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Janez Zaletelj


Last update: 10.02.2019

Researcher, Scientist, Lecturer, Sw Developer

Graduation: Electrical Engineering, University Diploma, PhD
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Languages: German (Elementary) | English (Full Professional) | Croatian (Limited professional) | Slovenian (Native or Bilingual)


C++ C# and .NET Matlab Simulink Python OpenCV Java C Cpp UML (Unified Modeling Language) MySQL XML Android App Development Visual Studio Embarcadero RAD Studio Android studio Machine Learning Tensor Flow Mentoring Project Leader Software Architect Software Analysis Computer Vision Computer Science


Research and Scientific work:
Modelling, simulation, experiments, development and testing of algorithms: image processing, computer vision, 3D vision, activity recognition, object recognition (for example: video object segmentation, shape analysis, texture analysis, colour histograms, motion analysis, video object detection and tracking, vehicle and person detection, detection and normalization of faces and facial features, face recognition, gender and age recognition, detection of hand gestures, analysis and registration of images, satellite image registration and processing ..)
Software development:
Image and video processing systems, embedded vision systems, camera SDKs, Kinect and 3D (depth) sensors, Video surveillance systems (IP cameras, person and face detection, person event database, controlled personal photo capture, biometrical recognition of persons through face and appearance, person counting), interactive video systems (gesture interfaces for controlling applications, person and gender detection, detection of user attention, interactive advertising), satellite image registration and processing systems.
Graphical user interfaces (Web, C#, QT, C++, Wpf ), communication (HTTP, MQTT), distributed systems (IoT devices), smart cameras, Databases (MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB)
Software architecture design, requirement analysis and specifications.
Project proposal preparation, Project management (industrial and EU-funded research projects).

Project history

Projects and SW Development in the field of Image/video analysis:
- Object-oriented image/video processing framework. Since 2000, I have been developing an object-oriented framework for image and video analysis in C++ using OpenCV and other libraries. Several commercial projects were based on the codebase of over 600 modules.
Video surveillance systems for the Slovenian Casino chain Hit, which are in operation and supported:
- Automatic Face Capture system at the receoption desk was developed for Casino chain (2008 - ) and is still supported and developed.
- Automatic Person Recorder was developed, to track and record images of persons in free flow at the exit gate
- Person recognition server (using face and appearance recognition)
Traffic video analysis system was developed to count and classify vehicles at the crossroads (for Faculty of Civil Engineering)
Satellite Image Registration system for the SPACE.SI project.
DigiMetric audience analysis system for the digital signage, a concept and demonstration for the startup company
Face similarity recognition system, a demonstration
Human Behavior Recording and Analysis system, Matlab, for scientific research on human behavior, using RGB+Depth data and Kinect features to recognize human activities and engagement.

SW Development, Projects for gaming, entertainment, media:
Educational games for Android tablets, for Primary schools
Playoke Game system (2015-) for Attraktion Gmbh, Austria: A software system which controls playout of dancing games, augmented with information about dancers and their scores. Dancers are observed by Kinect sensors, and their bodies are analyzed with respect to the reference poses in the game.
TV Audience Live Feedback and Recommendation system (2005-2009): The system was developed for the Olympic Games 2008 and installed at ORF, Vienna, in 2008. It collects live feedback and channel info of the TV viewers and provides statistical and demographic data to the TV production.

Scientific and Research Work:
Image processing, video object segmentation and shape coding, 1998-2005
Human-Computer Interaction and Human and Face Analysis, 2005-2010
The HCI projects include a vision-based control of Graphical user interfaces through detecting hand gestures and finger gestures. A “virtual mouse” prototype was implemented in 2005, which enabled the user to control mouse (cursor) movements and clicks by his hand. The demo system was applied to control the GUI of the washing machine at the Gorenje company. Another prototype system was developed to demonstrate how hotel guests could use hand gestures to control the hotel information system interface, displayed on a TV set. The second HCI area was detection of faces, skin, facial features, head orientation. The face model fitting was implemented and used to register faces for the face-based recognition of persons, and comparison of face similarities.
Interactive television systems, viewer feedback and personalization of TV, 2006-2010
Satellite Image Processing and Registration, 2010-2017
Gamification in learning, 2015
Human Behavior and Engagement Analysis, 2016-
The software system was developed to record video and Kinect data during lectures, and to allow off-line analysis of behavior from the data. Machine learning was used to train models of attention, which enable automatic assessment of human attention in the classroom. The goal of the research is to enable automatic estimation of basic behavior patterns such as: writing notes, observing, listening,  from observation data, as well as estimation of engagement and attention of a person during a tasks (such as lectures, learning, working on an assignment etc.)

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