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Darko Borojevic


Last update: 13.02.2022

Web developer - PHP, JavaScript - TypeScript, SQL

Company: Tipo IT
Graduation: Business baccalaureus - Certified web developer
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Languages: English (Full Professional)


I am a web development enthusiast skilled in using PHP frameworks like Laravel, and to lesser extent Symfony. I use JavaScript libraries like jQuery and I have a solid understanding of Vue.js and Angular frameworks. I also love using frontend CSS libraries like Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS to create responsive web templates. I understand the template hierarchy of WordPress and I can create WordPress themes out of scratch or out of existing HTML templates. I possess a very good knowledge of optimizing SQL queries and possible serverside bottlenecks caused by poor SQL statements. I decided to switch to web development as a career in late 2016. after a decision to switch jobs and learn basic web development technologies like HTML-5 and CSS-3. My base core tech stack is LAMP stack, but I learn new tools every year and I am always interested in new stacks like MEARN stack, web components, or similar.

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I am open only to fully remote roles for now.

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