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Software Asset and Vendor Manager, Senior Project Manager / Business Consultant, External Consultant / Issue Solution Manager (ISM)

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SAM and License Management; Strategic Vendor Management; contract negotiations (e.g. Oracle Frame Agreement, SaaS Frame Agreement IQVIA); Senior Project Manager; Head of PMO (international); Rollout Program Manager (international); Interim Manager (Head of IT Ops. for a DE Mobile Operator); leading large cross-funtional and multi-cultural teams; Business Process Design and Re-engineering; Data Migration and Change Management; Release Management; ITIL; PRINCE2; LM and Discovery Tools (e.g. SmartTrack, Flexera, Snow); Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point); MS Project; MS Visio; SharPoint; ARIS; AutoCAD;
  • 11/2017 - 04/2019

    • Hays AG; Sanofi-Aventis Group; Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
  • Software Asset and Vendor Manager
  • Self-employed associate with Hays AG / German, assigned to one of the leading intern.
    Pharmaceutical & Healthcare organisations.
    Nov 2017 - 30.Apr 2019: Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, location Industrial Park Hoechst,
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Brought in to assist the local ITS Strategic S/w Vendor Management Team with managing the Sanofi
    Group's contracts and compliance situation in the specific area of M & A and Divestments, as well
    as to setup / establish and provide contract management support for two newly elevated strategic
    Tier 1 key vendors; reporting directly to the Head of the department. Responsibilities of my role
    as Software Contract and Vendor Manager cover, e.g.:
    * Collaborating with international teams of IT, Purchasing, Legal, finance and Tax
    * Advising on product and licensing, as well as license audit and contract queries from within the
    Sanofi Group
    * On-boarding of license and installation data for e.g. Oracle, MS to the central SAM Tool
    (Aspera's SmartTrack)
    * Managing existing vendor relationships and rating, as well as establishing new relationships
    with key Tier1 vendors
    * Providing in-house vendor support (SPOC), as well as participate as a key member of contract
    negotiation teams
    * Supporting the implementation of the vendor relationship governance, as well as input Vendor
    Relationship Management process
    * Being a key member of the internal team negotiating a new SaaS Framework Agreement with IQVIA, a
    Tier 1 key vendor
    * Establishing regular communication and foster Relationship Management with IQVIA's Vendor
    Project and Service Teams
    * Support License compliance and audit issues, i.e. build a robust SAM and Compliance Management
    operational Model
    * Monthly status reporting to SVM management on, e.g. overview of existing contracts with value,
    major activities and expiry status
    * Regular status meetings with relevant representatives from both ITS' and Vendor's Project /
    Service Managers / Teams

  • 01/2016 - 11/2017

    • Heuser Software AG
  • Senior Project Manager / Business Consultant
  • Self-employed associate with Heuser Software AG, a German IT and Software Consultancy.

  • 06/2016 - 01/2017

    • NTT Data
  • External Consultant / Issue Solution Manager (ISM)
  • Brought in to assist NTT Data with a M & A customer Migration project for one of their major
    international Telecom clients. Europe's largest scale data migration covers Post-Paid as well as
    Pre-Paid customers within the former E-Plus Group, incl. numerous Subscription Providers and
    Mobile Virtual Network Providers (MVNOs). In my role as ISM I am responsible for:
    * setting up, training and mentoring a new team of 4 ISMs for the migration of Pre-Paid customers
    * reviewing software deployment procedure and made recommendations which were accepted and
    * liaising between development, test, operation and relevant business functions
    * ensuring that faults / issues generated from the migration are reported, tracked and resolved
    within the prescribed deadlines

  • 01/2015 - 01/2016

    • Loehr Consulting
  • Freelance Program Management Consultant
  • Self-employed associate for a German Procurement, Supplier /Contract Management, Quality & Project
    Management consultancy; providing expert services in setting up Project Support and PMO, incl.
    developing governance processes and standards, vendor and contract management, multi-project
    scheduling and resource forecasting, cost and risk assessments, plus project health checks and
    post-implementation reviews, for their major local clients across a range of industries.

  • 05/2013 - 12/2014

    • European SAM Academy GmbH
  • Freelance Software Asset Management (SAM) and License Management (LM) Consultant
  • Self-employed associate for a German LM Consultancy and SAM Training institution; providing expert
    services in the area of SAM and Software LM training (i.e. S/w vendors: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and
    Adobe), for their major local and international clients, within Telecom, and German car

  • 05/2014 - 10/2014

    • Innovation Academy, at University College Dublin (UCD)
  • Post-Graduate Student
  • Successfully studying for and graduating with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Innovation,
    Entrepreneurship and Enterprise.

  • 07/2010 - 03/2013

    • Telekom Deutschland
  • International Rollout / Senior Program Manager
  • Bonn, Germany
    Additional role of leading the planning and the global rollout of the strategic corporate SAM
    initiative across the four divisions of Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG), functionally reported to DTAG's
    Group License Manager; various central and local Executive Leadership Teams; completed the
    group-wide strategic SAM initiative in time and on budget across DTAG's legal entities and their
    affiliates, covering a total of 95% of the group's employees.
    * Set up, established and managed the Program Office (PO), incl. defining the modus operandi,
    planning / scheduling the various phases of the roll-out across the group of DTAG, as well as
    central and local resource requirements
    * Planned, prepared, and executed various international and local "kick-off" meetings; initiated,
    facilitated and executed relevant License Management training, including that for the data
    collection (commercial, configuration, installation) and the central LM Tool
    * Build, lead and managed the central cross-functional international rollout team, as well as
    assisting local Management Teams and License Managers with successfully setting up their
    cross-functional team and project, locally
    * Created central reporting governance, held regular on site and remote project status meetings,
    provided regular risk assessments, and regularly reported to various Senior and Executive
    Management Teams, including the Group CIO and IT EU Leadership Teams.

  • 07/2010 - 03/2013

    • Telekom Deutschland
  • Division License Manager Europe
  • Promoted to Division License Manager to implement an effective and sustainable Software Asset
    Management within the region of Europe, i.e. 13 countries, plus the USA; represented the Division's
    interests within the central Corporate License Management initiative and functionally reported to
    DTAG's Group License Manager; leading a virtual team of up to 22 local License Managers.
    * Defined the strategic business frame work and scope for my division's legal entities and their
    * Created generic S/w Audit process, appointed local virtual audit teams and provided relevant
    training for my division;
    * Provided expert advice on S/W License Management; identified cost reduction and license
    optimisation opportunities; conducted local "deep dive" process workshops, reported findings and
    proposed actions to the relevant local Leadership Team
    * Founder of the "International License Management Community", for local License Managers to
    network, exchange know-how, "best practice", discovery tool evaluation (e.g. iQuade, Snow, Spider)
    for Software License and Asset Management, across the Division
    * Established successfully a sustainable and effective Software Asset Management, generating
    regular local and divisional license balances for a number of key software manufacturers,
    compliance reviews, as well as risk and evaluation reporting for my division.

  • 07/2007 - 05/2011

    • Leadhouse; Telekom Deutschland
  • Manager Oracle
  • Bonn, Germany
    Appointed to set up and establish the new business function within DTAG for one of its key software
    manufacturers Oracle, as part of the strategic corporate Software Asset and License Management
    initiative; functionally reported to DTAG's Group License Manager; leading a virtual
    cross-functional team of three internal staff, i.e. legal, procurement, and Oracle license expert.
    * Defined strategic framework and scope for function; successfully implemented the relevant
    business processes and procedures in line with the centrally agreed Corporate LM guidelines,
    successfully created a Centre of Competence ("Leadhouse")
    * Provided expert advice on and reviewed existing contracts, developed phasing out priorities and
    activities with application owners
    * Set-up, lead and managed a team of external license experts, representatives of Oracle's License
    Management Services (LMS) and experts from the central LM Tool manufacturer (Aspera) to identify
    and agree the required data attributes in order to regularly generate valid, meaningful and
    acceptable Oracle License Balances, and compliance and risk reports
    * Created the Oracle group license balance for DTAG; evaluated results for compliance and level of
    risk, and proposed follow-up activities to the Group License Manager, Division License Managers,
    and Executive Management teams
    * Managed 3rd party supplier Oracle, lead team during contract negotiations with Oracle of the
    International Frame Agreement for DTAG, applicable across the group world-wide; generated savings
    of up to 50% for some of the international subsidiaries

  • 07/2007 - 06/2010

    • T-Mobile
  • Strategic Business Unit License Manager
  • Bonn, Germany
    Promoted to Strategic Business Unit (SBU) License Manager to lead the rollout and implementation of
    an effective Software Asset Management within the SBU's 5 core countries (Austria, Czechoslovakia,
    Germany, Netherlands, and United Kingdom); represented the SBU's interests within the central
    Corporate License Management initiative; reported functionally to DTAG's Group License Manager;
    leading a virtual team of up to six local License Managers.

  • 05/2006 - 06/2007

    • T-Mobile Germany
  • Head of Service Performance Control
  • Appointed to set up a new central business Function as part of the IT Service Management
    implementation across the T-Mobile organisation; a direct report of the EVP ITSM and integral part
    of his Leadership Team; my budget responsibility was EUR 10+ Mio.
    I successfully managed the transition to ITSM, and established a central analysis, performance and
    quality control as well as financial planning and reporting function for the international legal
    entities; successfully manged internal / external service providers working closely with Finance,
    Procurement and HR in the area of Resource Management.

  • 08/2003 - 04/2006

    • TMO UK
  • Head of PMO, European IT Operations and Support
  • Brought in as an external consultant to set-up and establish an international Project Management
    Office for IT Operations; was a direct report of EVP "European IT Operations & Support" and part of
    his Leadership Team; my central budget responsibility was for EUR 7.5 Mio. I successfully
    established the international PMO across the 5 core legal entities of T-Mobile (A, CZ, D, NL, UK);
    built, coached and successfully led a virtual multi-side, cross-functional team of up to 15 central
    and local PMs. Offered 6 months extension.
    * Defined the PMO's strategic framework and scope, incl. organisation, governance, standardised
    processes and procedures (incl. Risk, Issue & Document Management, Change Control), PM
    methodology, project reporting; 3rd party Supplier Management
    * Introduced Business Cases; program / portfolio management, resource optimisation & financial
    management; carried out project audits; improved project delivery quality & timelines;
    successfully drove key projects in line with the functional Unit's key objectives
    * Introduced central budget planning & control of international activities, incl. internal cost
    allocation and activity-based costing in line with corporate policy; managed project pipeline,
    resource planning and forecasting to utilise the scares resources most effectively
    * Successfully built, coached and lead a virtual multi-side and cross-functional team of up to 15
    PMs, across 5 countries.

  • 03/2003 - 08/2003

    • Airbus Deutschland GmbH (EADS Corporation)
  • PM Consultant
  • Germany
    External contractor hired to assist the Head of "Customisation & Configuration Management" (part of
    the Division "Pneumatic and Cabin Systems", for the A380) to set up a PMO for his department. I
    successfully completed "Health Check" on existing planning methods, standards and associated
    processes; aligned integrated planning and reporting with central PMO (Lyon) requirements and made
    recommendations to Senior Management. I did not accept an extension of the contract for a further 6

  • 04/2002 - 11/2002

    • H3G Austria
  • Business Process Implementation (BPI) Manager
  • Austria
    External contractor, one of 10 Business Process Implementation Managers responsible for the E2E
    implementation of the business processes, in Austria. I successfully carried out concurrently the
    roles of "Liaison Contact" between Austria, Sweden and UK as well as BPI Manager for CRM business
    processes. Previously accepted a 1 month extension, but declined an offer of a further 3 months.

  • 01/2001 - 11/2001

    • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Management Consultant / PGM
  • and London, UK
    External consultant initially hired to support the VP / IT Manager and to take on the operational
    management for one of the banks 180 strategic B2B e-Commerce products. Customer changed strategic
    external partner responsible for the portal's framework development and H/w platform, and I was
    assigned the additional role of Product Migration Manager. Successfully carried out the operational
    management for the portal, and managed a cross-functional pan-European team (up to 80) of web
    developers and consultants, across Frankfurt and London. Previously accepted a 4 months extension;
    project stopped due to bank's internal review of all B2B portals.

  • 11/1999 - 12/2000

    • Dresdner Bank AG
  • Management Consultant / Sen. Project Manager
  • Frankfurt, Germany
    Part of a small team of external consultants developing strategic business procedures to facilitate
    a significant change in the way the bank manages internal requirements of future IT and non-IT
    projects; direct report of the Head of Standards & Processes, and successfully introduced management
    processes which measure a project's success on the customer's view rather than IT results.. Having
    previously accepted a 6 months extension, I subsequently declined the offer of a further 6 months

  • 01/1999 - 08/1999

    • E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co KG
  • Interim Manager / IT Ops Manager
  • Düsseldorf, Germany
    External consultant and direct report of the EVP Operations; hired as Interim IT Ops Manager
    responsible for all the day-to-day IT Services to the business, serving in excess of 3,500 users
    across the organisation throughout Germany with a budget responsibility of EUR 20+ Mio, managing
    100+ staff across 6 teams and 2 data centres. Successfully managed 2 recover projects, initiated /
    managed the design and implementation a central IT Asset repository; defined / implemented
    organisational changes.
    After 3 months offered permanent role; I declined and assignment ended after successful handover to
    new permanent staff member.

  • 04/1998 - 12/1998

    • VIAG Interkom
  • Consultant / Senior Project Manager
  • Then a start-up, now fully integrated into O2 Germany. External consultant; hired as Senior PM to
    provide PM skills to various IT Operations' projects; reported to the Head of PMO. I successfully
    managed the Change Management project (i.e. from inception to implementation); lead the Print Shop
    project as the Lead Business Analyst, subsequently taking over as PM. Assigned to and key player in
    the Standards & Procedure Group; successfully defined infrastructure and logistic processes for the
    IMS division. Declined the offer of a further 6 months, having previously accepted a 3 months

  • 11/1997 - 03/1998

    • Itnet
  • Lead Business Consultant Business Process Reengineering
  • Birmingham, UK
    Appointed as Lead Business Analyst to a high profile and strategic BPR project for one of ITnet's
    outsourcing contracts; direct report of the Key Account Manager Local Government. My results lead to
    the renewal of the contract with this large Local Government client.
    Having previously accepted a 5 months extension, I subsequently declined the offer of a permanent
    position with ITnet.

  • 06/1997 - 10/1997

    • ITnet location
  • Lead Business Consultant Business Process Reengineering
  • Birmingham, UK
    Initially appointed as Lead Business Consultant to assist selling Business Transformation Services
    to an international financial service provider, to transform their Debt Collection Business
    throughout Europe; direct report of ITnet's Business Development Director. My pilot results exceeded
    the target of reducing cost by 30%, i.e. achieved 52% of actual average savings. ITnet gained the
    contract, and established a reference site within the client's organisation. After the initial month
    I accepted a 5 months extension.

  • 12/1993 - 12/1996

    • JV British Gas Global & VEW
  • Head of O&M Department
  • Leipzig, Germany
    Seconded as an Organisation & Process Consultant / Sen. Project Manager; a direct report of the MD
    Commerce and HR, functionally reported to the MDs of Marketing and Technology. Successfully
    establish / lead the department, and reviewed all business processes with the view of consolidating
    two German regional Gas Suppliers. Managed successfully all relevant projects, introduced the
    business process redevelopment of the domestic gas connections, improving provisioning of service by
    over 150% within 6 months.
    After 2 years I accepted an additional year, of the 2 years extension offered.

  • 01/1993 - 12/1993

    • British Gas South Eastern
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Appointed to assist the Regional IT Director in setting up / manage the PSO for two remote sites
    with 240+ application developers. I successfully established and managed the PSO; lead and completed
    on time and budget the "Data Centre Consolidation" project, relocating hardware platforms, deployed
    systems and applications, as well as support and maintenance staff from London to two other regions.
    This resulted in annual target savings of GBP 1 Mio for the IT department.

  • 05/1990 - 12/1992

    • British Gas South Eastern
  • Principle Analyst Programmer / Team Leader
  • Croydon, UK
    Hired as Principle Analyst Programmer to set up a Standards & and Procedure group; promoted to
    Project Team Leader managing up to 20 developers across three multi-million pound projects, a range
    of H/w platforms and production support. Parallel adopted the Change Manager role incl. planning,
    budgeting and coordinating requested application changes with the internal clients and external 3rd
    party supplier; line managed, performed staff appraisals, and successfully initiated / developed
    Change & Release procedures.

  • 01/1989 - 04/1990

    • Spargo Consulting
  • Senior IT Consultant
  • Assigned to a major division within British Telekom; develop / implement a formalised S/w Test
    Strategy and Configuration / Release Management, improving their customer billing accuracy by 35%. I
    left to take up a full-time role with British Gas South Eastern.

  • 01/1986 - 11/1988

    • BHP Pty Ltd
  • Graduate Trainee Programmer to Project Leader
  • Melbourne, Australia
    Part of a team of up to Analyst / Programmers and Business Analysts developing and maintaining the
    corporation's in-house Share Register, and provide management information to the Shares Department
    and corporation's Executive Board. I started as a graduate trainee programmer progressing to Project
    Leader for the development of all the online applications. I left to move to London, England.

  • 01/1983 - 12/1985

    • Caulfield Institute of Technology
  • Computer Operator & Tutor
  • Melbourne, Australia
    Worked part-time as Computer Operator, Duty Programmer and Tutor for the Faculty of Information
    Technology whilst an undergraduate at the Caulfield Institute of Technology (integrated into Monash
    University, in 1990).

Flexible as far as location within Europe is concerned.
Availablity within 2 - 3 weeks.