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Last update: 19.03.2019

JavaScript ReactJS Developer

Graduation: CoderHouse - JavaScript Developer
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


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Frontend oriented JavaScript developer with more than 7 years of extensive experience in web andweb apps development, well-versed code with Quality methodologies and processes such as Git,Functional Test, Agile, and Scrum.

Project history This repository is a site of a client that did not have a pre-defined design and that is why the front components are quite generic. For the development of the UI use Bootstrap and its CSS and JS modules in addition to some custom jQuery settings. For the backend use PHP (A framework called CodeIgniter) and MySQL for the db. The backend interface also uses Bootstrap and jQuery and does a lot of asynchronous methods with AJAX.
Websites: & This repository is the scripting that I developed and used for all the themes that I did for CreativeDog (Marketing Agency as a freelancer) and it was my first development in JS and on NodeJS in which JS is used as a development resource and not as a development tool. It uses browser sync and live reload and has several pipes for optimizing and minifying code. Work with Bootstrap 4 and its entire SASS module.
Some examples of the themes built with this script: ,, This project is about a small social network to share content. For the front part I am using React with Redux and Redux-Thunk, React-Router and a library called React-Redux-Firebase which allows the connection of Firebase with Redux since in the back, I am using all Firebase modules .
I use the Auth module to register and authenticate users with email and password as well as social networks. The Real Time Database module connected to the state of the app. The module of Cloud Functions for notifications inside the app and the storage for the files that are uploaded and the hosting for the build of the app.

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