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Last update: 08.06.2019

software development team manager

Company: Mobile Dimension, Russia
Graduation: M.Sc. in project management
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I can work 10+ hours per day, including Saturday and Sunday, as I am a enthusiastic team manager.
Languages: English (Elementary)


Matlab Matlab Simulink Control Engineering control systems Mathematics Mathematical modeling of systems PHP Laraval Front-End Back-End React Native React JS React Node.js Android iOS iPhone Mobile App Mobile App Develoment Web Service Web Application Web Development Python Java C++ C# Wordpress Engineering Mechanical Engineering Labview Arduino PCB-Design Solid Works digital image retouchement digital signal processing Computer Vision Machine Learning deep learning neural networks Artificial intelligence Tensorflow YOLO Keras HTML & CSS Javascipt swift4 Swift Unity 3D Android App Development iPhone App Development




I am an enthusiastic freelancer who always works with full passion and responsibility.
I’m very strong in web & mobile development and have some big projects which serve millions of users.
In my university, I studied mathematics (including financial prediction, chaos, probabilistic process and Machine Learning), mechanical engineering, control system (including theory & implementation), computer vision, digital image/signal processing (including FFT, DWT, and image morphing) and software engineering  including networking, embedded system and management).
I am assisting many international teams as a technical leader. I also have a powerful software-development team.
Currently, I’m spending my free time to research some areas such as BlockChain, BigData and ML(Machine Learning and Deep Learning).
And I always improve my architecture design skills and always keep eager to learn new things.

Project history

1. React Native Experience:
  Start learning React Native from version 0.1.0 (from Mar 27, 2015). Delivered/working on 10 applications already. Very strong in Redux/Flux/Mobx or build my architecture based on Observer pattern. Strong in Flow, Typescript. Have worked in many mobile features: Animation Chart, Maps (Mapbox too), Push Notification,
Voice Recorder, Rich Text Editor, Animations, Speed to Text, etc.
2. Back-end Experience:
  Key Back-end languages: Elixir (Phoenix), JS (NodeJS), PHP, Golang.
  Databases: NoSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL. Also familiar with Redis, Memcached, RabbitMQ,
  OS: Unix, Mac, Windows.
  Networking: TCP/UDP/UDP-reliable, HTTP/HTTPS, RTMP, XMPP, WebRTC.
  Clouds: AWS, Google, DigitalOcean, Azure.
3. Front-end Experience:
  Web Front-end: AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, Jquery, HTML/HTML5, CSS, SCSS, LESS, etc.
  Mobile: React Native (cross platform), Objective-C/Swift/C++ (iOS), Java/C++ (Android), C# (Windows phone).
  Unit testing: TDD, BDD.
  Very good in UI/UX for product development. Also be able to design mobile/app by Sketch (just learn for fun in 3 years).
4. Academic ad other Skills:
  OCR, Object Detection, Card Number Recognition, 
  Control system design / implementation by using MATLAB & SIMULINK
  Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Keras & Tensorflow & Yolo
  Applied mathematics including statistics, financial prediction, fractal geometry & chaos dynamics.
  Mechanical design and production manufacturing by using Solidworks, Ansys & Fluent etc.
  Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Computer Vision, Unity 3D, etc.

Time and spatial flexibility

I can work remotely with my teammates in my place. You can find me at Skype( live:jack.x5 ). I will always be online there at any time.
Feel free to contact me on Skype and have a voice & video call while attaching data also.


High credit is my motto. So you can feel free to deal with me for any kind of your project. I will delliver the project with best result on time.

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