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Last update: 13.05.2019

Java console Developer, C# console Developer

Company: FreeLancer
Graduation: Programing student, Freelancer
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)




Hi, my name is Franco Garcia, I’m living in Argentina, and I'm looking some freelancer work to do. First of all, you probably will notice my English isn't the best. That is because I never study in one Academy, I just learn it by myself, watching movies and television series (a hobby of mine was to translate English movies with Spanish subtitles working with subtitle workshop back in my school days)
I'm currently studying programming. Already did one Java course last year, we only learn console with BlueJ and a little bit about Data Base. (We use Microsoft Access and learn to do Query’s as an introduction to Data Base. Eg: Select  fName, sname From  students where fName = Franco)
This year I started the programming career in the local university here in Cordoba city. We already see how to create a DB in SQL Server Management and we are learning C#, with windows form. (of course, always with the object oriented programming paradigm/focus).
I'm a very hard worker, the work situation in my country isn't the best but that pushes one to adapt to any change very quickly (as well as learn fast). In my years I have done many things, since telemarketing (selling and customer services), personal selling, office employer, Pc repair, and even work in a car workshop (started in the office but as I said, the work situation isn't easy, so I started to work as a mechanic, so I have to learn car repair).
I know what I know, and what I don't know I learn it. I'm open to receive as many course training the empress have to improved my skills and done my job better and faster. I'm not looking forward to a work contract (I'm not against that either), I prefer to have a task and deadlines this way I can work/study at the same time, perfecting my programming skills and generating my own income. I think this is the fairest  and best way to work, because if my work isn't good I don't get paid and you don't lose money and that is the way it should be. I always will do my best to earn my paid check. Thank you for you time, and have a great day.

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Rodrigo Baez…………  (HidroCars S.A)  (Car Repair)        TE: (0351) 15 2701417 (+54 is Argentina country code)
Viviana Mare………… (Drogueria Franacor) (office work)   TE: (03846) 15 676081

Time and spatial flexibility

I'dont have enough financial resources to travel rigth know, even thougth I would love to, isn't in my possibilities right know.


Thks for you time.

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