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Andrei Zorila


Last update: 07.01.2020

Senior Software Engineer / .NET Developer / C# Trainer

Graduation: BSc. Computer science; M.Sc. Computer Science; M.Sc. Management
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The rate is negotiable, and depends on project scope, length, responsibilities and technology.
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)


I've worked in the software industry since 2005. In all this time, I've experienced the world of software craftsmanship as an employee, business owner, freelancer, enthusiast, hobbyist, engineer and educator.

I am working with various technologies and programming languages, and I am always looking forward to learning more. My recent experience includes .NET Core (ASP, C#) and Javascript (React, Angular, Vue). I also work as a game developer in my free time, using Unreal Engine (Blueprint and C++).  As a trainer, I do technical trainings on C# and Java.

I am passionate about software development, architecture and design.

I am interested in projects that are challenging and make a difference.

Project history

In the last 15 years, I've worked on various projects, using a large variety of tools and technologies. I worked as a freelancer, as a univeristy teacher, consultant, employee and also owned a development company.

I worked as web developer, desktop application developer, on front-end, on back-end. I also work as a game developer in my free time.

From designing websites, creating social networks, content management systems, travel sites, online shops, large projects, booking and reservation applications.

I have leading experience, have been both a team leader and a technical leader. I also have experience designing and implemented solution architectures.


Time and spatial flexibility

I prefer to work 100% remotely, but I am willing to travel, when needed. (for a few days, weeks, etc)


I am interested in challenging projects that make a difference.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need work done, even if it does not seem to be among the skills mentioned in my profile. I am happy to expand my expertise, learn something new and adapt to change.

I always deliver high-quality work, as I am a strong believer in clean coding principles, TDD and best design practices.

I also offer free advice and consultation, as long as I am sure I master the domain you are interested in.

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