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Last update: 16.12.2019

.NET, PHP, JS Developer

Graduation: not provided
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
negotiable; can settle on fixed amount for the whole project
Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Full Professional) | Ukrainian (Native or Bilingual)


Known languages:
  • C++ - several years of experience. Can read and use for making miltilanguage bridges or patching someones code but not want to use it as main language of the project.
  • C# - one of my faworites. Using work work and home projects for 10 years now.
  • Delphi - my entry point to coding world. Had a lot of fun with it from 12 years old till 18 yers old when in univercity expanded my toolkit with many other languages. Kinda rusty with it now, but can brush it up again very fast.
  • Java - used a little bit for modding Minecraft and for my android application:¬† (took it down lately since new wersions of android no longer have a feature I was using for it)
  • JS - my other favorite language, at some point in university made a web-desktop using php+js. That was fun thing to make, but sadly it's not up any more. But you can chek-out my current pet project - - tracker for collections like Pokemon GO pokedex. Also - same engine as GO but for Pokemon Sword&Shiled. For that project I made my own CMS that are flexible enough to be configured for any type of collectible stuff.
  • LUA - had a little bit of experience in several projects, can work with it.
  • PHP - once again - one of my favorite languages. Lot's of projects, lot's of experience, at least 10 years.¬†
  • Pascal - same time frame as Delphi... Was jumping between both of those languages.
  • Python - little bit of experience, but can work with it if needed.
Had experience with ProtoBuffers, Leaflet map toolkit, OpenGL wrapper for C#, WebCanvas, XNA and many other things that I can not recall now. My moto: there is nothing that I can't learn how to make or use.

In univercity specialized in applied math, so math related projects is my speciality ;)

Time and spatial flexibility

Have an international passport, can visit EU countries as part of ukranian visa-free regime with EU.

Open for rellocation offers


Mathematician and developer. Enjoy tasks that are chalenging and require some brain power. Bad with boring repetitive tasks, but often can find a way to automate those tasks.

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