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Last update: 28.02.2019

Consultant in business administrator

Company: Own
Graduation: Business administration
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Full Professional)


I have experience working in sales of goods and services, also responsible of logistics, on charge of budget ejecutión and loans in Bolivia aprox. 12 years, in the Government, Fie Bank, Union Bank, World Visión,
And 5 years in USA - VA like seller in diferent companies (Macy´s, Hecht´s, Mortgage Link, Seasonair and others) like seller, visual merchandising, loans and real state agent
I enjoy work more in sales, logistics, and i have a lot creative talent , proactive and good skills.

Project history

I did the study of market for a company from Brazil while i was in the university, about the chocolate market.
Also i worked in diferent companies like a seller, i have knowledge of the best seasons to sale products in the year 
In La Paz City we have in the top of the city La Paz El Alto (High) and the down town La Paz, in diferent markets depending of the economy available, and the ages of consumers.
i worked in other companies like responsible in logistics and ejecution od the budget in the Governement and privacy companies.
Right now i am working in down town city around the city, for this duties i have my motorcycle and my job i do in couple hrs. in the day .

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Bolivia
I am a very good traveler, and i am available any time.

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