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Christopher Chukwurah


Last update: 06.09.2022

System Operations Manager, Database Administrator, Database Administrator (I.T Unit)

Graduation: BSc. mathematics and computer-science ,Oracle Certified Professional
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


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Project history

01/2018 - Present
full stack developer
infotech farmhouse (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Develop web applications
manage nosql databases

11/2011 - 12/2018
System Operations Manager

* Review and pass database changes on SQL
* SQL server installation, configuration and administration
Ensuring high quality delivery and providing excellent levels of communications
at all times..
* Use of T-SQL, programming in Storing Procedure and, creating tables
* Developing databases in SQL Server and MS Access
* Oracle Database Backup
* Oracle Database SQL, PL/SQL for developing application form
* Oracle Database Performance tuning
* Configuring and integration of business intelligence packages with JD Edwards
* Formulate and Monitor security architecture and design.
* Supervising Datacentre maintenance
* Updating and maintenance of I.T infrastructure database
* Virtualization of business servers

01/2007 - 10/2010
Database Administrator
Intercontinental Registrar Limited

* Establish maintain and optimize processes, procedures and standards for
the operation of effective data centre, creation and maintenance of
appropriate documentation to ensure consistency, accuracy and efficiency
of key processes.

* Actively support the business units' managers in their negotiations
about service level requirements and procurement of I.T equipment

* Operate within approved budgets to achieve the performance requirements of
the business
* Plan and manage capacity in conjunction with the IT management team,
Telecommunications and desktop services of Intercontinental Bank.
* Monitor and report on all 2003 windows server and Mysql database capacity
and performance, identifying potential constraints and problems in advance
to upgrade capacity and prevent deterioration in performance or
* Maintain server and database design in line with Information System
strategy polices, architecture and standards and the needs of the business.
* Maintain relevant server system contingency in line with application
service requirements and in conjunction with vendors.
* General I.T Support
* Installation and Networking of systems
* Internet security management
* L.A.N Security management
* Installation and maintenance of Norton Antivirus spy/malicious ware
* Backup and recovery of application database
* Liaising with vendors and service centers in respect of procurement
standard, price negotiation, warranties and repairs of servers and IT

08/2005 - 12/2006
Database Administrator (I.T Unit)
Union Registrars Limited
* Configuration of MySQL Server 2000.
* Configuration of Oracle 9i Server

* Backing up of all daily activities unto a backup storage device and take
them to Head Office of Union Bank of Nigeria (MIS) for safe keep
* Generation & Printing of Reports
* Analyzing performance of database via SQL Query Analyzer.
* Implementation of Disaster recovery policy
* Trouble shooting of Workstations.
* Administration of Servers[DELL,HP]
* Administration and configuration of User profiles via Enterprise manager
* Manage Share Registration Web Application
* Configuration of connect string[ODBC] for client/Server connectivity
* Creation of database, tales and associated logical objects.

* Project Leader Event Planning Calendar Applications for ACE EVENT
* Project leader Marketing insight and metrix Plugin for Ecommerce
* Project Engineer at WILD FUSION,Networking and point to point
* Project member implementation and development intercontinental
registrars IT security policy and IT business continuity plan
* Project member development and implementation of intercontinental
registrars L.A.N
* Team member implementation of Finacle Banking Application Abeokuta
Branch (Ogun State)
* Project member implementation E-stock share registration web
application[back end-ORACLE RDBMS]
* Project member design and development of voganworld website[
* Project member implementation of Staff Easy Payroll at IROKO Capital
* Project member implementation and integration of Union Registrars
W.A.N for regional branches
* Project member implementation of development of IT procurement
standards for intercontinental registrars
* Project member implementation and development of intercontinental
registrar disaster recovery policies
* Project member implementation of E-das share registration mandate
application server[back end-ORACLE RDBMS]
* Project member implementation of regimage share registration mandate
application server[back end ORACLE RDBMS]
* Project member Development of validation protocol for JD Edwards ERP
solution for (Evans Medical WHO GMP certification.)
* Project leader development of standard operating procedure (SOP) for
I.T department Evansmedical plc
* Project leader implementation of 5kva inverter at Evansmedical plc.
* Project leader implementation of field force web

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Profileimage by Christopher Chukwurah System Operations Manager, Database Administrator, Database Administrator (I.T Unit) from Lagos System Operations Manager, Database Administrator, Database Administrator (I.T Unit)