foreign clients.
05/2005 - 06/2006
Programmer | Dataware (Pvt.)
Developed VB projects for various organizations. Had a chance to visit a great IT conference with CTO.
06/1997 - 12/1997
Computer Operator | Afzal (Pvt.)
Recorded and maintained inventory data and handled correspondence, fax and email. Improved my typing and correspondence skills to great extent.

An intranet solution for the corporate business. It is a collaboration solution that enables employees to connect, communicate and work together
Platform: Struts 2, Spring MVC, Spring OAuth2, JPA 2, Soy templates, jQuery.
Docker Scorecard
A rule engine to validate and report about the various docker images.
Platform: Spring MVC, Hibernate 4, JPA 2, ActiveMQ
A translation service API.
Platform: Spring4, Spring Security, Spring Security OAuth2, Spring Social, Hibernate 4, MySQL, Quartz.
Social media web service and client. Includes integration and load tests.
Platform: EJB session bean, EclipseLink (JPA 2), MongoDB, Jersey, RestAssured, JMeter.
Apache Solr configuration web service and client. Indexes Solr from service. Includes integration and load tests.
Platform: EJB session bean, EclipseLink, MongoDB, Jersey, RestAssured, JMeter.
App Context (Hudson Plug-in)
Configures a build job by checking various parameters. Saves build reports for Checkstyle and log in database.
Platform: Maven, JEE, jBoss
Graph Analytics (Cytoscape Plug-in)
Working on visualizing neo4j database of networks in GML format. The data fetched from neo4j database server is visualized in Cytoscape (a Java based software used to visualize complex networks) plug-in as a web start. It was also implemented in the plug-in to map the node address of graphs in Google maps.
Platform: Servlets, Google Web Toolkit, Cytoscape, Web start, jBPM 5, EJB, JMS.
AssetDB (office equipment's management tool)
Asset DB is a unique print and asset management tool. For companies that face problems keeping their asset register up to date or who are looking to make print cost reductions and improvements to their carbon footprint, Asset DB is the answer.
The unique application provides a visual solution to mapping and managing print and printer assets using a visual floor plan rather than just an asset number within a database.
Worked on various functions including but not limiting to “asset distance calculation”, “work flow management”, “asset mapping” in Standard, Solution Architect and Enterprise Suite.
Platform: Java, iBatis, Swing, Spring dependency injection, Hessian RPC Services
A new web service for retailers, allowing them to offer delivery within 90 minutes via local same-day couriers.
Worked on various aspects of the application including but not limited to, Core API, POS API integration, API integration in Argos, Server side implementation of customer service alerts with BackgroundRB, Reporting.
Platform: Ruby on rails, BackgroundRB, Delayed Job
Restaurants, cuisines, items search by location function.
Platform: Android, Json.
Asset Tracking ticketing/maintenance system.
Platform: Android, Google maps, Json.
To work together with an organization where there is a sufficient possibility for personal as well as organizational progress. Looking for a job opportunity to make use of my abilities in the software industry that presents proficient development while being capable, inventive and flexible.