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Maksym Yesipov

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Last update: 19.10.2020

AEM Developer

Graduation: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence
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Languages: English (Limited professional)


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Java, Adobe AEM platform, SCRUM, KANBAN, JIRA, Apache Jackrabbit, CRX, JCR 1.0/2.0, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Application Servers, Apache Server (2.2/2.4), Apache Tomcat, Jetty Servlet Container, Nginx, Gradle, Maven, Virtualization, Docker, Vagrant, Web technologies, HTML, HTL, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, Handlebars, XML, XSL, XSLT, JSON, JSTL, Java Server Pages (JSP), Java Servlets, CMS, Adobe AEM/CQ, Day CQ, Git, GitHub, TortoiseSVN, Query languages, SQL, JCR-SQL2, XPath, XQuery, OSGI, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Core, Unit Testing, JUnit, Mockito, PowerMocks, IntelliJ IDEA CE, Ultimate, Web, Text Analytics, Apache Jena, B1+, online store, Hybris, Refactoring, Sightly, user management, IntelliJ, BitBucket, Jenkins

Project history

03/2019 - Present
AEM Developer
EPAM (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Multi-site online store with a wide range which runs concurrently on several platforms (AEM, Spring,
Hybris) and other third-party services.
Role: AEM Developer

Tasks performed:
* Developing new AEM components, including layouts, dialogs and clientlibs

* Refactoring existing components
* Creating and using sling models

* Creating renders using Sightly
* Developing and configuring an OSGI services

* Working with spring endpoints
* AEM user management

* Creating dispatcher rewriting conditions

* Adobe Experience Manager 6.1/6.4, IntelliJ Idea, Git (BitBucket), Vagrant, Jenkins

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