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Salaried Consultant, Software Developer, Developer, Developer

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DotNet Core, CICD, Azure, AngularJs, APIs, SOAP, API, C#, C++, Net, Java, ASP.NET, HTML, T-SQL, SQL SERVER, SSIS, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Tableau, HL7, Mirth, Dotnetcore, restful, angular, Microservice architecture, coding, design patterns, frontend, continuous integration, Power BI, scrum master, agile methodology framework, CMS, VB.NET, ASP..NET, web application, parameterized, WCF, SOA, Web Services, user interface, Datatables, entity framework, data retrieval, stored procedures, Excel, CSV, PDF formats, server side, bugs, athenahealth, cloud, Javascript Developer, SSRS, XML, ETL DTS Packages, SSIS Packages, EHR, SaaS, scrum team, SQL Servers, database, client/server, n-tier, perforce, HTML5, CSS3, software tool, EMR, Team Foundation Server, source control, Android, SharePoint, VB6, macros, MS Excel, Microsoft XP, Windows 7, databases, rendering, Visual studio, Crystal reports, SQL Server Business Intelligence studio, Application development

Project history

06/2017 - 06/2020
Healtchare Developer (50-250 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

Full Stack Software Engineer , Dotnetcore, Azure, Sql Server, AngularJs, dynamics 365, Salesforce

  • Designing and building dotnet core, restful apis, and angular microservice components hosted in Azure.
  • Creating CICD pipeline in Azure.
  • Creating and consuming APIs.
  • Creating Unit Tests.
  • Working on Microservice architecture, with Azure ServiceFabric
  • Solving coding problems with numerous design patterns.
  • Developing Angular frontend web pages.
  • Leveraging Microsoft Azure for continuous integration, and application hosting.
  • Working with project managers to Estimate and complete development for our clients.
  • Building software from the ground up a replacement for for private insurance companies.
  • Create SSIS packages and working with Power BI to deliver reporting needs for out clients.
  • Working as scrum master for my team using agile methodology framework.
  • Working with CMS to create API calls and and responses.
  • Working with CMS auditors to Greenlight our product.

03/2017 - 08/2017
Salaried Consultant, Software Developer
Developed applications for various companies.
Salaried Consultant, Software Developer
Primary Languages used: C#, VB.NET, ASP..NET, SQL Server, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Javascript
Met with prospective clients to get a understanding of what they are looking for and
working through IT solutions with them.
* Create a web application serving hundreds of vendors and thousands of users to forecast,
acknowledge orders and ship parts to a manufacturing plant.
* Creating parameterized reports.
* Worked with multiple stakeholders to gather requirements and make the vision a reality.
* Developed application using ASP.NET, VB.NET, HTML, Javascript, Jquery, WCF, SQL Server, T-SQL.
* Developed and consumed WCF Services to achieve Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and
extensibility for the ability of communication between heterogeneous applications.
* Implemented Web Services to integrate the client systems using WCF.
* Implemented a rich user interface using controls such as Gridview, Datatables, and Lists to input
and view data.
* Developed the Login control, token-based authentication, administration of user with email based
validation of user.
* Utilized entity framework for data retrieval
* Developed and utilized stored procedures to query and CRUD data.
* Enabled mechanisms for exports data via Excel, CSV and PDF formats.
* Enabled validation on client and server side.
* Worked with end user testers to identify bugs and fix.
* Created barcodes and shipping labels for vendors to send parts
* Developed WCF services to enable effective communication.
* Cleaned up and optimized code for web application to clear up bottlenecks for end user that lead
to long user load times.

02/2013 - 12/2016
athenahealth (formerly RazorInsights)
Electronic cloud health records software. My team is responsible for creating new inpatient
Primary Languages used: C#, ASP..NET, SQL Server, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Javascript

* Utilized SSRS to create reports for the application in conjunction with Tableau to create
informative dashboards.
* Using HL7 and XML to integrate healthcare software and Mirth to send create integrations with
other hospital software such as prescriptions, radiology orders/results and lab orders/results..
* Design of ETL DTS Packages & SSIS Packages for integrating data and transformations provided by
* .Net, HTML, JQuery, and C# utilized for creating and maintaining EHR SaaS application..
* SQL Server used extensively for creating tables, stored procedures and reporting.
* Developed software requirements with the business as part of a scrum team .
* Designing and creating new software that is easily maintainable and extensible
* Specified, designed, created, and configured SQL Servers
* Ensured correct and optimal utilization of hardware, file systems, and physical storage on all
* Designed logical and physical database for reporting tool, generating various monthly financial &
end user reports and send them to the end users. Also generated reports in different formats such
as csv, pdf, etc.
* Design and development of client/server, web based and n-tier applications
* Utilized .net and the Microsoft stack for cloud development
* Part of a team that is offshore and in other locations in USA
* Using perforce as our revision system
* My team is one of the first teams that started working in the agile software methodology, and we
are coaching other teams on this methodology
* Working with Mirth to send create integrations with other hospital software.
* Working with vendors and the government state agencies such as the CDC to transfer health
information to their servers in real time
* Attained Meaningful Use stage 3 for our clients through developing our software, which lead to
direct positive correlation of the sales of our inpatient software
* Creating front-end user interfaces using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3
* Used SSIS to create reports
* Using RESTful to develop web services and API's for communication of data between different
* Supporting applications that the team has developed, buy prioritizing and closing bugs

Razor Insights (bought by athenahealth)
A startup that is an all in one electronic health software tool for inpatient and outpatient
clinics. This company started in 2011 and eventually sold for $40M in 2014 to athenahealth.
Primary Languages used: SSIS, SSRS, C#, VB.NET, ASP..NET, SQL Server, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Javascript
Software Engineer
* Expert at HL7, utilized Mirth and in house platform to connect to different healthcare software
systems including, Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology, Billing software systems
* Creating reports utilizing Tableau.
* Create and maintained EMR SaaS application.
* Integral part of the team (2nd on shore developer hired)
* Team Foundation Server for source control and reporting/tracking bugs and development work
* Part of an intimate team of 3 developers in the United States, we managed 60 off-shore developers
* Developed Health Level Seven software for communicating with other health IT vendors
* Developed Android app using an Agile methodology
* Attained Meaningful Use Stage 2 for hospitals through developing our software which lead to a
direct positive correlation of the sale of our software
* Developed and modified SharePoint user privileges as directed and in compliance with all standard
operating procedures
* Creating SharePoint sites for teams for increased productivity for their job functions.

05/2012 - 08/2012
Primary Languages used: SSIS, SSRS, C#, VB.NET, ASP..NET, SQL Server, JQuery, CSS, HTML, Javascript
* Developed a software requirements document for multitier application
* Developed a reporting tool for visual analysis of data
* Developed Android app using an Agile methodology
* Used Java to create applicaitons.

09/2009 - 11/2010
Intern - Developer
KSU Information Technology Administration & Project Management (ITAP)
* Create databases, and rendering views
* Create reports utilizing Visual studio, Crystal reports and SQL Server Business Intelligence
* Application development, database support and reporting for various departments
* Developed an application to help the faculty record and monitor call volume
* Aided in the "paper to paperless" project where we helped the office become office-friendly by
developing applications that would allow the office to store hard copies of paper in electronic
* Manage projects from the initial meeting with clients up until they hit production
* Assisted faculty with a wide range of information technology problems
* Held meetings with patrons to explore different options

Local Availability

Only available for the countries USA
Part time.
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