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Agile Coach / Product Owner / Scrum Master

Company: Holger Tangermann Consulting
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Engagements and Projects (a selection)

2019-01 – 2019-09 Agile Coach / Scrum Master (Miele)
Transform individuals with product and software development knowhow into successful agile teams
- support introduction of Scrum in the organization
- teach, mentor and coach teams and individual team members
- work as scrum master for multiple teams
- setup a scaled scrum approach to let all 4 teams work on one product
- organize big room planning events to facilitate joint vision building and release planning
- harmonize approach to include all product parts (software & hardware) in the development
- liaise with management to remove organizational impediments
- coach team members of the organization to become scrum masters themselves

2017-12 – 2018-12 Agile Coach / Project Manager (Telefonica)
Leadership for 2 separate teams within the organization to achieve their goals
- Team A: Evaluate impact of a tool introduction and prepare organization accordingly
- facilitate workshops on goal setting and alignment
- organize staffing and structuring of the team
- coaching of the leader of the team
- Team B: Implement additional features into a legacy tool environment (SCRUM)
- align stakeholders and team on goals and approach
- organize staffing and structuring of the team
- introduce agile principles and practices within the team and coach the team to apply them
  - establish an iterative and incremental approach derived from SCRUM
  - moderate between the agile team and the surrounding waterfall-driven organization

2017-04 – 2017-11 Product Owner (Telefonica)
Rethink existing planning processes and supporting tools within Telefonica transport network
- setup and align project team within a highly distributed environment
- help the team to comprehend and digest the revolutionary changes introduced with SDN
- consult and coach team about agile working concepts like SCRUM and DevOps
- support team to create a product vision for the project ahead
- align project objectives and constrains with different projects and stakeholders
- organize RfI process with potential partners and tool vendors
- creation of a new operating model (processes, tools, skills) and align the needed transformation steps

2017-01 – 2017-03 Agile Coach (Adidas)
Agile transformation of IT department for product information, digital asset and content mgmt.
- support introduction of agile mindset and practices within the teams of the IT department
- coach management and key persons during their change management activities and actions
- prepare discovery and alignment of an Adidas “way of working” as agile teams
- support organization during goal-setting and team culture alignments activities
- liaise and align with internal partners and suppliers along the organizational value chain
- training for new teams in Scrum and agile practices
- align own transformation activities with other agile coaches of a company-wide transformation team and with neighboring departments

2016-09 – 2016-11 Scrum Master (Teamviewer GmbH)
Remote maintenance & support software (PC, Mac, Apps) for businesses and enterprises
- support setup of a cross-functional team with a Scrum approach
- clarify and explain Scrum approach with team members and other organizational parts
- encourage collaborative and iterative work style within the team
- support team to clarify software delivery for various clients (PC, Mac, iOS App, Android App)
- establish “inspect & adapt” feature cycle for delivered features and team processes
- support product owner during discovery and clarification of feature requirements
- facilitate release planning and communication with other parts of the organization
- support creation of a company-wide ScrumMaster community of practice

2015-04 – 2016-06 Product Owner & partially Agile Coach/Scrum Master (Telefonica)
CRM & Product Catalog for Postpaid customers of a large telecommunication provider
- support organization to scale from 1 existing team to 4 teams
- coach the client management during transition to new organisation
- help the organization to setup collaboration of multiple agile teams (approach, tools, etc.)
- setup 1 new agile team (partially offshore in India) and assume the product owner role
- rapidly realize small changes, improvements and corrections in existing legacy CRM system (especially in the area of email communication and callcenter agent processes)
- gather requirements and align prioritization with marketing and other stakeholders
- orchestrate the team deliveries (Scrum) between agile teams and waterfall IT organization

2015-02 – 2015-03 Product Manager (Telefonica)
Product Catalog and Offer Management System for a large telecommunication provider
- merge of two mobile operators in the German market (M&A follow-up and migration project)
- evaluate details of existing product and migration portfolio of both operators
- define requirements for the future Telco postpaid product catalog (products, plans, pricing and discount models, contract and booking rules, etc.)
- align priorities and phases with overall programme management
- design and implement the system components to enable customer product and contracts migration into the target environment of the merged telco
- support overall evaluation and planning of migration and merger activities

2014-07 – 2014-11 Consultant (Deutsche Telekom - Products & Innovation)
Software Development (SCRUM) of an OTT TV app (LiveTV, VoD, DRM) for mobile devices
- define release scope and goals
- coordinate multiple involved stakeholders and teams to align on requirements and approach
- review incoming feedback and issues of release launch
- drive issue clarification on root cause and resolution priority with various stakeholders
- liaise with offshore development team to set the priorities and solve the discovered issues
- improve process around issue clarification with all involved parties
- ensure operational readiness in close cooperation with technical operation team
- support KPI measurement and interpretation after release launch
- organize release launch process and activities
- resize of development team, process & environment (scale-down)

2014-02 – 2014-07 Product Owner (Deutsche Telekom - Products & Innovation)
Software Development (SCRUM) of an OTT TV app (LiveTV, VoD, DRM) for mobile devices
- take-over and turn-around a late-running development team (adjusting priorities, approach & team scale)
- provide project leadership with agile values (trust, transparency, value-driven decisions and sustainable speed)
- maintain backlog of requirements; clarify and align requirements with stakeholders
- prioritize requirements for the development team and align with dependent project parties
- release planning for the platform
- develop system architecture of platform and align with overall architectural solution

2013-03 – 2014-01 Agile Coach / Scrum Master (Deutsche Telekom - Products & Innovation)
Software Development (SCRUM) of an OTT TV app (LiveTV, VoD, DRM) for mobile devices
- release planning of the platform development (scope, timeline, delivery approach, cost)
- re-align delivery approach with strategic goals, team capabilities and key stakeholders
- agile transition of involved teams and parties (> 100 people) to a new delivery approach
- organize development activities across multiple, distributed, international teams and implementation partners
- setup and maintain the main product backlog and align the documented requirements with various stakeholders
- coach existing management team during transition phase
- support project/program management and PMO to adapt to the new collaboration model

2012-12 – 2013-01 Consultant (Deutsche Telekom - Products & Innovation)
Feasibility study and platform selection for multiple digital content shops
- align strategy, roadmap, requirements and business case between various stakeholders
- evaluate platform alternatives and drive issue clarification
- prepare platform decision

2012-05 – 2012-11 Product Owner (T-Mobile Netherlands and Deutsche Telekom - Products & Innovation)
Establish a prepaid recharging app for T-Mobile NL customers
- establish a product vision and development roadmap
- align marketing requirements of various natcos with technical capabilities and constraints
- facilitate product development between different Telekom internal teams and supplier
- organize and perform activities around testing and acceptance

2012-01 – 2012-11 Consultant / Product Management (Deutsche Telekom, Products & Innovation)
Product management & coordination activities for access management /e-care
- re-define cross & up-selling within customer self care portal and other customer portals
- establish new cross & up-selling mechanism and related marketing processes
- roadmap definition and concept development of e-care product improvements
- alignment of product roadmap with stakeholders and client’s stage-gate processes
- refine e-care business case and facilitate agreement with DT on cost charging

2011-03 – 2011-12 Project Manager (Deutsche Telekom, Products & Innovation)
Converged customer self care portal for mobile and fixed line customers
- drive project setup and planning during project initiation phase
- align stakeholders on common understanding about objectives, scope and approach
- organize the evaluation of solution alternatives with subject matter experts
- communication towards client’s project governance boards (stage-gate process)

2010-03 – 2011-01 Consultant (Deutsche Telekom, Products & Innovation)
Strategy and Conception for future identity management at DT
- analyze the different existing customer identity management processes at DTAG
- organize user study on login and registration behaviors and preferences
- evaluate capabilities of global players within identity management market
- drive conception to evolve and consolidate DT’s fragmented identity landscape

  • Certified Scrum Master ( -> verify certificate:
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner ( -> verify certificate:
  • Certified Team Coach (Agile42)
  • Kanban Management Professional I (Kanban University) -> verify certificate:
  • Certified Less Practitioner ( -> verify certificate:
  • Project Management Professional - PMI (
  • ITIL Certification
  • Agile Frameworks (Scrum, Less, Kanban)
  • Team Coaching Framework (
  • PMI (Project Management Institute -
  • Modelling (BusinessModellCanvas, UML, User Story Mapping)
  • Business Case incl. Scenario Simulation
  • Architecture Approaches (IAF, SOA)
  • Lean Startup

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