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Last update: 09.03.2020

Executive Account, Project Manager - Agile/Scrum PM - Squad Iteration Manager, Test Manager

Graduation: Scrum Master - PMP - Lean / SixSigma - Agile - It Infraestructure Manager - Delivery Executive-
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Negotiable, negotiable for remote projects, May vary depending on project scope
Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Italian (Full Professional) | Portuguese (Limited professional) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)


Operating System Unix AS/400 Cloud jUnit Project Manager Project management Projekt & Progr Service Delivery Manager Project Manager Remote Project Manager Scrum Master / Agile Methoden Agile & Scrum Lean Six Sigma ITIL Proccesses


Curriculum Vitae - Alejandro Laporte - r5.pdf


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Project history

11/2018 - 01/2020
Infraestructure Project Manager
* Monitoring and Implementations Delivery of local and worldwide infrastructure projects.
* Monitoring of the data center infrastructure (DTC and IDF of 3th and 6th Floor)
* Interact with Suppliers , responsible for the Installations and Maintenance Areas, Commercial,
Networks, Ip Telephony.
* Moderate and monitor Weekly CAB (approval meeting Change ´s request).
* Responsible for weekly tracking of all projects lead by Infrastructure Area (telephony, PBX,
Firewalls, Edge Swiches, Avaya Gateway, IP / Logic and Digital Telephony, Lexmark and HP Printers).
* Interface with Areas ´s Directors and Managers that cover the 2 floors (3rd and 6th) Avenida de
Mayo Edificio Panamericana (Thames).
* Responsible for the local and global strategic decisions of the company with the executive and the
management areas
* Responsible for Training and Migrations of the Contact Center areas from all Metlife buildings
at a local level (Argentina), including the 3 main areas Outbound, Inbound and Statistics

08/2018 - 11/2018
Executive Account
* Responsible for carrying out a series of tasks aimed at managing relationships with customers of
our company, as well as the development of new business with existing customers.
* Keep the customer happy.
* Manage expectations, pass feedback and have the creative team fulfill their responsibilities.
* Understand the client's business to know how marketing influences every aspect of it.
* Look good at the agency at all times.
* Know well how the structure of profitability of the organization works and make accurate estimates
and ensure that the team complies with them.
* Take responsibility.
* Work with intelligent, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic objectives and within a period
of time. * Communicate these objectives to the team so that everyone knows what is expected of the
* I am multitasking.
* I manage several projects at the same time without transmitting tension to the creative team,
while I focus on creating an unforgettable experience for the client.
* As an executive, I never lose patience.
* I do not allow the day-to-day details to take away my enthusiasm and I am always thinking of ways
to improve every aspect of the Company.
* I review the budget with the client with the intention of pleasing him without sacrificing quality
or benefit.
* Responsible for explaining to everyone involved that the brand produces.

11/2015 - 07/2018
Project Manager - Agile/Scrum PM - Squad Iteration Manager
* Conduct meetings (Daily Stand Up).
* Tracking tasks from GitHub Tool from the iteration week in course.
* Follow up and quick solution when issues or delays appear as planned showing blockers or
* Update and management of Risk plan.
* Participation in Board meetings to give progress status.
* Use of Corporate tools that facilitate remote meetings and sessions in order to track task using
* Collaborate with the maintenance of the Blog from CIO LA department.
* In charge of the maintenance of the BOX/CLOUD to host documentation of the courses,
retrospectives, report end of iterations, etc.
* Responsible for the creation and maintenance of SOCIAL CONTRACT
* Moderator of the Daily / cadences.
* Itineration Manager (handling Squads / Guilds in the GITHUB tool)
* Responsible for training in new tools below described:
CAMS (Cloud, Security, and Social Business) - Design Thinking - WATSON and CLOUD - DevOps - Agile -
Cloudant - IoT - Block Chain - AI (artificial intelligence) - Junit - BlueMix

07/2015 - 11/2015
Test Manager - MetLife Argentina
IBM, Argentina - Trabajando en el cliente METLIFE
* Collect and Review Application Inventory
* Prepare Review Master Test Plan with all stake holders
* Review TC & KPI for standards and compliance
* Document review findings
* Discuss review findings with in country business users
* Conduct Training session on KPI, TC's standards that needs to be followed for Business Users
* Responsible of Meetings from Defects Issue/Risks Plan Management + mitigation plan.
* Prepare Daily Status report.
* Responsible of Test Execution Report
* Prepare the Test Closure Report

01/2015 - 06/2015
Project Manager - ( Focal Point and Recruiter)
* CV/Resume selection. Interviews & Moderator with Internals teams abroad from China, India, US,
Basil, Europe, Asia and America in general. Weekly calls (Cadences) to provide feedback progress.
* Filter candidates English spoken test.
* Due diligence with the boarding resources to the IBM Company.
* Provide support to the new on boarding resources, delivering the new documentation, rules to be
executed, Knowledge transfer.

10/2014 - 12/2014
Project Manager
* Primary role is to provide Project Management support to the different activities for IBM Peru
* and IBM Ecuador countries, and interact with all the areas related to this project, providing
* cadence calls, tracking project plan, project communication, and help to solve quickly issues
* arising regarding Billing. Interact with all the Latinoamerica´s Team from Taxes, Billing, and
* with all the differents resources dedicated to the different plan phases, testing, UAT, Move
* to production, etc, working together with Arquitect, Solution PM´s, Team Leads, Analyst, etc.

10/2013 - 09/2014
Project Manager (PAYROLL PROJECT - Deploy & Implementation)
* My primary role is to Manage and coordinate activities over three countries (ARGENTINA -
* Payroll Global Team (US) collaborates with the Project (local) Manager into these activities.
* ADP: Provider - Is the enterprise that provide the system, resources and will installation the
* new way of Payroll Payment for all IBM Latin-American people. Not only the nomina will be
* Reachable to this system, also will contemplate Over time, vacations, holidays, licensees...
* Argentina, Mexico and Brazil are Global view countries, Minor countries (ie: Uruguay,
* Ecuador, Peru), are streamlines countries and ADP will outsource this payments with a local
* Company.
* My role into this project, is to provide Help and Support to the project, following the plan,
* helping fulfill all the timeline, deadlines, project plan, activities, manage the cadence ´s
* rise all issues and track them until the solution. Also, help teams as Focal Point between
* Vendors and ADP Project Manager.
* Help to accelerate Bank (ICBC Bank), and Storage Documents with Legal part.
* Articulate IBM teams (Payroll, Hr Operations, Global View IBM) between and with ADP
* teams, escalate defect if needed., bring support when issue arise and need and urgent
* action, keep track of planned activities. Provide/gives weekly status to my direct US Manager
(Maureen Martin). Collaborate with network access, Hotels, travel, with resources coming
or going to other countries.

05/2010 - 10/2013
PDTL, Project Delivery Team Lead & LA Focal Point
* This is a very high and complex project that include more than 50 applications around the
* world and running over SAP app. SME´s most of them living on Europe, China, India ,
* Singapur, México, US, Canadá and Latinoamérica. My role is to coordinate and follow the
* overall daily activities in common with all the areas, resources and Vendors in order to
* the complete circuit of the Billing. The core of the project is based on first place to create
* purchase order, apply it on different areas (logistic, budget, accountable...) and follow the
* progress till this purchase order end with the client payment, this task based on SAP Tool.
* My second role (in minor way) is to create, follow, make daily status from Defects and focus
* on sev1 defects/ready for test defects primarily. If an issue arise my help and follow up
* should need Overtime after my work day also weekends.
* As focal point provide help from LATAM countries joining and helping Europe teams to
* develop, get solution and progress on testing and then production activities so far...

03/2010 - 06/2012
Project Manager & SDM Dispatch

* Responsible for Communication and Distribution Sector as an extension and providing a
* solution, analysis , communication and work to fulfill target for Y/2011, involved in a
* as a Service Delivery Manager and providing solution & Guide to issues arising.
* Others activities:
* Monthly status report project to Directors
* Bi-weekly status report project to Managers
* Weekly follow up with Core Team Meeting
* Owner of the Master tracking plan for Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.
* Responsible for delivery and present results on Q´s end.

09/2009 - 01/2010
Project Manager
Oracle Argentina, LAD eStudio
* My first duty was to work as a Project Manager for Caribbean and Latin-American region
* and to guide the upgrade and software development of Siebel CRM, SPL, CC&B and
* People Soft. In this area I managed different people skills like: EAI Consultant, People Soft
* Consultant, Functional Leaders, EIM Consultant, Work flow/ABS Consultant, Business Suite
* Consultant, etc.
* Responsible for complete tracking and follow up of the project, with Oracle Country and with
* Customer.
* In charge of the Agenda/Scheduling program and Scope (Gantt /Base Line).
* Responsible for financial and deliverables to the managers and Directors. In charge of the
* Forecast/ Backlog and project budget.

10/2008 - 03/2009
Multicounty Program Manager North & South
* Activity directly in contact with Regional's Directors, Account Managers, Finance Managers
* and Regional Contractor of the Company.
* Responsible for match the goals set for the progress of the Project
* In charge of training of new resources and expertise
* Responsible for the overall operation, technical and organizational Staff meetings, Kick Off,
* Facing with the client.
* Resources: Project Specialist: Technical Programmer, Key Users, Business Analyst, Contract
* Analyst, IT Directors.
* I Coordinated the deployment of HW and SW (Supported by a SIEBEL CRM) at the end
* client with the practical purpose of monitoring behavior of existing devices and future
* Additions of assets. Number of customers in Argentina: 15 Number of customers in Puerto
* Rico 7. Total devices: 2500 printers.
* Interface with the process content owners and users and communicate issues arising into the
* governance team as a whole and drive continual improvement activities.
* Develop, execute and manage Programmed Initiatives as required
* Assist with the production and maintenance of the Programme and Project Framework
* (PPMF) and it's associated processes and procedures
* Determines, monitors, and reviews all project/programme economics to include costs,
* operational budgets, staffing requirements, sub-contractors, resources, and risk.
* Identifies and assembles the appropriate blend of resources to meet project needs and
* requirements, includes sub-contractor selection.
* Plans, schedules, monitors, and reports on activities related to the project.
* Leads the project team in determining customer requirements and translating requirements
* into operational plans
* Facilitates status review meetings among project team members and customers.
* Works with senior management on project proposals, bids, contracts, estimates, and
* schedules.
* Proposes and develops add-on opportunities.
* Mentors and trains the customer and/or vendor in project management methods, procedures
* and activities.
* Controls project/programme requirements, scope, and change management issues.
* Coach and counsels members of cross-functional teams to accomplish project/programme,
* to meet established schedules or resolve technical/operational issues.
* Establishes appropriate metrics for measuring key programme criteria.
* Determines and installs appropriate automated systems for management of projects
* Facilitates the creation of communication plans, ensuring that appropriate information is
* exchanged among key stakeholders
* Identifies and recommends contingency measures
* Maintains awareness on emerging technologies and project/programme management
* Techniques.

06/2007 - 09/2008
Project Manager Southern Cone
* Main responsibilities:
* Ensure the project scope, deliverables and targets.
* Coordinate Start Up / Kick Off the project, give a correct Follow Up
* Coordinate with Development Team Internals Meetings and report progress to the team.
* Monitor and track the Project Plan identifying milestones, risks and mitigation actions in
* Project Closure Make a right and give the client and the team's document Lesson learning.
* Identify opportunities and promote good working climate.

02/2005 - 06/2007
Sr Network Operator Center (NOC Operator Sr)
Cubecorp Argentina
* Alarm monitoring for HP Vantage Point Unix Java Console (ITO).
* Alarm Monitoring Site scope (outsourcing clients), and drop links to escalate Carriers.
* Management Remedy (Service Request, Problem Ticket, Change Request, etc.).
* Security Management Firewalls: Cisco Pix Firewalls. Administration, Backups prelaunch,
Monitoring the course of the alarms using EMC Data Manager Console.
* Administration AS400 equipment, monitoring of backups, Reset Server (IPL), Process
Monitoring, Backup, Journals,
Weekly, monthly, yearly, Storage Management library type
* StorageTek, Restore Tape, Label media. Monitoring of On-Site Backups from AS400
Console Equipment.
* Administration and backup IBM System Storage TS3310 Tape Library - 800 Gb Lt0_03
* User NT Administration, Remote Desktop Connection (unlock key, reset Passw, creating
Users, etc). Copying Images
from individual customers (Norton Ghost).
* Tasks Offimatica (MICRO-IT) - Management * PBX: ABM digital lines, analog and mobile
Network Maintenance. Libraries - (Robot Storage) - ISO 9001:2000 Update procedures

02/1992 - 02/2004
IT Manager - Project Leader - Field Support On-Sit
Supermercados Norte S.A
* Tasks as IT Manager :
* In charge of the roll-out of 12 Branches in Mendoza City. Responsible for coordinating,
* Monitoring and installation of cash registers, weighing scales.
* Responsible for laying structured wiring, installation Workstations, Access Point, Switches,
* Hubs, Routers, Firewalls, VPN concentrators, UP. In charge of Unix Servers
* Configuration, testing, and then put into production
* Tasks as Project Leader :
* Responsible for the Coordination of the suppliers - UNISYS and Hasar Systems. In this
* opportunity the company Unisys delivery cash registers for 2557 and made thes roll out 57
* branches under supervision of a Master Track Program Schedule which I was responsible
* for monitoring in compliance within the time frame, scope and Budget.
* Others tasks, updating, Configuration operating system this was responsible Hasar Systems
* and Unisys Sudamericana then followed with the Installation and mounting physical and
* Subsequent maintenance contract. Branches Rolled out: Supermarket Norte, Carrefour
* Sup, Sup Tia, Sup and Sup Metro Lozano.
* Tasks as Field Support On-Site :
* Systems Operator (Branch Chilavert, Pilar Branch) - Stockiest - Stock Analyst - Design of
* posters, offers, etc..
* UNIX Operator: Tasks performed: User Accounts, Printers, and Mail Administration.
* Peripherals Administration, File System Administration.
* Management Database (Informix-4GL) Relief Update-Product Pricing. Generating daily
* reports of sales by dept, Suppliers, etc.. Care Providers,
* Product Activation and / or new customers, Inventory - Sales Audit --Experience in the Retail
* Area. Logistics and Dispatch .Transmission data and
* Consolidation ´s credit cards at night after the branch close.

* Key Skills

* 4 Years experience as Project Delivery Team Lead (PDTL)
Defect Manager, Focal Point for LA Countries, Test Manager and Deployment Manager
* 7 Years - Unix Administrator (SCO, AIX, NCR, SUN)
Cabling experience, Optic Fiber, router/switch configuration, Monitoring
unix Superdome
Backups - (Data center) NOC Manager role -
* 4 Years Call center/Contact Center experience
* 5 years Networking and Telecommunication SME knowledge, experience on Data
Centers, NOC (Network Operation Center), and Help Desk (Tier1,2 and 3


Proven experience in Project Management of high complexity in first-line companies.
Conformation and leadership teams. High quality and results orientation. Communication skills both oral and written, experience in facilitating meetings, management of multidisciplinary teams, negotiation skills. Ability to work independent, self proactive, Flexible, Organized, Proactive, Focus over objectives

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