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Specialist for applied Lean Management for poeple, machines and processes

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  • Last update: 07.05.2021
Profileimage by Andreas Kueckelmann Lean Management Spezialist: Strategie, Taktik, Umsetzung - mit Problemlösung und Erfolgskontrolle from Bremen
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Essentials in skills and competence
  • Recording, analyzing and diagnosing actual states, developing and implementing target states on a strategic, tactical and operational level with success monitoring
  • Increase in company performance and employee motivation
  • Sustainable improvement of relevant earnings figures
  • Establishing continuous improvement processes within the organization
  • Holistic supply chain management
  • Working and organizational methods / guidance of executives and project managers
    ◦ Project management with central and decentralized project teams
    ◦ Organizational management according to functions and value stream
    ◦ Risk management
    ◦ Leadership in a matrix organization
    ◦ Problem solving methods
    ◦ Conflict and escalation management
    ◦ Introduction and implementation of standardized work processes

more skills and competence
  • Project management with interdisciplinary and intercultural, virtual and face-to-face teams, including change management in the organization
  • Professional and disciplinary leadership
  • Training, coaching, management and moderation with specialists and managers
  • Communication, motivation and escalation
  • Lean management with integration of IT systems where indicated
  • Elaboration of goals from development to cash receipt
  • Sales & Operations Planning, as well as cascaded shop floor management
  • Order processing with production planning and control, production
  • Procurement, production, distribution, maintenance and information logistics
  • Pull systems, consignment processing and vendor-managed inventory
  • Technical change management with phase in and out control
  • Set up of production and logistics areas
  • Cross-industry project experience, e.g. automotive, aerospace, plant and mechanical engineering, medical technology
  • National and international success in German, Spanish and English speaking locations
  • Implementation of SAP and logistics projects in Germany, Mexico, USA, Switzerland and Romania
  • Set up and implementation of various production and business systems based on the Toyota Production System
  • Lean Learning Academy. Development and training of lean experts
  • SAP implementation, master template creation and international rollouts
  • Implementation of shop floor management as a management leadership tool
  • Intercultural competence: Latin America

Operational Excellence, strategic planning, Hoshin Kanri, Policy Deployment, Process- and Performance Improvement, Personnel Develeopment, Coaching, 6S, Visual Management, Shopfloor Management, Production, Order-to-cash management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Maintenance, Change Management A3, 5w, Ishikawa, Kanban, ERP, SAP, OEM
  • 01/1990 - Present

  • Technician, Manager, Director, Consultor, Business Owner, Project Manager
  • Career History


    Since 2020 Holistic Process Optimization / PROPERIM

    Trademark owner and freelance project manager


    • Creation of online seminar “Strategic planning and success assurance

    • Set up of structure for online trainings


    • Market analysis regarding alternatives to onsite project work

    • Requirement analysis regarding online activities

    • various marketing and sales activities



    2018 - 2019 Holistic Process Optimization

    Production optimization Medical Components



    • Production line split at a German site of a medical equipment manufacturer into high volume series and workshop manufacturing area considering dynamic sales & operation planning

    • Optimization of product quality, first pass yield, productivity and lead time, availability, on-time-delivery and employee motivation

    • Implementation of product value streams based on Hancho concept with balanced semi-autonomous workgroups

    • Setup ideal and future state as target condition by value stream design

    • Creation, staffing and agreeing implementation roadmap

    • Award winning results: Quarterly 10% performance improvement

    • Optimization of EBIT



    • Deployment of value stream analysis and design

    • project analysis -planning and -execution

    • Coaching of multi-national technical specialists and managers

    • Integration of logistics and planning & scheduling functions

    • Elaboration and implementation of organizational changes

    • Incorporation of support functions including customer services and supply chain management

    • Organizational and employee development


    Cooperation in planning and design of new medical equipment factory with clean room requirements

    • Elaboration of greenfield improvement opportunities

    • Design of value stream process chains with interlinked installations

    • Elaboration of clean room requirements and equipment for optimized utilization



    2017 Holistic Process Optimization / PROPERIM

    Trademark owner and freelance project manager



    • Foundation of PROPERIM brand

    • Seminar Lean 4.0 started

    • Implementation of strategic planning with design company



    • various sales and marketing activities

    • Implemantation of Hoshin Kanri and value stream analysis

    • Activities qualified, quantified and prioritized



    2016 Holistic Process Optimization / PROPERIM

    Trademark owner and freelance project manager



    • Project negotiations with pharmaceutical and aerospace companies

    • Strategic planning and operationalization in forensic company



    • various sales and marketing activities

    • Implemantation of Hoshin Kanri and value stream analysis

    • Activities qualified, quantified and prioritized



    2014 - 2015 Hillenbrand Germany Holding GmbH

    Position: Director Lean Business – Coperion Group



    • Realization of business objectives by team- and project based optimization activities

    • Elaboration and realization of an implementation roadmap for the focused areas

    • Achievement of measurable and cost effective effects

    • Ignition of a cultural change towards a learning organization

    • Intentional demand and foster of these change by management

    • Set up of Lean competence in the line organization with technicians and leaders

    • Initialization of a professional change process within the company

    • Precondition for flexible, robust and transparent processes

    • Improves awareness of the entire process at stakeholders

    • Transformation from a functional to a value stream oriented organization



    Cooperation at set up and implementation of the business strategy

    • Strategic management process

    • Implementation of policy deployment through organizational levels

    • Break down of business objectives to team level

    • Creation and realization of strategic initiatives to achieve the targets

    • Collaboration in adjustment and further development of the Hillenbrand Business System

    • Coordination of corporate requirements with the Coperion Group demands


    Set up of Lean capacities within the Coperion Group

    • Training and coaching of Lean officers in the sites

    • Coaching of technical and management level in the organization

    • Set up of a global group Lean network with regular best practice sharing


    Facilitation of process and performance improvements

    • Implementation of standardized approach for project and team based improvement activities

    • Execution of value stream analysis, elaboration and priorization of optimization potentials, creation of implementation roadmaps

    • Realization of business goals focused measures with evidence of effectiveness. Follow up of hard and soft savings

    • Implementation of visualization and KPI systems

    • Execution of situational open and under-cover coaching of management

    • Support to the organizational and mental change process






    2011 - 2013 Holistic Process Optimization

    (several well reputated consulting companies)

    Position: Freelance management consultant and interim manager


    Lean transformation with a commercial vehicle manufacturer in Germany

    • Introduction of standard work and shopfloor management

    • Optimization of master programming and forecast processes

    • Methodical support in implementing configuration management


    Lean Transformation with 1st tier automotive supplier in quality and logistics aspects in Germany and Spain

    • Creation of ideal and future state value streams with roadmap for achieving superior business goals

    • Reduction of costs of poor quality and logistics costs

    • Secure sustainablity


    Lean Transformations in automotive and packaging industry in Germany

    • Reduction of set-up and leadtime, so achieving more flexibility

    • S&OP and production planning

    • Reorganization of shipping /outbound logistics


    Business Process Modeling at a spacecraft system company in Germany

    • Implementation of software for business process modeling

    • Realization of a process map

    • Modeling of pilot processes considering of normative requirements


    Implementation of Lean production to a manufacturer of turbines for hydraulic power plants in Argentina

    • Potential analysis and priorized implementation roadmap

    • Set up of light house areas

    • Introduction and stabilization of Shopfloor Management including coaching of managers and technical specialists



    2010 – 2011 Staufen AG.


    Position: Senior Lean Consultant


    Optimization of spare parts logistics at a commercial vehicle manufacturer

    • warehouse revision and inventory reduction

    • optimization of order management processes


    Execution of a Lean warehouse project with a company of the healthcare industry in Switzerland

    • As-is-analysis and potential analysis

    • Creation of future processes including IT and physical layouts

    • Optimization of inventory level and lead time


    Training and coaching of the management and Lean experts with a manufacturer of electric devices and fasteners in Mexico

    • Lean basics workshops with 5S and visual management

    • Problem solving methods


    Cooperation in set up of logistics concepts for multi-level production

    • Creation of supply concepts with ABCxyz analysis

    • Planning of milk run implementation with supply and removal strategy



    2008 - 2010 RWD Technologien Deutschland GmbH


    Job Position: Lean Consultant


    Implementation of TPS based proprietary production system in Aerospace


    • Value stream mapping for production, logistics, development and administrative areas

    • Constraint analysis and priorization of measures

    • SWOT analysis

    • Developing, qualification, quantification and priorization of optimization opportunities

    • Preparation, guidance and execution of Kaizen workshops

    • Training and coaching of all management levels

    • Education of Subject Matter Experts in theory and on-the job training

    • Know how transfer and support to logistics outsourcing projects

    • Improvement of material and information flow, layout and visualization


    Execution of Deep Dive Analysis in optical glassfiber industry

    • Value stream analysis

    • Future state definition

    • Involvement of operators and stakeholders

    • Lean assessments


    Internal projects

    • Cross divisional Lean trainings

    • Preparation of Lean Learning Academy for Green Belt education

    • Sales support: active opportunity scanning, technical Lean specialist in client presentations, creation of client project proposals

    • Development of new business models considering client´s products and services with relation to SAP implementation projects based on Blue Ocean methodology



    2007 – 2008 TEREX Deutschland GmbH

    (Construction equipment industry)

    Job Position: Lean Promotion Director


    Set up of internal Lean organization

    • Mentoring and coaching of Lean Promotion Officers

    • Definition and training of internal Lean Experts

    • Alignment to corporate objectives


    Production projects:

    • 5S Implementation

    • Synchronization of supply areas, pre- and final assemblies to customer takt time requirements in excavator production

    • Implementation of U-cell manufacturing for hydraulic cylinders including machining, assembling, testing and packaging

    • Involvement of national and international suppliers


    Logistic projects:

    • 5S Implementation

    • Reorganization of goods receiving area

    • Layout optimization of material and vehicle flow

    • Implementation of Pull and consignment stock processes

    • Implementation of parts kitting by JIS suppliers with standardized re-usable packaging



    2005 – 2007 Hella KgaA

    (1st tier automotive supplier)

    Job position: Project Manager CLM (Corporate Logistics Management)


    • Inventory Management on corporate level

    • Re-organization of logistics processes in the mexican subsidiaries

    • Sustaining of the engineering change management with phase in/phase out

    • Appliance of Lean Management principles in the Logistics projects



    2004 – 2007 Hella KgaA

    Job position: Corporate Process Manager ECM OtD (Engineering Change Management Order-to-Delivery)


    • Responsibility for corporate creation, standardization and sustainability for engineering change management

    • Analysing of current processes with regard to added value

    • Definition of legal, branch and company specific requirements agreed with the relevant stakeholders

    • Set up and test of new streamlined processes to create a corporate policy

    • Implementation of processes using PDCA cycle including training, coaching and continuous improvement

    • Set up of ECM experts organization in all subsidiaries with process training in theory and by real cases

    • Implementation of technical networks assuring standardized best practise

    • Freight optimization with regard to material, information and value flow



    2002 - 2005 Hella KGaA and Electro Optica S.A de C.V, Mexico

    Job position: Project Manager SHARP (Standardization and harmonization of

    processes by SAP)


    • Cooperation with master/template creation aligned to streamlined best practise processes including business process reorganization

    • Cooperation with SAP-implementation in pilot plant (“process attorney”)

    • Project lead for rollout of SAP-implementation in the mexican plants

    • Set up and establishing SAP-key-users in their working areas

    • Sub project lead for the ECM-module in all national and international rollouts



    1999 - 2002 Hella KG Hueck & Co

    Job position: Kaizen Manager & Founder VBM Verbesserungsmanagement/

    Continuous improvement management


    • Starting with Lean Production/Kaizen with international consulting company within a pilot area of headlamp production

    • Continuous scope extension and rollout activities to the entire plant and to the supply chain

    • Rollout to other national and international plants

    • Lean education of high potential executive trainees

    • Creation of external centralized packaging department and transfer packaging processes out of production

    • Concept and execution of KAIZEN-workshops in production and logistics (assembly lines, pre-assembly, molding, production supply – part train and supermarket)

    • Inter-company project container management with supplier involvement

    • Mentoring of students for their diploma theses

    • Execution of Lean trainee programmes for executives



    1991 - 1999 Hella KG Hueck & Co

    Job position: Group leader production management Headlamp production OEM, OES, IAM


    • Master programming and scheduling of production

    • Allocation management

    • Disposition for internal and external material

    • Responsibility for exact Just-in-Time/Just-on-Sequence delivery to the clients

    • Set up and execution of ERP-trainings to operators

    • Process optimization for production and supply chain

    • Set-up of production management for new production location for OEM production



    1991 Kajo Chemie GmbH

    (Chemical industry)

    Job position: Purchase manager


    • Set up of professional purchase processes

    • Controlling from demand via ordering, goods receiving and staging to production supply




    1987 - 1991 Hella KG

    Job position: Production manager for dedicated headlamp production lines for

    OEM, OES and IAM clients


    • Master programming and scheduling of production

    • Allocation management

    • Disposition for internal and external material

    • Operating for exact JIT/JIS delivery to the clients



    1986 - 1987 Bundeswehr (German Army):

    Job Position: Lance Corporal (Obergefreiter im Stabsdienst)


    • Basic military service



    1983 - 1986 Westfälische Metall Industrie KG (Hella)

    (1st tier automotive supplier)

    Job position: Purchaser manager customs clearance and foreign payment processes


    • Customs clearance and special customs procedures

    • Special tax procedures

    Execution of foreign payment processes with letter of credits/collection procedure


International deployment possible, preferable german-, spanish, english speaking countries