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Henry Hüske

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Last update: 25.02.2022

Senior Data Engineer & Database Migration Specialist

Graduation: Diploma in business education
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Languages: Danish (Limited professional) | German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional) | Swedish (Elementary)




My offers
Based on many years of experience in data engineering and project management I offer:
  • Performing development tasks in the areas Data Warehouse (DWH), ETL and Big Data
  • Replacement/migration of relational databases (in particular Oracle and PostgreSQL)
  • Support with the transfer of your database into the cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP)
  • Performance optimization of your database queries and processes

Your benefits
Working with me has the following benefits:
  • The optimization and acceleration of data processes brings your data to its destination in a faster way and enables you to carry out more timely analyzes.
  • The replacement/migration of your database takes place in a structured way and with the smallest possible downtime.
  • The knowledge of your employees increases through my technical supportand guidance.
  • Better and faster database queries and processes increase customer satisfaction.
List of skills
  • Focus topics
    • ETL/DWH development
    • Database migration (upgrades of existing databases; migration to other relational databases)
    • Database performance optimization
  • Databases
    • Google BigQuery
    • Oracle-Database (Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Associate, October 2016)
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • MariaDB
    • MongoDB
  • Cloud
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Tools
    • Bash
    • Data Vault
    • Docker
    • git
    • Linux
    • Python
    • Talend Studio
    • Terraform

Project history

08/2021 - Present
Senior Data Engineer
Motius GmbH (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
I am working for a large international group with a project team from a project service provider. My project task in the early stage was the implementation of complex KPI calculations using pandas and Jupyter notebooks. The goal was to decide whether the existing infrastructure for the KPI calculations can be replaced by a more modern infrastructure using AWS and Snowflake. In the next project stage, we wre focusing on the PoC-implementation of the data pipelines for one KPI using AWS, Snowflake, and AWS Glue. The current project stage include the production implementation of data pipelines for the whole product.
(Technologies used: Python, Pandas, Jupyter Notebook, Snowflake, AWS)

04/2020 - Present
Technical Lead Business Intelligence
The company is a provider of charging solutions and infrastructure for electric vehicles based in Berlin, Germany. My project task in the early stage of the project was to create a new data warehouse using cloud technologies to enable an aggregated and uniform view of the data from different source systems. My current tasks focus on the extension and maintenance of the data warehouse. The implementation is carried out using Google Cloud BigQuery as a data warehouse solution, Terraform for creating infrastructure as code, the ELT approach with Data Vault modelling for loading the data warehouse and Tableau as a visualization tool. The source data of approx. 10 GB are extracted primarily from MariaDB and MongoDB. As a technical lead, it is my job to plan, operate and implement the entire process for creating the data warehouse infrastructure and loading processes. In terms of content, I am supported by ProductOwners and employees of the BusinessIntelligence team.

05/2021 - 08/2021
Data Analyst & Data Engineer
Motius GmbH (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
I worked for a large international group with a project team from a project service provider. My project task was to write database queries in Snowflake for data warehouse objects originating from different sources. Additionally, I aligned with the frontend and the business team in order to discover technical requirements.

01/2021 - 04/2021
Database Engineer
Motius GmbH (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
I worked for a large international group with a project team from a project service provider. My project task was the database support for Oracle DB 12.2 to check whether a replication of ERP data can be realized via an Oracle database in AWS RDS (Amazon Web Services - Relational Database Service) to Snowflake. The replication volume to be checked is approximately one billion transactions per day for about 50+ ERP databases with an aggregated size of 42 TB.

02/2015 - 12/2019
Senior Data Engineer / Project Manager (as employee)
Avantgarde Labs GmbH (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
My job included technical support for the ETL team of a large German e-commerce provider for electronic items; the ETL infrastructure consisted of 300 to 400 ETL jobs. On the one hand, I was responsible for creating, changing and optimizing ETL jobs using Talend Studio DI, and on the other hand for planning ETL processes and prioritizing tasks for a team of up to 5 employees. In the 5 years in the project three different Talend versions (5.3.1, 6.2.1, 7.0.1) were used. When upgrading the Talend Studio versions including the associated infrastructure components (Talend Administration Center, Nexus, git / SVN), I took over the technical coordination of the necessary steps in coordination with internal and external employees. A central database with a size of approximately 2 TB was used to combine the data from various source systems; until 2017 it was an Oracle database in version 11g R2, after that the database was migrated to PostgreSQL 9.6 and ETL infrastructure was transfered to the cloud (Google Cloud Platform using "Cloud SQL" for the database and VMs for the infrastructure components).

03/2009 - 12/2014
Data Engineer (as employee)
Tele-Kabel-Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
My task was the project coordination for and the implementation of approx. 80 geodata migrations for supply networks (waster water, electricity, gas) for a Swiss GIS provider, which performs the GIS tasks for about 50 Swiss municipalities. The migrations took place from Oracle database 9 to Oracle database 11g R2. In addition, I carried out various customization programming for Autodesk Topobase using VB.NET for the customer.

Time and spatial flexibility

  • Daily remote work with the following on-site times outside Copenhagen:
    • At project start up to 1 week at customers office
    • 3 days every 3 months for customers in Europe

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