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Last update: 04.03.2021

Flutter mobile developer

Graduation: SPBSTU, Applied Informatics, bachelor
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Languages: English (Limited professional) | Russian (Native or Bilingual)




I am working as a mobile developer using Flutter framework. I also dealing with Dart, Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, Oracle Sql. I have commercial experience with Flutter for 2 years also in programming of native components on Swift/Kotlin. I am ready to work in Saint-Petersburg in employee’s office or distant work in any region if it is possible.
Specialize in developing cross-platform applications in Flutter. I realized several projects for 2 years of commercial experience. I use reactive approach (DartRx) to create an application. I base applications on BLoC or VIPER architectures and use Clean Architecture principles. Also I was developing native components on Swift/ Kotlin. I also have an experience of working with serverless services such as Firebase (for cloud functions used Node.js) and Yandex Cloud.
Flutter Junior Developer, InstaDev, Saint-Petersburg — 2019, April — 2020, April.
Flutter Middle Developer, Сигма IT, Saint-Petersburg — 2020, April — 2020, July.
Flutter Middle Developer,  ООО "Стрим" (MTS) — 2020, July — in present.

    Description: Ecosystem application МТС company.
    Stack: Flutter, Dart, VIPER architecture, Provider, RxDart, Rest Api, Firebase services.
    Google Play: id=com.goodok.mts&hl=ru
    App Store:мтс-goodok/id904601384
  • Sudogodsky water
    Description: Store to ordering water.
    Stack: Flutter, Dart, RxDart, BLoC, Firebase authentication, Firebase crashlytics, REST Api, Firebase cloud messaging.
    Google Play: id=com.instadev.sudogodskaya_voda&hl=ru
    App Store:судогодская-вода/id1476957603
  • Quarrels
    Description: Social application aimed at resolving quarrels between people. The project is frozen.
    Stack: Flutter, Dart, RxDart, BLoC, Firebase cloud firestore, Firebase authentication, Firebase crashlytics, Firebase cloud messaging.
  • BigWood
    Description: Application for the ski resort.
    Stack: Flutter, Dart, RxDart, BLoC, Provider, REST Api.
    Google Play: App Store:
  • Polytech map
    Description: Application of the University campus map showing and university places. Not published.
    Stack: Flutter, Dart, RxDart, REST Api, Google Maps.
  • Dubbed scenario
    Description: Sports app for creating training scenarios. To launch the script every step of the scenario is sounded after the set time. App made for personal use. Stack: Flutter, Dart, RxDart, BLoC, Provider, REST Api, TTS (Text to speech).
  • LKR
    Description: Personal account of an employee of MOESK. Access for corporate use only.
    Stack: Flutter, Dart, RxDart, BLoC, Provider, Rest Api.
  • Fleet cards
    Description: Logistics application for issuing fuel cards to drivers.
    Stack: Flutter, Dart, RxDart, BLoC, Provider, Firebase crashlytics, REST Api, Google Maps, One signal push.
    Google Play: id=com.instadev.fleet_cards&hl=ru
    App Store:

Education: Saint Petersburg Polytechnical University, Institute of Computer Science, bachelor, year of beginning education — 2017. Incomplete higher education - 3 years out of 4.

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