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Youri Guevara Zaldivar


Last update: 09.06.2020

Matlab Programmer and UAV's Technologies

Company: Autónomo
Graduation: PhD Technical Science
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


Specializing in aerodynamic estimation, flight's dynamics, plant's models and stabilities-control analysis of UAV fixed wing. Matlab programmer and CAD-CAE tools (Autodesk Inventor and Ansys CFX). High mathematical modeling of dynamic events, including the 6DoF movement of an aircraft and 3DoF of an underwater apparatus. Experience in shaping parts with composite materials during the manufacture of fixed-wing UAVs. Ten years of experience as a professor of several subjects at the university level: mathematics, flight dynamics and theoretical mechanics. I am currently working at the Meteorological Institute as a scientist in the area of Instruments and Observation Methods. At the same time I teach the subject of Theoretical Mechanics at the Technological University of Havana.
       Relevant results:
  1. Development of an aerodynamic design and manufacturing methodology for two fixed-wing UAVs.
  2. Manufacture of devices for the experimental identification of the control channels of a missile.
  3. Development of a simulator (6 DoF) of the flight of a missile with dynamics of a built-in target to evaluate the effectiveness of the missile.
  4. Development of a simulator (3 DoF) of the movement and navigation of an autonomous underwater apparatus.
  5. Crafting of missile body manufacturing technology, manufacturing and experimental launches.
  6. Development of software for the analysis of flight data (FDA, FDM) of a drone with Pixhawk-type automatic control technology, aimed at preventing accidents during flight.
  7. Development of software for mining, storage, validation and publication of meteorological data from Automatic Surface Meteorological Stations.
The software works have been carried out with Matlab and for CAD-CAE the Inventor and Ansys have been used.

Project history

1. Professor of José Martí Military Technical Institute, Havana, September 2003 - August 2011.
Professor of several subjects and tutor of several graduation and doctoral theses in: Dynamics of Flight and Aeronautical Estructures. I made
different Innovations oriented to UAV's design (fixed wing) and I manufactured two of them. In July 2011 I
finished my Doctorate (PhD) in Aero-Design and Stability Analysis of UAVs.
2. Researcher on Naval Research Center, Havana, September 2011 - August 2016.
I was responsible for the aero-mechanical discipline in a project of high-speed flying apparatus, specializing in aerodynamic estimation, mathematical modeling of the flight dynamics, plant's models and stabilities-control analysis of these devices. I designed and manufactured experimental facilities and participated in the flight tests of many prototypes. I conceived two computational simulators: one for movement in the longitudinal channel of a sub-aquatic apparatus and another for the three-dimensional movement (6DoF) of a high-speed flying apparatus.
3. Researcher on GeoScience R & D Center, Havana, September 2016 - March 2018.
I was head of the UAV Technology Development Group for aero-mapping applications. I developed a software for Flight Data Analysis (FDA, FDM, FOQA) suported on Matlab to prevent UAV's incidents during the flight.
4. Real State Investor on Inmobiliaria, Havana, October 2018 - January 2019.
In this period I reach other degrees of economic and business nature. I developed a software on Matlab to control the physical progress of works (construction of buildings and infrastructures) through the analysis of photographs taken with drones.
5. Engineering Advisor on Construction Company of the Electrical Industry, Havana, February 2019 - at Present.
Dedicated to incorporate the UAVs in the inspection of power lines and other industrial applications. On the other hand, I am venturing as a freelancer in multiple foreign projects: mathematics, programming in Matlab, 3D modeling of airplanes' frame, FEM and CFD analysis, stability and control theory, GNC systems with Arduinos and CNC tools.
6. Flight Data Analysis Services for UAV My Flight Data Analysis Services for UAV (fixed wing) can help you improve your business performance in relation to the safety, productivity and efficiency of photogrammetric flights.
If you have UAV (fixed wing) for photogrammetry and controlled by Auto Pilot type Pixhawk, I have the necessary tools to evaluate your flights according to several criteria:
  • Operational procedures.
  • Efficiency in the capture of aerial images.
  • Three-dimensional animation of the flight path.
  • History of flight hours and maintenance planning.
  • Prediction of potential causes of failures.
  • Accident investigation.
  • Others.
To do this I have developed a software called FDA-UAV with about 2 years of operations and, on the other hand, I have all the necessary experience to make my services become timely decisions for you.
My services can be at your disposal with quality and speed.

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