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Sanjay Thakkar


Last update: 11.06.2019

Semiconductor | Embedded Systems | Product Developer

Company: AumRaj Design Systems
Graduation: B.E Electronics
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


As a Technology Specialist,
I try to keep up with the constantly updating technology.
My current expertise are Semiconductor, Embedded systems and Product Development
-Architecture Specification (System level design & verification, Power estimation & analysis, as well as complete hardware evaluation)
-RTL description and Functional Verification
-FPGA (FPGA synthesis, FPGA netlist & partitioning, FPGA place & route, FPGA prototype & JTAG debug, Post synthesis & functional timing, Pin assignment, bit Stream generation)
-ASIC (Logic synthesis, Timing simulation & debug, Physical synthesis, post synthesis simulation, physical layout & verification, Static timing analysis, DRC & LVS, DFT & ATPG, Post Layout simulation, GDS-II Design )
-Chip tapeout, Post Silicon Validation and Packaging

Embedded Systems:
-Hardware Design
-Power Estimation
-PCB Design and assembly
-Firmware Development

Product Development
-I have considerable amount of experience in product development regarding consumer electronics, industrial electronics system development, smart wearable, IoT products, also I am familiar with a wide variety of communication modules.

Project history

Smart Wearables:
We have been working on smart wearable devices  for multiple clients in India. The final prototype consist of various features including Fitness tracker and NFC payments.
Feature include:
  • Step Counts
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Location Tracking
  • Dose Notifications
  • Calling and Social Media Notifications
Fleet Managment:
We have developed an IoT based vehicle tracking solution for our UAE client that works without using any external power source. It overcome all below mentioned problem
Features include:
•Compact Microcontroller based control board
•Plug & Play
•Accurate sensors
•Smart operating modes
•Low power, Battery operated
•LTE enabled
•High-Secure Tracking mode
•Life expectancy upto 2 years without external power source
•IP67/68 certified product


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