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Andrés Esquivel


Last update: 12.05.2019

Full Stack Developer

Company: Estuardo Andrés Esquivel Díaz
Graduation: Bsc. Computer Science
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Languages: English (Elementary) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


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Programming languages
Android (Kotlin), C, Dart, Java, HTML, JS (ECMAScript6), CSS, Go, Python, PHP, Ruby, Solidity

SKD, CMS, Frameworks, Libraries, Apis
Angular (Redux, NGRX), Apollo, Flutter, Ionic, Phonegap, Laravel, NodeJS (Express, Happi.js, AdonisJS, NestJS), Echo Golang, Django, Bootstrap, Materialize, Sass, JQuery, Vue2 (Vuex), Typescript, Google Maps, Pusher, OneSignal, Paypal, Culqi, Wordpress, Ruby On Rails, Phaser, Youtube api V3, Coinbase.

Firebase, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLserver, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Linux, Digital Ocean, Heroku, Docker, Kubernetes, Yenkis,, AWS (EC2, S3, SNS)

Scrum, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Customer Discovery

Photoshop, Adobe XD, Latex, IBM Rational, Slack, Trello, Jupiter, Cpanel, ISPConfig, VestaCP

Project history

Senior Backend Developer - Think In (May 2019 - Present)
Our purpose is to provide you with the appropriate technology tool for your company, in order to improve your competitiveness, productivity and management.
  • Design and implementation of the database in Postgresql
  • Development of microservices with nestjs.
  • Execution of functional tests

Backend Developer - Grupo Creex (March 2019 - Actualidad)
CREEX is a community of responsible members who share information about digital assets so that each one can make a better decision and thus reduce the risk at the time of investing.

  • I am part of the backend javascript developer team making use of nestjs for the construction of the second version of the api rest of the Creex Group.
  • Creation of a dashboard that connects with the youtube API that allows you to obtain all the information of a YouTube channel, manage playlists (list, create, edit, delete), manage videos (upload, edit, delete, list) and assign videos to a playlist.
  • Make the connection to the Vimeo api for the content management of the Creex campus.
  • One of the challenges that has been presented to me so far was the creation of services with the RTCP protocol for the retransmission of streaming in real time.
  • Make the implementation of online payments using the coinbase apis.
  • Carry out the implementation of the electronic invoicing module using Odoo.
  • Perform the implementation of push notifications and web notifications using One Signal.
  • Be part of the team that was responsible for the development of the algorithm responsible for managing the marketing network of the campus creex.
  • Deploying applications in Digital Ocean

Full Stack Developer - ICM Market (January 2019 - April 2019)
We are a company developing products and services in financial markets with a vision to be a BROKER over time.
  • Creation of microservices making use of nodejs, postgresql.
  • Creation of web applications using Angular 7.
  • Creation of mobile applications using Ionic 4
  • Creation of multiplatform games using Phaser
  • Creation of systems in real time.
  • Creation of notification systems using One Signal.
  • Creation of development environments, testing in heroku.
  • Deployment of applications in AWS EC2 and S3.

Full Stack Developer - Transcend Global (December 2018 - Present)
We are the result of an amalgam of design, engineering, business analysis and various research techniques, designed to create and provide solutions for companies, entrepreneurs and independent professionals.

  • Creation of web applications making use of technologies such as Angular and VueJS.
  • Creation of rest services making use of nodejs, happijs, mongodb, Firebase, postgresql.
  • Creation of development environments, testing in heroku.
  • Deployment of applications in AWS EC2 and S3.

Technology Consultant - TuFelis Business Incubator (January 2018 - Present)
Tufelis is the Business Incubator of the National University of Trujillo. Our purpose is to promote the creation of a startup in the city of Trujillo.

  • Support and technological advice to the enterprises in the pre-incubation program.
  • Creation of the application TuFelisCP, content manager of the incubator (management of projects, events, alliances, etc.).
  • Creation of cloud architecture for the storage of the prototypes of the incubator ventures.

Co Fouder - Comodin (January 2018 - Present)
Comodin is a Digital Platform, where you can connect easily and quickly with recommended specialists, who offer services in different areas and trades, such as work for home and offices, among others that you need for your projects and personal or business activities. The purpose is to create a community that will help you with any service you need, in an environment of trust and security.
  • Lean startup methodology for the detection of Insights.
  • SCRUM methodology for the development of a functional prototype.
  • Analysis of the business model.
  • Formulation of requirements.
  • Reception, evaluation and solution of incidents.
  • Design and implementation of the database in Postgresql
  • Development of microservices with Go and Laravel.
  • Execution of functional tests

Programmer Analyst - Izaro (August 2017 - July 2018)
CORPORACIÓN IZARO S.A.C. is a company where organizations are created and built from scratch in emerging industries that allow the growth of the economy, incorporating talent, know-how, capital and above all technology to each project. Each organization is formed as a startup, whose business model has an accelerated growth that allows solving problems in emerging industries with a large return on capital, by increasing the value over time.

Functions: Methodology SCRUM.Installation and configuration of web servers. Installation and configuration of mail servers. Installation and configuration of Cpanel, ISPConfig, VestaCP. Analysis of the business model. Requirements formulation. Reception, evaluation and solution of incidents. Design and implementation of the database in MySQL and MongoDB. Functional test execution. Development of Api Rest with Laravel, Go and NodeJS. Implementation of Google Cloud Messaging. Design and implementation of hybrid mobile applications with Ionic. Web application development with MEAN Stack. of campaigns on Facebook. Development of campaigns in Adwords

Time and spatial flexibility

Currently I do not have the capacity to travel but I can adapt to my clients' schedule.


Hola mundo , Andrés Esquivel. no hace mucho me tope con el mundo del emprendimiento(Startups) y en la actualidad estoy muy involucrado en este(me fascina).Actualmente vengo desempeñandome como desarrollador freelance y vengo trabajando con varias startups en el proceso de prototipado y creación de mvps haciendo uso de metodologías como Scrum y Lean Startup. Me especializo en tecnologías de desarrollo web y móvil, muy enfocado en realizar proyectos basados en servicios web y móvil escalables.

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