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Last update: 19.09.2020

Web developer PHP or JavaScript Stack, Network Administrator - Linux, SEO, Design.

Graduation: Software Engineer - FullStack. PHP or JavaScript, eCommerce frameworks. Laravel, Vue, Linux(AWS), SEO, Design.
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)


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HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS, JavaScript, VUE, PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, Linux VDS/AWS CentOS, Debian, cPanel, ISPManager, CMS, WordPress, Laravel, WooCommerce, Drupal, Bitrix, Joomla, Webasyst(Shop-Script), ModX, Magento, CS-Cart, AWS sevices with console, iptables, bash, perl scripts, vpn, VirtualBox, VMware, Vector graphics, CorelDraw, Photoshop, After effects, ecommerce, HTML/CSS/SCSS, SQL, Linux, GitHub, SEO, sniffers, firewalls, Tcpdump, Nmap, Wireshark, TomCat, ipfw, OSI, TCP/IP, LAN/WAN, Kaspersky, Web Antivirus D-Link, Cisco L2/L3 - router, OpenVPN KVM Systems, + firmware Windows, *nix, USB Creator, OS Windows server, AD, AD CS, WSUS, DHCP, DNS, Hyper-V, Microsoft Office, LAN, IP camera, VoIP, SIP, AriaSOHO, FreeBSD, NAT, OpenVPN, Apache + MySQL + PHP, samba, shell, ssh, perl, dos, backups, RAID, backup, telecommunication, networking components, MS Windows, PC hardware/software, BIOS, UNIX/Linux operating systems, Ubuntu, OSPF, other LAN/WAN protocols Linux web server, Apache, Nginx, CAT 5, CAT6, Ethernet, internetworking, routers, D-Link, L2-L3, Linksys /Ethernet Routers, Wireless Access Points, printers, wireless networks, networking, server hardware, WAN, L2/L3 - D-link, Cisco, programming

Project history

01/2015 - 05/2019
Full stack web developer
Webmaster and Programmer. HTML/CSS/SCSS,
JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Linux, NODE.JS. - eCommerce CMS

01/2011 - 01/2012
Network Administrator
Computer Networking and Security
Networking Security Tools: sniffers and firewalls (Tcpdump, Nmap, Wireshark, TomCat, ipfw,
Networking Structured Wiring
Good knowledge of 7-OSI TCP/IP, LAN/WAN.
SMS Tools
Kaspersky and Dr.Web Antivirus
D-Link, Cisco L2/L3 - router management and hubs.
VPN: pptp, mpd5, OpenVPN
Systems installation, configuration, upgrading and maintenance + firmware
Windows, *nix Multiboot USB Creator
OS Windows server: AD, AD CS , NPS , WSUS, DHCP , DNS , Hyper-V
Microsoft Office Communicator
Kerio mail Server, FireWall KerioWinroute
Technology equipment to retail stores with Windows PC.
Cable Installation/Network Installation CCTV security LAN video camera, IP camera.
VoIP, SIP, AriaSOHO, Panasonic TGP-500
*nix (Linux, FreeBSD, NAT, IPFW, VPN, OpenVPN, Apache + MySQL + PHP, samba , proftpd).
Console: bash, shell, ssh, perl, dos, *.bat
Excellent problem-solving abilities
Website and portal monitoring
Network maintenance
System backups, NAS, RAID
Data backup and retrieval
Network upgrades
Remote access technology
Excellent communication skills
Excellent diagnostic skills
Website maintenance
Adobe: Photoshop, Premiere pro, After effects
Live Meeting
proper operation of voice, data and video products and services. Inspected,
tested and evaluated newly installed and/or existing telecommunication
equipment for conformance to performance requirements.
specialized tools and equipment to ensure quality of service and optimal
performance of voice, data and / or video signals.
Installed conduit to provide
a pathway for cabling.
understanding of communication networking components as well as MS Windows, Linux and PC
hardware/software. A strong understanding of PC components, BIOS and

01/2008 - 01/2011
Systems Administrator
ya and Idea
Experience with the UNIX/Linux operating systems (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), routing, iptables.
SSH, bash and perl scripts.
Knowledge of data networking protocols including TCP/IP, OSI, OSPF, other LAN/WAN protocols
Linux web server - Apache and Nginx
Work history - experience:
Cable Installation/Network Installation internet provider - environment including CAT 5, CAT6 and
network cabling
racks above and below the raised floor, including all Digital Communications
Multi-media Service Technician/ Cable Splicing
Basic experience in LAN/WAN (TCP/IP) networking
environment wire and wireless.
telecommunication practices and technologies
Knowledge of standard Ethernet and IP protocols. Working
Solid internetworking
troubleshooting skills.
Knowledge of configuring and troubleshooting the
following routers /switches /bridges: Cisco, D-Link (L2-L3), Linksys /Ethernet Routers and
Wireless Access Points.
Knowledge of various cabling technologies including: Category
5e/6e, fiber, Coax, Patch Panels and punchdown blocks.
proper operation of computers, printers and other nodes. Set up and encrypting wireless networks.
Input IP and routing information to provide access to networks and allow
routing of data.
Experience with switching and internet routing technologies. Strong network diagnostic skills.
Experience of diagnosing network and
service issues, following them through to resolution.
Solid understanding
of TCP/IP, networking and common Internet protocols. Solid understanding
of server hardware and operating systems.
valuable feedback to assist in the development of telecommunication
systems and equipment.
Designed and implemented the installation of new
telecommunication equipment.
Work closely with switches, routers, hubs,
cables, racks, and the interfaces to the WAN connection*

01/2005 - 01/2008
Network Specialist, Technical Support Representative
InterZet. Russia
Knowledge of data networking protocols including TCP/IP, OSI, other LAN/WAN protocols
Experience with the UNIX/Linux operating systems (FreeBSD and Debian), routing, ipfw.
L2/L3 - D-link, Cisco
ISP - Call Center Telephony systems

Skills Russian, touch typing, drive car, drive motorcycle, web programming, system administrator,
network administrator, video editor, and more

Time and spatial flexibility

  • “ If you need my business trip to your team in the future, that’s good, it doesn't scare me if you country speaking English well, and I would been coming to any country to improve your business processes.”


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