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Mainframe Systems Analyst/Developer

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  • Last update: 20.05.2020
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14 years in IT area, 10 years of experience in Mainframe on systems analysis, L3 Production Support and development, with several internal courses from technical to soft skills, including one in IBM Boulder, CO. 

At the moment I am working in a Startup, where I was the responsible by the Business Analyst and later on by supporting the application. 

On my last mainframe experience I was part of an Agile team responsible by a Data Warehouse ETL process for IBM's worldwide financial data, working remotely 70% of the period. 

Experience in PL/I, Cobol, DB2, SQL, JCL, ISPF, TSO, SDSF, TWS and general mainframe tools. 

Fluent in English, being the responsible by throwing several conference calls as the facilitator. 

Entrepreneur mindset, great skills on team work and leadership, self-learner, creative, pro active and challenge driven.
  • 08/2019 - Present

    • Safe.GO
    • < 10 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Business Analysis / CTO
  • Job role: Business Analyst / CTO

    Responsible by the Business Analysis and developers leadership. 
    Once implemented I became responsible by the customer relations and support, understanding how we could add even more value to the client and taking the application to the next level. I executed some changes on the code (written in VB.NET) as well as designed new functions to be added to our Mobile App. 
    I am developing new applications using Javascript, Html and CSS.

    In 2019 we participated in a TV Show @Sony Channel called Startup Planet, being one of the 10 finalists after going through 3 months of challenges like a high-speed acceleration and situations under high stress like:
    - 1 minute elevator pitch
    - 10 minutes Q&A session and final presentation to a juri formed by top-level CEOs and CV investors
    - Coffee with Investors:  3-hour straight pitching + Q&A session with investors and business people like Microsoft's COO

    Microsoft SQL Server, T-SQL, .NET, Microsoft Azure, Git, Javascript, Html, Css

  • 10/2017 - 08/2019

    • IBM
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Mainframe Systems Analyst/Developer
  • Project: Procurement Business Data Warehouse

    Application responsible by the ETL process of IBM's worldwide financial data, providing summarized data on DB2 tables which were used by the financial directors.
    Agile team, where I was responsible by the product's entire life cycle, since the business analysis discussing directly with the users and PO, transforming their needs into viable solutions, designing, documenting, performing requirements gathering, coding, unit and system testing and deploy to production. It was a highlycritical application, so as one of the two L3 Production Support analysts, I was responsible by performing the immediate fix as well as presenting improvement proposals in order to avoid the problem recurrence. Furthermore, I was also responsible by training the third member of the Production Support team.

    Technologies: PL/I, DB2, SQL, TSO, ISPF, SDSF, TSO, TWS, MQ, VSAM, Change Management, IBM Debug Tool for z/OS

  • 02/2017 - 09/2017

    • IBM
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Mainframe Systems Analyst
  • Project: AT&T

    Team responsible by the maintenance and improvement of Invoice System I was designated to update and redesign the system workflow using MS Visio in order to attend all the structural changes being executed on the project, which was under a migration process from Cobol/Mainframe to Java and Python on Linux

    Technologies: Cobol, MS Visio, Java, Python, Linux

  • 07/2014 - 02/2017

    • B2G Advertising Agency
    • < 10 employees
    • Marketing, PR and Design
  • Website Development
  • I was the responsible by developing websites using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP forms. I have also led a five-member team of commercial representatives, since their training until performance tracking meetings.

  • 11/2011 - 02/2015

    • IBM
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • IT Specialist
  • Project: Global Logistics

    I was the responsible by the L3 Production Support (on 24/7 Shifts) and by developing new functions on the system.
    As it was an online and highly critical system, every deploy to production was led by the responsible developer, who coordinated the SysOps team actions. Besides coding, I also created and executed test routines alongside with the American team (whose I had an on-site training in December, 2012 at IBM Boulder, CO

    Technologies: PL/I, COBOL, IMS, DB2

  • 08/2011 - 10/2011

    • IBM
    • >10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Mainframe Systems Analyst/Developer
  • Project: Itau/Unibanco

    Systems analysis and development. Preparing, executing and documenting unit test routines.
    Our project was responsible by joining both banks clients' data on a single record.

    Technologies: COBOL, DB2

  • 01/2009 - 09/2010

    • Yázigi
    • 10-50 employees
    • Other
  • Business English Teacher

  • 02/2008 - 11/2008

    • BSI C&A
    • 500-1000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Senior developer
  • Project: Migration C&A México
    Technologies: Cobol, DB2, AS400

  • 10/2007 - 02/2008

    • CPM Braxis Capgemini
    • 1000-5000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Mid-level developer
  • Project: DB2 Upgrade - Bradesco
    Technologies: Cobol, CICS, DB2, JCL

  • 03/2007 - 09/2007

    • CPM Braxis Capgemini
  • Mid-level developer
  • Project: Systems Maintenance USAA (HCL)
    Technologies: PL/I, IMS

  • 01/2006 - 03/2007

    • Tata Consultancy Services
    • 5000-10.000 employees
    • Internet and Information Technology
  • Junior developer
  • Project: ABN AMRO BANK
    Technologies: COBOL, PL/I, Natural, CICS, DB2, Adabas, SQL, JCL, VSAM, TSO, Roscoe, VisualAge

Living in Brazil and willing to relocate depending on a Visa Sponsor