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Razvan Stroici


Last update: 16.05.2019

Divi Theme Page Speed Optimization, Divi Theme Front End Developer, Divi Theme Web Designer

Graduation: not provided
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Romanian (Full Professional)


Greetings, I'm Razvan and I focus on helping small companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs translate their vision into a compelling, modern and sleek website that captures the user's attention and converts into sales!

✅ NEW in Divi Theme Page Speed Optimization!!!
    ✓ HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) (using only code);
    ✓ Submit domains for inclusion in Chrome's HTTP Strict Transport Security preload list;
    ✓ Serve images in next-gen formats. Image formats like WebP often provide better compression than PNG or JPEG, which means faster downloads and less data consumption;
    ✓ Adding better, faster and responsive Images for Divi Theme.

I have a solid experience in Divi Theme and Lifetime Access membership at Elegant Themes and I've been working EXCLUSIVELY with Divi Theme since 2014.
It truly is the one theme to rule them all because out of the box, it’s a blank slate. Virtually whatever you want to do with Divi is only limited by imagination or skill set.

I'm focused on my clients, their demands and always determined to find the best solution!  I am also a VERY detail-oriented person. I believe that a good website can make the difference in every business!

I'm looking for long term relationships with multiple work opportunities. 

➤ What kind of jobs can I do for you?
    ➤ Elegant Divi Theme websites; 
    ➤ Divi Theme Page Speed Optimization 
       (I'm always doing everything possible to get the best possible results);
    ➤ PSD to WordPress Divi Theme;
    ➤ Search Engine Optimization (SEO);
    ➤ Pixel Perfect websites;
    ➤ Divi Theme Website Design.

➤ Elegant websites built with Divi Theme
    ✓ Divi Theme Web Design;
    ✓ PSD to mobile-responsive; 
    ✓ PSD to WordPress Divi Theme;
    ✓ One Page Website; 
    ✓ Landing Pages;
    ✓ Divi Leads A/B Testing & Conversion Optimization;
    ✓ Migrate your old HTML static website to WordPress CMS;
    ✓ Migrate/Transfer your existing site to Divi Theme WordPress platform;
    ✓ Social Media integration.

➤ Divi Theme Page Speed Optimization 
    ✓ Add Expires headers;
    ✓ All text remains visible during webfont loads;
    ✓ Avoid bad requests;
    ✓ Cloudflare. Enabling optimal settings;
    ✓ Cloudflare. Setup account;
    ✓ Combine CSS files;
    ✓ Combine CSS files;
    ✓ Combine Google fonts files;
    ✓ Combine JavaScript files;
    ✓ Database Optimization;
    ✓ Defer offscreen images;
    ✓ Efficiently encode images;
    ✓ Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content;
    ✓ Enable gzip compression ;
    ✓ Enable text compression;
    ✓ Extracting Critical CSS;
    ✓ Host Facebook Pixels locally on your server;
    ✓ Host Google Analytics scripts locally on your server;
    ✓ Lazyload for images;
    ✓ Lazyload for videos;
    ✓ Leverage browser caching;
    ✓ Load JavaScript deferred;
    ✓ Make fewer HTTP requests;
    ✓ Make sure speed settings on WHM/cPanel are active;
    ✓ Minify CSS files;
    ✓ Minify HTML files;
    ✓ Minify JavaScript files;
    ✓ Minimize redirects;
    ✓ Optimize CSS delivery;
    ✓ Optimize database;
    ✓ Prefetch DNS Requests;
    ✓ Prioritize visible content;
    ✓ Properly size images;
    ✓ Reducing the Heartbeat API’s activity 
       (can help save some of your server’s resources);
    ✓ Remove query strings from static resources;
    ✓ Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN);
    ✓ Uses efficient cache policy on static assets;

➤ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    ✓ On-page optimization;
    ✓ Onsite optimization;
    ✓ Structured Data (;
    ✓ Integrating into Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools;
    ✓ Sitemap Creation. Creating a sitemap and submitted to the search engines;
    ✓ Integrating Title & Meta Description tags for each page of the website;
    ✓ Google and Bing My Business setup page;
    ✓ Integration with Google Maps and Bing Maps.

➤ Website preparation
    ✓ Installing and configure Wordpress;
    ✓ Installing and configure Child Theme for Divi Theme;
    ✓ Installing and configure the Divi Theme.

So, if that sounds good, just click the "invite" button and we can start.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon.

Kind regards,
Razvan Stroici

Project history

Divi Theme Speed Optimization
Razvan deserves a 10/10 for the quality of website optimization work that he provides. In addition to this, he is very kind and warm hearted person that goes above and beyond to ensure that you are satisfied with your project. For example, even after our work was completed, he conducted independent research to figure out the solution for a complicated issue. Once I gave him the go-ahead to implement, he resolved the problem quickly and effortlessly. I truly appreciated this, as this level of dedication and commitment is something I look for in every freelancer. I can assure you that, by hiring Razvan, you will be in only the best hands and I wholeheartedly recommend him for any project. Thank you, Razvan!

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Romania
Profileimage by Razvan Stroici Divi Theme Page Speed Optimization, Divi Theme Front End Developer, Divi Theme Web Designer from Divi Theme Page Speed Optimization, Divi Theme Front End Developer, Divi Theme Web Designer