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Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Agile Evangelist, Product Owner

Graduation: Master of Arts (Digital Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna), Studies of Business Administration (University of Economy, Vienna)
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CSP-SM: Certified Scrum Professional - Scrum Master
CSPO - Certified Scrum Product Owner mit (Roman Pichler)
A-CSM: Advanced Certified Scrum Master
LeSS Practitioner: Certified Large Scale Scrum Practitioner
Scrum@Scale: Certified Scrum at Scale Practitioner
KMP: Certified Kanban Management Professional (KMP I and KMP II)
OSA: Certified Open Space Agility Level 1 Practitioner

My experience in the area of product development stretches over 20 years. On this journey I have been in many different roles: designer, developer, startup co-founder, project manager, team lead, product owner. All these roles have led me to the role of Scrum Master and Agile Coach. Since 7 years I am working in agile setup where I have had the opportunity to coach many teams and managers in Scrum, Kanban, LeSS, Scrum@Scale and foremost in Agility. Currently I am following the path to coaching and intent to become a certified scrum trainer (CEC/CTC).

In my biggest projects I have trained and lead a team of over 30 developers from 5 locations plus a PMO team consisting of product owner and up to 5 business analyst. Further up to 25 Stakeholder have been coached and included in the processes and the management was coached and support in roadmap and release planning. It was  a project of 4000 working days.

Short profile
Creativity paired with business thinking is something typical of both my professional and also academical career. During the business administration studies (Vienna University of Economics and Business) and also Digital Art (University of Applied Arts, Vienna) I was working in TV advertisement, movies and on online projects, since 1998.
Over time web development has become my main focus. That is how I became a co-founder of a startup in Vienna, 2008-2012. In the meanwhile, and also afterwards, i was involved in several big projects, in the roles of project manager, team lead, product manager, product owner. The continuous development of complex online projects has finally led me to the discovery of agile skills, which I live up to, as a convinced agilist. When coaching others on their agile way, my lengthy experience from many different roles and projects comes in handy.
Typical for my actions is a pragmatical approach while being focused towards achieving the goal. It comes together with an infectious optimism and leadership quality to pick up others, to include them on our collective journey, which qualifies me as an “servant leader”.

Munich and Vienna

Project history

10/2019 - 01/2020
Scrum Master
Wealthpilot GmbH (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology (Independent startup, 30-50 people) Munich, Graz 10.2019 - current

Agile Coach for Dev and PO. Support for organisational transformation and for CPO, Scrum Master

Wealthpilot is a young aspiring startup providing SaaS in FinTech. It is undergoing a strong and fast growth. Many changes have happened in a short period of time: rapid growth of the company, frequent swapping of the roles have created many gaps within the company.

My role is to support the organisational transformation, through agile leadership, coaching and also daily scrum master work with two development teams. More precisely, my job is to support the setup of 2 development teams in 2 different locations and one sales team. I provide agile coaching for the dev teams as well as tight coaching for 2 new product owners. Further I support the sales team in facilitation of scrum retrospectives.

Further, I support the Chief Product Owner in the matters of company vision, product vision and road map.

The overall aim is to set up agile culture across the whole company and empower self organised teams.

09/2019 - 10/2019
Scrum Master
Brainloop AG (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Brainloop AG (Diligent, USA) Munich 09.2019 - 10.2019
Scrum Master for DevOps Team, Agile Coach and Agile Transformation

Brainloop is a mature startup with approximately 200 employees in Munich, Germany and Vienna, Austria. It is a part of Diligent Group (USA).

DevOps approach is being introduced in the engineering department. The start is with a team of 10 members. My task is the agile coaching and daily work with the team as a scrum master. The work includes collaboration with approximately 10 stakeholders outside the team.

Further, the organisation is in the need of agile transformation and scaling framework. Currently 7 development and operations teams are working in scrum, in such way, that the company itself states: “we work in scrum, but not in agile manner”. The current way of work, without scaling framework, is highly inefficient.

Product Management / Product Ownership does not have clear vision and goals. Deadlines are set outside. The communication between management and development is not smooth. Areas of responsibility are not clear. Due to inter-dependencies, and without proper synchronisation the planning turns out to be unstable.

In this environment my task was on the two levels: to support the DevOps team in developing agile mindset and implementing scrum and on strategical level consulting the management in the matters of transformation towards an agile organisation.

07/2019 - 08/2019
Scrum Master
ITERGO (1000-5000 employees)

IT ERGO (Europäische Reiseversicherung, Munich RE) Munich 07.2019 - 08.2019
Scrum Master, Agile Coach (Work with one dysfunctional backend team and introduction of

agile work to 4 infrastructure teams)

ITERGO is the IT department of well known german insurance “Europäische
Reiseversicherung” (=European Travel insurance). It counts 1.700 employees in IT. The company is part of Munich RE Group which counts over 40.000 employees.

The main assignment is the facilitation of scrum master role within one backend team and in addition, the second task was the preparation of the agile transformation of the infrastructure teams (approximately 20 developers). The backend team consisted of 13 members (13 Dev/PO/BA, 3 stakeholders) and it was, due to several reasons, a dysfunctional team. In the infrastructure team my assignment was to consult the management (department leader, head of IT, project manager) and tech leads from 4 teams to define the scope of agile transformation which was to be started at a later moment.

I have advised the organisation in the matter of “Agile transformation”, on several levels (IT management, demand management, introduction of agile leadership) which is currently being considered within the company.

03/2018 - 03/2019
Scrum Master
Cyber-Solutions GmbH (Cyberport) (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Cyber-solutions (Burda Group) Munich 03.2018-03.2019

Agile Coaching, Scrum Master Facilitation, Scaling

Cyber Solutions is a spin off company of well known german electronis retailer (both online and offliine) he development department in Munich has been spinned out of Cyberport and is now an independent service provider (e-commerce solutions provider). Cyberport (the mother company) is now one of the customers. Here I was in charge of implementing scrum in development and surrounding business departments (UI/UX, purchase, marketing, accounting, support). The development was done in Adobe Experience Manager and SAP Hybris. As a scrum master I was part of one development team, working closely with DevOps team. I have supported building up a new team, distributed team in Munich and Cluj (Romania), working on micro services, big data analysis and artificial intelligence. I was coaching the whole team: 2 developers, 1 solution architect, 1 product owner, 1 business intelligence specialist.

Over this time I have coached 5 new developers, 2 new POs, 2 testing managers, 2 QA managers, 1 new business analyst, 5 new business stakeholders

Further focus was the inclusion and coaching of the stakeholders in speed improvements (loading time improvements), SEO and mobile app.


Based on LeSS-approach (Large Scale Scrum) we have synchronised several teams: agile development team with the non-agile teams (DevOps and SAP team) in achieving mutual release management. We have created a mutual workflow, reciprocal impediments have been identified and cleared out.

The goals were to shorten the release cycles and to reduce the frequency of hotfixes. The hotfixes were reduced from 5 per sprint to 0. The release time was shortened from average 3,5 weeks to 2,5 weeks

Further I was supporting the newly designed Head of IT in his onboarding and getting started.

Kanban: The development team was also responsible for 3rd level support. For this work we have used Kanban next to Scrum. The work time was balanced at 80/20 between feature development and support

01/2016 - 02/2018
Scrum Master (500-1000 employees)
Consumer goods and retail (Burda Group) Munich, Dresden, 01.2016-02.2018
Ramp Up Phase: Scrum implementation, scrum coachings für approximately 30 developers, who had limited or no scrum experience. 3 QA, 1 product owner, 5 business analysts, approximately 6-8 stakeholders (management, requester from different business departments, UX/UI specialists).

Intensive coaching and daily guidance of the product owner, together with business analyst team, close cooperation and regular synching within the PO/BA team, frequent synching with technical architects (they were also representatives of single technology guilds). Main focus: road map, estimation of the epics, definition of ready, definition of done, release planung, MVP definition, risk management, workflow adaptations

The goal was to create a release plan and a road map for a project with a span of over 3.000 working days and to complete the relaunch

Post Go-Live Phase: Agile transformation of further parts of the organisation: The stakeholders from several business units (Marketing, SAP, UX/UI, purchase, customer support, IT support) have been gathered, through representatives, in an agile “Demand Management Board”. It included up to 25 representatives. The roadmap and priorization was undertaken by a 6 people “steering committee”.

Approximately 25 stakeholders have been coached in scrum and agility. Further, the focus was on backlog management and creation of user stories. I have strongly supported the steering committee in the creation of the road map and continuous priorisation.

01/2014 - 12/2015
Product Owner
Ubimet GmbH (250-500 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

With I started as a Product Manager for all company's B2C portals in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The portfolio included 2 meteorological portals, which rank among top 20 traffic networks in Austria. The portals had many versions: 3 country versions, desktop and mobile and also included native iOS and Android apps. I was a forerunner for scrum, as it was me who has started working in scrum, together with the external development company.

The goal of my engagement was to develop a product vision and a road map, aligned with company vision and goals.

First task was to clean up the confusing backlog I was given over and to clean up the technical debt which was heavily affecting the portals and the apps. Scrum approach was very helpful here.

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