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Last update: 15.03.2019

Embedded Developer, Industrial Automation, Automotive,CAN SPI,I2C,UART, STM32,LPC,Linux

Graduation: B Tech. Electronics
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


Embedded Automotive,J1939, Firmware Development with ARM CORTEX M3, M4 with protocols like UART, SPI, I2C,CAN, Kernel Concepts, OS concepts, bootloader, bios, porting, flash etc. Understanding with BSP/HAL for ARM related Platforms.
Linux OS, Linux Device drivers, Basics of kernel module programming
Basic Knowledge of character device drivers, ARM Cortex M peripherals, STM32 Devices. Arduino Uno (ATMEGA 328P), Digital & Analog (PWM).
Familiar with all types of Sensors  
Industrial Automation (Onsite Exp)

Project history

1.Middleware OBD Application for android infotainment System over J1939
This is a middleware application which runs in background on and Android Auto Infotainment system to get the OBD data on the GUI over J1939 using CAN Sockets.
Application gets the Vehicle data over J1939 on CAN bus and transfers to the GUI.
OS Used: Android
Role: Designing the Middleware application for android auto infotainment system.
2.Dual axis Solar Tracking System
Solar Tracking system using sun eye sensors which communicate with the microcontroller board
And passes the signal to the SCADA using Zigbee over RS 485.
It was an enhancement in the existing system to place an add on card to act as a smart device.
The Sun position is taken from the sun eye sensor and according to that the target angle is provided to the solar panels.
Controller Used: LPC MCU Expresso
Processor: ARM Cortex M4 & M0+
Role: Designing the Communication Interface for Zigbee and SCADA Packets over RS485 and Real Time Clock Drivers over SPI Bus

3.Single axis Solar Tracking System
Solar Tracking system using GPS in which the GPS provides the position of Sun to the Master Controller and it gives the target angle to all the tracker controllers which are connected to the same master controller.
The Master and Tracker controllers communicate to each other over Zigbee and RS 485.
The feedback for the target angle is taken from the Inclinometer over MODBUS.
Controller Used: LPC Expresso
Processor: ARM Cortex M3
Role: Designing the MOSBUS RTU Interface to control the VFDs to set the real time target angle.
4.Industrial Machine safety system using laser sensors 
 It Involves an ARM Cortex M3 processor along with 12 laser sensors to catch the object of each side of the machine and to print the fault or object on the 16x2 LCD screen Controller Used: STM32F103C8T6
5.Accelerometer Data Acquisition using SPI
 It Involves an ARM Cortex M4 processor along with the on board accelerometer to get the data of the three axis using SPI, where data is coming from the accelerometer and published on the serial terminal using UART.
Controller Used: STM32F407VGT6
6.Point to point communication via LASER   
Communication of Analogue and Digital Data via LASER Beam Using an APD at receiving end             Role: Electronic Design and Soldering
7.Designing of A Conveyor Panel with Several Danfoss (VFD) Drives
It was the conveyor belt system for bottling process, which include 16 VFDs (Danfoss Drives), which is running on analog reference of one to another belt motor, the first reference is taken from filling Machine, and several sensors mounted on belt guides take the command operations for VFDs.

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