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Dênis Pereira


Last update: 08.10.2020

SAP SRM Workflow/ABAP/Webdynpro IDOC consultant

Graduation: Computer Science - SAP Certified Specialist in ABAP for HANA 2.0.
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EBP 3.0 to SRM 5.0, SRM 4.0 to, SD, MM, PP, FI, CO, IM, PS, HR, ECM, BW, EBP, SRM, CCM, Webdynpro, ABAP, SAP, SAP ERP, SOA, VIM, data transfer, R/3, ERP, IDOC, Interfaces, SAP R/3, Enterprise / SRM 4.0, SRM / Workflow, ABAP issues, SRM 5.0 / Portal 7.0, SRM 5.0, backend, bug fixes, programming, coding, IDOC / Workflow, middleware, error handling, SAP Script, functional specifications, Lotus Notes, Excel, Lotus, UNIX Shell, C, Delphi

Project history

12/2017 - 05/2019
SRM/Workflow/ABAP Consultant
* Support for incidents resolution in ECC/SRM/Abap/Webdynpro/Workflow
* Project rollout for SRM/ECC for Canada

12/2016 - 06/2017
SAP Workflow/ABAP Consultant
Inchcape UK
* PO release workflow customizing and enhancements
* Custom development of MM Invoice approval workflow - with PO
* Custom development FI Invoice approval workflow - without PO
* Custom development of Journals approval workflow
* Custom development of payment proposal approval workflow

06/2011 - 10/2012
SRM Workflow/ABAP/Webdynpro consultant
SRM 7.01 - SAP ECC 6.0
SRM Workflow/ABAP/Webdynpro consultant

* I was responsible for migration of global and customizable workflow system used in 21
countries. In this system, each country had a particular approval flow for SC approval / PO
approval. This system was initially developed in Application Controlled Workflow( BADI based )
that had to be migrated to Process Controlled Workflow( BRF based ). It started from business
blueprint until after go-live support.
* BRFs - ABAP OO developments
* Webdynpro developments
* SRM / ECC workflows maintenance/support/enhancement
* SRM / ECC interface maintenance
* Member of development team responsible for SRM upgrade project
After implementation support

05/2012 - 05/2012
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant
SRM 5.0
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant
* I developed enhancements in SC item based approval BADI Workflow
* General SRM developments( BADI checks, new screen fields, new reports, data transfer from R/3
* SRM-ERP RFC Functions maintenance

04/2011 - 05/2012
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant
SRM 7.0
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant

* I developed 6-Steps SC item based Approval Workflow for a global rollout based in BRF rules
(Process Controlled Workflow) for future rollout.
* OO ABAP Development
* SRM-ERP RFC Functions development

01/2011 - 04/2012
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant
SRM 7.0 Upgrade
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant

* I developed a SC Approval Workflow template for a global rollout
* Web Dynpro Developments
* Workflow upgrade support
OO ABAP Developments

09/2010 - 12/2010
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant
SRM 7.0 Upgrade
SRM Workflow/ABAP Consultant

* I developed several Custom Workflows development for E-Sourcing
* Created Web Dynpro Developments/Enhancements
* Web Dynpro Applications configurations
* Workflow upgrade support
* ABAP Developments

06/2010 - 08/2010
Workflow/ABAP Consultant
Workflow/ABAP Consultant

* I was responsible for audit / improve / re-design an internal E-Payables solution based in a
custom workflow. The initial solution was very complex to maintain and breakable. The
re-designed solution started from blueprint until successful go-live implementation.

12/2009 - 05/2010
Workflow / IDOC / ABAP Consultant
Impress Group
Workflow / IDOC / ABAP Consultant

* I developed custom workflows :
1. Vendor Creation
2. Customer Creation
3. Material Master

* IDOCs implementation/Developments/Extensions (Invoice, Delivery, Orders).
* General ABAP Developments( BO extensions,BADI´s user exit implementations, Enhancements, ABAP
codes )

06/2007 - 09/2009
SRM / ERP Workflow / ABAP Consultant
SAP ERP / SRM 4.0 / SUS 3.0
SRM / ERP Workflow / ABAP Consultant.

* I played functional / technical roles in SRM-ERP
* Maintained/enhanced Custom PO / SC Badi during this period
* SRM / SUS / ERP Support ( Workflow, IDOCs, XI Interfaces, ABAP code fix, notes implementation,
IDOCs support, BADI´s, user exits implementation )
* Worked in a SRM Roll-out implementation ( Sweden, Denmark )
* Developed new SRM workflows to enhance SC / PO / Contract alerts
* Worked Catalogs upload and configuration
* ERP Workflows Implementation and Enhancements( Invoice release, Purchase Order Release, Custom
workflow designs)
* Responsible for Development of custom system inside SRM to control Purchasers work in
SOCO(Assignment control by a Job dispatcher ) starting from business blueprint until
production support.
With this custom development manager was able to assign a SC to a purchaser and track all his
work until the execution the requirement( PO creation ) all automatically managed by
workflows. Purchaser receives the assignment in his inbox, requester informed by workflow who
was the purchaser responsible for the requirement. Reminder and escalation workflow. This
system includes several functionalities for Job Dispatcher.
* Developed all ABAP code related to this application.
* Responsible for several changes( ABAP / Customizing ) in SRM in order to improve the system
and fit to the customer processes.

04/2007 - 05/2007
SRM / Workflow / ABAP Team lead
SAP R/3 Enterprise / SRM 4.0
SRM / Workflow / ABAP Team lead

* Played team lead role of support team
* Responsible for work distribution and management
* Advanced Hands-on support in SRM / Workflow and ABAP issues in SRM and R/3

05/2006 - 03/2007
SRM / Workflow / ABAP Consultant
News International
SAP R/3 Enterprise / EBP 3.0 Migration - Ramp up SRM 5.0 / Portal 7.0
SRM / Workflow / ABAP Consultant

* Played functional / technical roles
* I did an evaluation of SRM 5.0. I was responsible for Migration of EBP 3.0 developments to SRM
* Worked in workflows processes revision.
* Developed several Webdynpros applications
* I was involved in IXOS invoice reader implementation project. I was responsible to develop
Invoice approval workflows and integrate it with IXOS Workflows / Reports and processes.
* I did several SRM BADI´s implementations like restrict approvers, reviews, restart workflows
after certain changes in the SC, checks in shopping cart, add new fields to SC, add search
helps, etc.

Workflow developments/implementations:

In SRM 5.0:

* SRM 5.0 Shopping cart n levels ( BADI ) approval based on the company process to determine
* User creation workflow
* Completion SC workflow
* SC Spend limit workflow
* Workflow to update Material data in SRM from R/3( Manufacturer part number ) that is not
handled by SRM 5.0
* Development of Uplift Workflow process to change an existing PO in the backend based in a
uplift SC ( When o PO does not match with the invoice )
* Developed/Migrate all ABAP Code from previous version

In R/3:

* MM / FI Invoice approval workflow in R/3
* Enhancement of Requisition release workflow
* I developed the ABAP code required for the implementation of these workflows

12/2005 - 02/2006
SAP R/3 Enterprise - Workflow/ABAP Consultant
York International
* Played functional / technical roles
* I did developments, enhancements and bug fixes in several workflows/ABAP OO codes for MM, PS
and SD:
* Enhancements / Bug fixes in Material creation/changes workflow
* Enhancements / Bug fixes in Customer creation/changes approval workflow
* I created an automatic project version generation workflow by status changes
* Automatic settlement parameters and rules creation workflow on project creation
* Developed a process for customer creation using IDOC interface with workflow integration(
Customer Approval )
* OO ABAP programming for workflow

02/2005 - 11/2005
SAP R/3 Enterprise - Workflow / ABAP / SRM Consultant
Deutsche Bank AG - Accenture
* Played functional / technical roles.
* Deutsche Bank was developing a massive non-standard workflow (More than 36 integrated
workflows with around 130 tasks) for management and approval of electronic invoices (PO, Non
PO ) received from archivelink. I was a member of workflow team responsible to design,
develop, test, implement and support a workflow global template implementation.
* Review/Design of documentation and workflow processes
* I Participated of Singapore, UK, Germany and US successful go-lives and after implementation
* OO programming for workflow

07/2004 - 11/2004
Workflow / ABAP Consultant
Antalis AG
SAP R/3 4.6
Workflow / ABAP Consultant

* Played functional / technical roles.
* I was responsible for gathering requirements, design and develop several workflows to be used
in a global template, starting from business blueprint until pilot implementation. I have also
developed ABAP coding for the custom workflow logic
* Developed Credit Management workflow
* Developed a custom workflow for Automation of Customer Creation
* Developed a custom workflow for treatment of returned orders

02/2004 - 06/2004
ABAP / ALE / IDOC / Workflow Consultant
Chrysler - Automotive
* Played functional and technical roles.
* I was responsible for gathering requirements design and develop several standard and
non-standard IDOC interfaces for SD/FI with an external system using a middleware.
* Developed several workflows for IDOC error handling.
* Workflow notification integrated with change documents for control of customer master record.
* OO programming for workflow.
* ALE for Financials Process
* ALE for Master Data synchronization

01/2003 - 09/2003
Workflow-ABAP Team Leader-BW-Portals Consultant
Eleb - Embraer Liebherr Aerospace
SAP R/3 4.6C, SAP Portals, BW Implementations.

* Played several as Workflow-ABAP-BW-Portals Consultant.
* Member of BW Implementation Team
Business Blue Print
Standard Cubes Activation( PP, SD, MM, FI, CO )
Extraction and Data Load
Designs and Developments for BW
* Lead of ABAP Development Team.
* Data load using LSMW/BAPIs/IDocs
* Implementation of workflow in ECM sub-module.
* Workflow to approve and control product modifications
* Sap Portals Support and integration with SAP and BW

09/2002 - 12/2002
Workflow/ABAP Consultant
Votorantim Paper and Pulp
* Offshore Project, R/3 4.6 Implementation for Votorantim international in Holland and USA.
* I was a team leader responsible for workflow/ABAP developments.
* Business blueprint workflows
* Workflow for MM - Purchase order release.
* Workflow for automation of material creation

06/2001 - 09/2002
ABAP Consultant
CABS Project
* Global implementation of CABS system in Deloitte Consulting.
* Team leader responsible for ABAP/ SAP Script developments.

10/2001 - 06/2002
ABAP Consultant
Votorantim Project
EBP (Enterprise Buyer Professional) project implementation.
Workflow/Abap consultant
* Played Functional and technical roles.
* I was responsible for gathering information and prepare the business blueprint of approval
* Design and creation of functional specifications
* Designed, developed and implemented non-standard workflows to achieve the client needs.
* Shopping cart approval workflow implementation
* Purchase order release workflow implementation
* Complex contract approval workflow with several levels and rules
* New ABAP Objects creation for contract approval workflow

06/2001 - 08/2001
ABAP Consultant
Intelig Project - Communications
* I developed several reports for RH module and automation of common tasks by batch inputs.

05/2000 - 06/2001
ABAP Consultant
BIS Project - Monsanto
FI/CO modules migration to 4.6
* I was responsible for the design/development of credit concession system for Monsanto in ABAP,
using RFC, OLE, technologies for integration with Lotus Notes and Excel.
* Developed interfaces to integrate SAP system and Lotus Workflow tool using RFC functions.
* Developed several reports for FI/CO modules, Enhancements for SD module and SAPscripts forms .

08/1999 - 05/2000
Abap Consultant
Plaut Consulting
* I developed ABAP solutions, reports, enhancements, standard programs improvements, SAPScripts
and dialog programming. I worked with MM, AM, SD, HR, PS, FI, CO and IM modules.

Projects in Brazil:
1. Alstom Energia
2. Atento Brasil
3. Comsat
4. Ilpisa

International Projects:

1. Atento Chile
2. Atento Guatemala
3. Atento El-Salvador

06/1996 - 08/1999
System Analyst( Team Leader ) - Sales and Distribution
Ciro Atacadista
* I coordinated a development team, responsible for sales and distribution, billing and mobile
sales automation.
* I participated in an intranet development, using Webspeed tool. I developed several solutions
in UNIX Shell, C, and Delphi.


I have 25 years of experience in systems analysis and development. 
In the last 20 years I have been working in SAP ERP projects as Workflow-EBP-SRM / ABAP / Webdynpro / ALE-IDOC Consultant. I have more than 6 full life cycle projects playing technical and functional roles, starting on Business Blueprint up to go-live and after implementation support. 
I already worked in SRM Upgrade projects EBP 3.0 to SRM 5.0, SRM 4.0 to SRM 7.x and SRM 5.0 to 7.02. I have worked in 2 SRM-Workflow migration projects from Application Controlled (BADI based) to Process Controlled (BRF based).( Reemtsma, Novartis )
I have worked in in Sales & Distribution, Consumer Business, Aerospace & Defense, Financial Services, Telecom, Pharma and Oil Industries. I am used to ASAP/Solution Manager Implementation method. During this period, I coordinated development teams in 3 projects (CABS, ELEB and Serco).  
I designed and developed solutions/enhancements for several SAP modules as: SD, MM, PP, FI, CO, IM, PS, HR, ECM, BW and EBP/SRM/CCM/CLM/SUS. 
I am used to SAPscripts, smartforms, RFCs, BAPIs, IDOCs, PI, EDI, OLE, BADI, User exits, Enhancements spots, OO (Object Oriented) programming, Webdynpro, CATT, LSMW, reports, dialog programming, direct and batch-inputs.  
I am used to handle incidents using remedy, HP and solution manager tools.
I have mobile development experience on Android/SWIFT. 
I Idealized and developed Green App -  
SAP S/4HANA/Fiori/UI5 training and prototyping at SAP Germany.
SAP Certified Specialist in ABAP for HANA 2.0.

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