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Marciano Villacorta Álvarez


Last update: 06.09.2022

Consultant, Consultant, Consultant

Company: freelance
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Native or Bilingual)


Windows NT, UNIX, BBDD SQL, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL, C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, PeopleCode, PHP, C#, HTML, XML, JavaScript (AJAX), Jsp, html5, JQuery, JAVA NetBeans, Eclipse, WebSphere Studio, NetWeaver Developer Studio (for SAP), PeopleSoft PeopleSoft 8.46 (PeopleCode), Application Engine, Component Interfaces, Weblibs, Integration Broker, SAP, NetWeaver Developer Studio 2004-2004S, Java WebDynpros, NWDI, SAP Portal Administration(Content, Users &, SAP PI, Process Monitor, ABAP IV, SAPUI5, SAP Portal, EJBs, java Web Dynpros, htmlb, KM, EJB, JPA, SAP HR, Netweaver, BAPI's programming, weblogic, CVS, Servlets, javascript, Portal, Java application under weblogic, BAPI, programming, SAP ERP, XI, JAAS, Visual Administrator, UME, JCO, WEBDYNPRO, Portal Application, Librarys, Web, Dictionary XI interfaces, R3, Http Systems, PeopleSoft, ERP, PeopleSoft 8, Single Sign On, Intranet, Linux, Postfix, OpenLDAP, Net, LDAP, WebSphere, Studio, XSL, EntireX, browsers, Tomcat, SQLServer, database, application server, VisualAge, Arquitectura Banesto, Informix, PDF, BAAN, JDeveloper, Java interface programming, IIS, VisualCafé, Java client, stored procedures, Java Application, Programming Stored Procedures

Project history

04/2016 - 10/2016
Project: Upgrade Portal Enagás
Customer: T-Systems - ENAGÁS
Technologies: SAP Portal, htmlb, java Web Dynpros, NWDI, KM.
Description: Upgrade from Portal 7.0 to 7.40
Time: 4 months
Functions: Consultant

01/2016 - 05/2016
Project: Upgrade Portal FCC
Customer: HCM Provide - FCC
Technologies: SAP Portal, java Web Dynpros.
Description: Upgrade from Portal 7.0 to 7.40
Time: 4 months
Funciones: Consultant

02/2003 - 02/2006
Project of PeopleSoft ERP
02-2003 / 02-2006
Project of PeopleSoft ERP
Customer: Banesto
Technologies: PeopleSoft 8.43 y 8.46
Project of PeopleSoft.
Development platform integration with Host - Accounting Integrity.
System of Integration (Analysis and Programming).
Single Sign On Banesto Intranet - PeopleCode Connection.
Standard PeopleSoft Modules: AP, AM, Budgets, PO-IN, Billing-AR.

Time: 3 years
Functions: Technical Consultant

11/2002 - 02/2003
Content Manager and Server Mail
University of Salamanca
Customer: University of Salamanca
Technologies: Linux, Postfix, OpenLDAP, Net.Portal for Java, JSP, Java.
Description: Portal for the University of Salamanca, integrate mail system based on high availability
PostFix. Single Sign On of all tools under LDAP.
Time: 3 months
Functions: Responsible of development of Portal.
Programming of the Java core.

02/2001 - 11/2001
T-Systems - INTA
Project: Upgrade Portales INTA
Customer: T-Systems - INTA
Technologies: SAP Portal, java Web Dynpros, NWDI.
Description: Upgrade de Portal 7.0 a 7.50
Time: 9 months
Functions: Consultant

04/1999 - 10/2000
Undersecretary of External Health
Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs
04-1999 / 10-2000
Application for the control of Travelers, Ships and Materials.
Customer: Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs, Undersecretary of External Health
Technologies: IIS, SQLServer, Java, VisualCafé.
Description: Application developed with Java client, communicating via sockets with application server, data
processing logic in stored procedures.
Time: A year and a half
Functions: Java Application, Programming Stored Procedures.

Local Availability

Only available for the countries Switzerland
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