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Jürgen Fey

not available until 11/01/2021

Last update: 12.08.2021

Sen. System Architect, Project Lead, Embedded/Edge, NLP/ML, Angular, UX/UI, node.js, Quarkus, Kafka

Company: Ing. Büro Jürgen Fey
Graduation: Dipl. Ing (FH) Elektrotechnik - Automatisierungstechnik
Hourly-/Daily rates: show
90 remote, 99 on site, 96 mix
Languages: German (Native or Bilingual) | English (Full Professional)


System Architect Project lead Startups Android Linux mobile REST Design nlp Speech technologies Angular Node.js Nest.js kafka Prometheus Grafana Keycloak Traefik micronaut Embedded Edge UX/UI multi modal UI Offshore Developers Ionic webrtc SIP Video conferencing Grails machine and deep learning Tensorflow tinyml Kubernetes / Docker / AWS Nextcloud Payment API OpenCV MongoDB MariaDB Computer Vision Jetson Nano Movidius Coral Jupyter InfluxDB Telegraf Kafka Streams PostgreSQL/PostGIS Fluentd fluent-bit CTO


As a Senior System Architect (Siemens ITS, BSH etc.) I have been very successful analyzing complex systems, working with stakeholders to retrieve the obvious and also hidden requirements and then come up with solutions, which are aligned between all parties with me being the catalyst and driver. Part of my work includes being the senior technical counterpart for local and also offshore development teams. I have a good track record working with development teams in India for example (multiple visits in India of cause).

UX/UI is also on of my strengths. I have learned the basics working for Vodafone Global and since those days i work with a focus on UX and UI. I offer related services (analysis, integration of standards, wireframes, briefing of visual designers). This includes the UI for embdedded/edge systems, mobile solutions in particular. I am also providing services regarding multi modal UI. Integration of speech dialog systems into existing or new embedded systems for example. Besides working on abstracted visual design tools for speech dialog solutions i was also working on completely local NLP solutions for edge devices, integrating them into more complex systems (DialogFlow, Alexa) for hybrid systems. Add cloud APIs, lip reading and the UI state machine gets complex and needs to be improved.

The third path is the system buildup for scaleable big data/data space systems based on Kafka and Pulsar with the help of Presto, Pig and Hive. Ingress your IoT data, normalize and enrich it as part of the process to support future use cases, nobody knows about today. I am currently diving into Iceberg, since it seems to be a natural next step for structrured big data.

I like to work with node.js and especially NestJS, but do also work with Spring Boot, Grails, Micronaut and Quarkus.

Docker/Kubernetes: Became part of the basic toolset s while ago.
Service Mesh: Istio-Fan

Main focus: I am helping my customers to find the best solutions. To do that i listen to the internal stakeholders, find out about the requirements (some are "obvious" and some are unknown even to all stakeholders) and propose a solution, which is the best way going forward for the customer. I act as a sparring partner to define the scope, improve and fine-tune it. 

UI/Applications, Cordova, Ionic, Angular, Android, mobile, Ionic/PWA/SPA, Live Streaming, group chat, backend, microservices, frontend, backbone, data analysis, UI, video streaming, file sharing, APIs, node.js, NestJS, Docker, Kubernetes, Nextcloud, Jitsi, Ovenmediaengine, Wowza, Kurento, OpenCV, BigBlueButton, Machine Learning, Keras, Traefik, Keycloak, Prometheus, Grafana, MongoDB, InfluxDB, AWS, S3, EC2, Server, Ubuntu, Scripting, Python, nginx, Adyen Payment API, RabbitMQ, API, REST APIs, KOA, Typescript, IoT, big data, metadata, LinkedIn, Hadoop, SQL, Spring Boot, Spring Security, SOAP, ActiveMQ, Kafka, Spark, OpenWhisk, GIS, Ontologies, DevOps, JavaScript, Java, Kibana, Wireshark, SNMP, OCIT, Cloud, protobuf/gRPC, Cassandra, Aerospike, Min.IO, Presto, Hive, Interface, ecommerce, Interfaces, RESTful, JSON, open APIs, XML, cloud storage, backup, Mashups, Data Mining, JS, HTML5 Canvas, Grails, Groovy, REST, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Linux, Tomcat, CSS, HTML5, online payment, data security, API programming, WordPress API, iOS, Apache POI, WAV, FLAC, MP3, Amazon S3, Google, IBM, transcoding, encryption, Open Source Cloud, Intellij, Studio, WebStorm, data management, system security, deep learning, gRPC, Tensorflow, System Monitoring, RPi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, ESP32, embedded Linux, OnVif, multi modal, DOM tree, NLP, Angular 9, RxJS, NgRX, Akita, Maven, CI, Webpack, UX, WebRTC, Yocto, Jupyter, Blockchain, UI/UX components, business logic, Angular, abstraction layer, CMS, Natural Language Processing, AllSeen/AllJoyn, OpenHab, Iotivity, HomeKit, NLP Technologies, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IFTTT, SmartThings, Lora, FreeRTOS, Linaro, AngularJS, Tizen, Alexa, Google Assistant, Dialogflow, MyCroft, RASA. Crank Software, embedded, Anaconda, CUDA, REST API, Room/SQlite database, RxJava, DB, Google Maps, System Design, Linux environments, GUI, Google Home, Strongloop, sensor, REST communication, Android devices, database, Android SDK, Android apps, gulp, grunt, bower, Yeoman, Java/Groovy, Grails Backend, Mysql/MongoDB, Apache, Apache Kafka, RESTful API, Wireframes, User Stories, iBeacon, BLE, Bluetooth, NFC, Google Play Services, Android Studio, Jira, Confluence, Stash, BitBucket, Android Media, Media streaming, Background Services, Theming, git, RESTful interfaces, GSON, UX Design, Phonegap, jQuery, Webkit, Android libraries, ActionbarSherlock, SVN, Gradle, GWT, HBM, WebSocket, System analysis, jQuery Mobile, Twitter Bootstrap, Webfonts, mobile application, Android framework, Client/Server, Idea/Android Studio, Embedded Control, user interface, mobile network, OMAP, CSS Design, Qt, VoIP, SIP, IMS, iPad Solution, SZ, web content, JavaScript libraries, LTE, session management, RIL, C, Radio, User Experience, Scrum, Waterfall, Codecs, Modem, Intellij Idea/Android Studio, HTML4, BONDI APIs, Windows Mobile, Symbian, C++, BONDI, JIL, WAC, HTML 4/5, W3C, app store, application framework, EMP, Prototype, OpenMoko, mobile Linux, Text Messaging, File Transfer, System architecture, Eclipse, C. C++, Lauterbach, Visio, MS Office, MS Project, RTP, RSVP, SAP, SDP, MSRP, AJAX implementations, Photoshop, Emulators, CDN, mobile devices, GUI Design, Office Tools, Cucumber, Cypress, TDD, Kubernetes, Istio, InfluxDB, TICK, Grafana, Prometheus, NestJS, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio, Quarkus

Project history

02/2021 - Present
Senior System Architect / PoCs (System Architecture, Monitoring, Big Data)
Working on various PoC implemenations for complex Smart Meter Gateway Use Cases for a company working in the Energy industry. Providing proposals for technical Infrastructures and migration paths. Developing multiple PoC solutions a a preparation step for a system wide unified rollout. Initial PoC concentrating on Logging, Events, Monitoring, Testing facilities. Logging, Event payloads, Alerting rules. Big Data, scalable Systems.

Defining System Architectures and Solutions. Technical counterpart for the development team.
  • Java, Spring Boot, Actuator, Custom Metrics, Micrometer
  • Prometheus, Grafana, Dashboard/Panel Programming, Telegraf
  • TICK Stack
  • Cucumber, Cypress, TDD
  • Kafka, InfluxDB, Postgres, TimescaleDB, Data Streaming
  • Data Warehouse, Data Spaces, Big Data
  • Kubernetes, Istio, Docker, docker-compose
  • Testing, Logging, Monitoring,
  • JSON, Edifact Data Objects
  • Angular, Micro-Frontends
  • Quarkus
  • Graylog, Instana
  • Sonarcube, Fortify
  • Whitesource
  • fluentd, fluentd bit
  • Loki
  • IoT
  • MSCONs
  • TAF (Tarifanwendungsfälle)

04/2020 - Present
CTO @ Multiple Startups (Video-Streaming, Collaboration, Online Meetings -- Fitness Business App -- Travel Organization App)
Live Streaming/Collaboration Platform, MediaJustMedia/Amadeus-Amadeus (< 10 employees)

Defining and building up a live streaming platform for concerts, conferences, group chat sessions with a self-contained ticketing system (backend, microservices and frontend).

Integrating a file/chat/collaboration system and payment backbone.

Realtime data analysis for trending topics. Setting up a scalable infrastructure. Defining and managing the UX/UI Implementation generating wireframes, user stories. Steering an offshore developer team in India for the implementation of the defined UX (Angular) and implementing parts of the backend. Connecting microservices via secure communication channels. Defining/implementing the DevOps related setup.

Implementing a WebRTC-based video/audio/data system for 1:1, 1:many, many:many. Scalable Proxy-Frontend with Traefik and Keycloak to secure API endpoints, provide necessary certificates and implement forward-authentication/authorization. Multiple ways of connectivity between frontend, other clients and the backend via REST, gRPC and GraphQL. Integrating external services for video streaming, collaboration, file sharing Implementing a video streaming pipeline with machine learning for additional services.

Working with spatial databases

Using Quarkus for the backend (migrating from nest.js
Ionic 6 for mobile apps
Angular for general UI

Key Technologies:
Microservices, REST APIs, node.js, NestJS, Docker, Kubernetes, Nextcloud, Jitsi, Ovenmediaengine, Wowza, Kurento, OpenCV, BigBlueButton, Machine Learning tools like Keras, Tensorflow2, Traefik, Keycloak, Prometheus, Grafana, MongoDB, AWS, S3, EC2, Root Server, Ubuntu, Scripting, Python, nginx, Adyen Payment API, RabbitMQ, ONVIF, rtsp, rtp, Deepstream, gstreamer, gRPC, GraphQL, REST, rtsp, rtp, Video Streaming, WebRTC, SIP, SDP, TURN, NAT, SignalWire, Asterisk, WASM. Sketch, Figma, OmniGraffle, Axure RP. Postgis, Postgres, Quarkus

10/2020 - 01/2021
Architecture&Implementation: Data Broker / IoT / Car Charging Stations
EnBW/Energybase (>10.000 employees)
Energy, water and environment

Defining and implementing a scalable architecture (PoC) to control a pooled charging station management/analysis systems - for a specific car manufacturer. Connecting external charging and grid systems via the new scalable data broker. Implementing standard and use case specific business logic. Adding (big)data lake/data space concept. Leading/driving the communication with all stakeholders to align and define the final project scope. Implementing the PoC along those lines.

Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, MQTT, Spring Boot, Quarkus, Prometheus, Grafana, Azure, InfluxDB, IEC 101/104, Spring Boot, NestJS, Test Tools

05/2020 - 06/2020
Entwickler, Node.js APIs
Deutsche Bahn (>10.000 employees)
Transport and Logistics
Project Description:
Connecting the API Endpoint for mobile clients with a range of backend APIs of various Services.
Key Technologies: REST APIs, node.js, KOA, Typescript, Docker, Kubernetes

04/2010 - 05/2020
CTO - Media Startup
Founder MusicJustMusic (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Project Description:
The main work for this project ended in December 2014 and will proceed as a small "side project"
(weekends) for on-going adaptations of new services.
Defining the complete technical infrastructure for an international portal in the music marketing
business (digital and physical distribution). Responsible for the complete IT infrastructure
including site look&feel, security, cloud computing, ecommerce etc.
Interfaces to music labels and stores using RESTful interfaces, JSON, open APIs, XML. Automating the
ecommerce area. Handling large amounts of content including cloud storage and backup. Microsite
builder, Communities, Mashups, Data Mining.
Legal setup, tax optimization, investor documentation and meetings.
Complete project management for an international team of developers and designers. Defining the JS
libraries and extensions. Defining HTML5 Canvas solutions. Doing mobile apps (Android)
Migrating from monolith to microservices

Key Technologies:
Grails, Groovy, XML, JSON, REST, Java, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, MongoDB, Linux, Tomcat, JavaScript,
Angular, node.js, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Spark, CSS, HTML5, Touch Interfaces, mobile and online payment
systems, mass data cloud computing, data security, vendor API programming, WordPress API, Android,
iOS, Tablet Systems, Media Converters, Music Fingerprinting, Apache POI, WAV, FLAC, MP3, pub, micro
formats, Red Book, Microservices.
Cloud services (Amazon S3, Google, IBM etc.), implementation of a custom media distribution
infrastructure for fast and secure media transcoding (FLAC, WAV, MP3, encryption) and distribution
based on a universal cloud storage layer. Open Source Cloud Storage Solutions. Legal aspects of
media distribution. Intellij Idea/Android Studio/WebStorm.
This project is in working mode - I am CTO/Co-Founder of this running entity without a significant
A spin-off company is currently in the buildup-phase

04/2019 - 04/2020
Senior System Architect (Traffic Management, IoT, Smart City, Big Data)
Siemens Mobility GmbH (5000-10.000 employees)
Transport and Logistics
Project Description:
Technical Architect for multiple projects and dev teams. Analyzing various protocols and related
system integration in the area of Smart Cities, Smart Sensors, IoT and Traffic
Signalling/Prediction. Defining the software architectures to connect related external systems with
the Siemens Concert/Sitraffic System.

Defining the System Architecture for a scalable Data Space environment (new IoT Infrastructure and
related universal big data analysis software layers). Defining data object ontologies and metadata
enrichment during data ingest. Defining a data driven secured data flow system.

Defining Kafka Stream/Connect components. Implementing multiple PoC variants for the central Data
Broker component based on Netflix Metacat, Lyft Amundsen, Uber Databook, AirBnB Dataportal and
LinkedIn Data Hub.

Defining Center-to-Center communication systems for international traffic management projects.
Migrating Hadoop based PoC (batch oriented) to Presto SQL solution.Working on RBAC based on Keycloak.

Regular code reviews, daily calls with dev team members to discuss "anything" - spanning a wide
range of tech stacks, code, evaluations and assessments.

Managing two different offshore developer teams in India/Pune in respect to system architecture and
all related topics (architecture, framework selection, code reviews etc.). Regular visits for F2F
workshops etc. in Pune/India.

Key Technologies:
REST APIs, Spring Boot, Spring Security, SOAP, ActiveMQ, Kafka, Spark, Pulsar, OpenWhisk, Juno,
Micronaut, GIS Technologies, Data Spaces, Ontologies, DevOps topics, ELK, Monitoring, node.js,
JavaScript, Typescript, Java, Prometheus, Kibana, Traefik, Wireshark, SNMP, OCIT, Docker,
Kubernetes, AWS, Cloud, protobuf/gRPC, Cassandra, MongoDB, Aerospike, Min.IO, Presto, Hive, IoT,
international traffic control standards like TMDD or NTCIP, Interface-Technologies, AimSun,
Vaisalla, various related technologies. IoT and Sensors. ONVIF connectivity

06/2019 - 09/2019
Architect/Implementation Security Camera
NCR Schweiz (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Project Description:
Architectural and Implementation tasks for the backend part of an intelligent security camera
system. Developing the backend server, data management, system security, cloud connection and deep
learning-based use cases.

Developing various use cases for video analysis using deep learning models.

Key Technologies:
REST APIs, protobuf, gRPC, node.js, Nest.JS, AWS, MongoDB, Tensorflow, Keras, Python, Typescript,
Docker, Kubernetes, System Monitoring, Prometheus, RPi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, ESP32, embedded Linux, IoT, 
IoT, Linux. ONVIF.

01/2019 - 03/2019
UX/UI Prototype Research (Micro Frontends etc.)
Karl Storz (1000-5000 employees)
Pharmaceuticals and medical technology
Project Description:
Evaluating and defining the new software platform approach based on embedded Linux, browser based
UI, multi modal UX. Combining multiple Angular apps in a single DOM tree. Implementing the solution
and other concepts as PoC. Briefly evaluating NLP use cases. R&D Tasks. Evaluating new technologies
for the product line.

Key Technologies:
REST APIs, Angular 7, angular-cli, node.js, reactive, single-spa, Service Registry/Discovery,
Javascript, RxJS, NgRX, Akita, Maven, CI, Webpack, UI, UX, WebRTC, Machine Learning/Deep
Learning/KI, embedded Linux, Yocto, node.js, Grails/Groovy, NLP, Tensorflow, Keras, Tensorboard,
GANs, Tensorflow.js, Python, Jupyter Notebooks, Blockchain based security.

07/2018 - 01/2019
UX/UI Angular Development
ICE Portal Migration, Deutsche Bahn (>10.000 employees)
Transport and Logistics
Project Description:
Defining the migration process and all needed UI/UX components for an existing "in train" portal to
current technologies (frontend). Implementing the migration tools, setting up the new system.
Implementing the new ICE portal based on the defined structure and Angular 6/7 from scratch based on
the rules of Atomic Design. Defining UE atoms, molecules, organisms. Implementing business logic in

Key Technologies: REST APIs, Angular6/7, angular-cli, node.js, reactive JavaScript, RxJS, NgRX, Akita, Maven, CI,
Webpack, UI, UX, Atomic Design.

12/2017 - 12/2018
Consultant/Project Lead Innovation Strategy
Bosch Siemens Haushaltgeräte (>10.000 employees)
Consumer goods and retail
Project Description:
Analysing the current trends and technologies in the Home Appliance and SmartHome markets. Market
analysis around IoT and SmartHome Connectivity with the goal to define concepts for the BSH internal
innovation network. Connecting projects inside of BSH and Bosch to improve communication and
technology exchange.
Defining and implementing PoC solutions for machine learning, deep learning and natural language
processing (NLP). Working with BOSCH Corporate Research (Renningen, Sunnyvale USA). Working on NLP
abstraction layer and related tools.
Defining potential content formats for internal, community driven content. Defining a potential CMS
for a connected device environment. Analysing add-ons like NLP (Natural Language processing),
gestures and other topics.
Demonstrating and architecting browser based App technologies and new UX approaches for embedded
solutions based on Angular and Qt 5. Defining upcoming use cases. Abstracting natural language IO
and implementing related machine learning use cases based on edge and cloud based NLP solutions like
RASA and Dialogflow. Defining complex CMS structures and a round trip ecosystem.
Defining and implementing PoCs for various technical machine learning topics. Workshops. PoCs.
Connecting People. System Architectures

Key Technologies:
Embedded Linux, IoT, Build systems, Market Research, Zephyr,, Node.js, HomeConnect,
AllSeen/AllJoyn, OpenHab, Iotivity, HomeKit, Android, iOS, NLP Technologies, (Chat)Bot Technologies,
Connected Devices, Cloud Environments, Security, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IFTTT, SmartThings, KNX,
HomeKit, OCF, Lora, Yocto, RiOT, FreeRTOS, OSTRO, Linaro, Soletta, Hybrid Apps, Embedded Chromium
(cef), embedded Linux, AngularJS, node.js, Tizen, AGL (Automotive Grade Linux), IoT, Sensors, Genivi, Yocto,
UX/UE, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Dialogflow, MyCroft, RASA. Crank Software, embedded Wizard,
touchGFX, QT. Machine/Deep Learning, Movidius, TensorFlow, Keras, Anaconda, CUDA, Movidius.
Switched from fulltime to half-time from 1.7.18.

12/2017 - 05/2018
Android Developer
Industrial Android App
Project Description: Implementing a new native Android app for an industrial customer. Optimizing the UE flow.
Key Technologies: REST API, native Android, UI, UX, Room/SQlite database, RxJava, DB sync., Google Maps.

07/2016 - 12/2017
Project Lead Embedded Strategy/UX Technologies/Future Technologies
Bosch Siemens Haushaltgeräte (>10.000 employees)
Consumer goods and retail
Analysing the current state of all platforms - developing roadmaps and requirements for the future
of connected devices. Developing Proof-of-Concept solutions (PoC). System Design and -Architectures
for connected devices. Integration into SmartHome and language processing environments, evaluating
possible Embedded Linux environments, Tizen, AGL, Genivi, MEL.

Defining potential content formats for internal, community driven content. Defining a potential CMS
for a connected device environment. Analysing add-ons like NLP (Natural Language processing) and
speech control.

Demonstrating and architecting browser based App technologies for embedded solutions based on
AngularJS and Qt 5. Defining upcoming use cases. Abstracting machine learning based natural language IO (NLP). Defining complex
CMS structures for NLP and a round trip ecosystem.

Evaluation of GUI Frameworks for entry level embedded systems. Proposing system architectures for
app eco systems, app frameworks, and integrated smart home environments.
Workshops. PoCs. Connecting People. System Architectures

Key Technologies:
Embedded Linux, IoT, Build systems, Market Research, Zephyr,, Node.js, HomeConnect,
AllSeen/AllJoyn, OpenHab, Iotivity, HomeKit, Android, iOS, NLP Technologies, (Chat)Bot Technologies,
Connected Devices, Cloud Environments, Security, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IFTTT, SmartThings, KNX,
HomeKit, OCF, Lora, Yocto, RiOT, FreeRTOS, OSTRO, Linaro, Soletta, Hybrid Apps, Embedded Chromium
(cef), embedded Linux, AngularJS, node.js, Tizen, AGL (Automotive Grade Linux), Genivi, Yocto,
UX/UE, Amazon Alexa, Google Home. Crank Software, embedded Wizard, touchGFX, Qt

12/2016 - 02/2017
Consultant/Project Lead Embedded Strategy
Project Description:
Architecting and implementing a use case for connected cars.
As the result the car brand will receive a mobile app (iOS, Android), a complete Amazon Alexa app, a
node.js driven backend and a big data analytic engine.
The project has ended and is sold.

Key Technologies: Amazon Alexa, PSA API, Node.js, AngularJS, Ionic, Strongloop, Kafka, Spark, MongoDB

07/2013 - 11/2016
CTO - Lead Developer Backend/Android Mobile Startup (Exit)
Founder Matchinguu (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Successful Exit to Verve Inc.

Project Description:
Startup. Defining the scope, use cases and the architecture for a mobile start-up company
(location/context based services, targeting advertisement). Implementation of client and server
(Dashboard) code. Implementing location based services, sensor services, power management,
background services, REST communication for Android devices.
Defining the architecture the big data analysis system to manage KPIs and "intelligent" targetting
filter scenarios etc. Defining and implementing a scalable cloud based push service and big data
analysis infrastructure.
Implementing the client and server database structure. Implementing the Android SDK, Android apps,
AngularJS based dashboard, Grails based REST API.
Leading a multi national, multi site on-site and off-shore developer team.

Key Technologies:
Android, iOS, Javascript, HTML5, AngularJS, gulp, node.js, grunt, bower, Yeoman, Cordova/Ionic,
Java/Groovy, Grails Backend, Mysql/MongoDB, Hadoop, Cassandra, Aerospike, Apache Spark, Apache
Kafka, RESTful API, Wireframes, User Stories, CSS, Touch Interfaces, Touch UE Design, iBeacon, BLE,
WLAN, Bluetooth, Sensors, NFC, ARM, embedded Linux. RxJava on Android, Google Play Services, native
Android, statistics. Various Cloud environments and Push services, Intellij Idea. WebStorm and
Android Studio. Jira, Confluence, Stash, BitBucket. IoT and Sensors.

10/2014 - 02/2015
Android Developer
Hirschmann Car (10-50 employees)
Automotive and vehicle construction
Extending/finalizing an Android app for an in-car Entertainment solution.

Key Technologies:
Android, Media streaming, Background Services, XML, Notifications, Power Management.
Tablet/Smartphone layout rewrites, adaptations and optimizations. Device specific fixes. Custom
Theming. Wireframes. IntelliJ Idea, git, embedded.

09/2011 - 08/2012
GWT Specialist
Project Description:
Developing and implementing the touch UE for an industrial system based on GWT and browser based
technologies. Defining and building up the general System Architecture for the Client, Documentation
based an message events, custom UI Widgets and WebSocket communications.
Managing the UI definition process (System analysis, defining Requirements, producing the
Wireframes, briefing visual design teams, refining wireframes and visuals, implementing final visual

Key Technologies:
Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, GWT, Java, Wireframes, CSS, less (CSS), Twitter Bootstrap,
Touch Interfaces, Touch UE Design, Webfonts, Webkit, Node.js, Web Sockets. IntelliJ Idea, WebStorm.
Demo can be seen here:

06/2011 - 08/2011
Android Developer
Developing the future architecture for a platform-independent mobile application suite. Taking over
the further development of an existing Android system analysis application. Customizing this
application. Extending a market research application, which gathers all the available information
about activities on the phone of Market research Panel users for market research analysis.

Key Technologies:

Android, Android framework, Client/Server, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, HTML5, Python, GWT,
Java, Wireframes, CSS, Touch Interfaces. Intellij Idea/Android Studio.

09/2009 - 10/2010
Consultant/Developer Android
Telekom (>10.000 employees)
Project Description:
Technical consultancy and workshops regarding Android, general mobile platforms, appstores and
browser based applications. Discussing and developing solutions with the Scrum team.
VoIP feasibility study based on native applications and browser based frameworks.

Key Technologies: WebKit, Javascript, Android, GWT, jQuery, CSS, HTML4, HTML5

02/2010 - 09/2010
Mobile Platform System Design Architect
ST-Ericsson (>10.000 employees)
Project Description:
Designing a new VoIP-based communication suite for Android handsets based on LTE (transport) and IMS
(media session management) as the lead system design architect (technical project management).
Defining the system design for the application CPU (not the transport layer) including RIL and the
general app design (wireframes, technical architecture etc.) for VoIP and Video calls.
Integrating into Android address book and other native apps. Android, Java, C, LTE, IMS, Radio, RIL,
Android telephony, UX (User Experience). Working in an international and mixed Agile/Scrum vs.
classic Waterfall environment.
This project has migrated to VoLTE on IMS.

Key Technologies: Android, RIL, Linux, Codecs, LTE, IMS, Wireframes, GWT, Modem, Scrum. Intellij Idea/Android Studio.

10/2008 - 03/2010
Consultant/Developer OMTP API Development
OMTP BONDI (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Project Description:
Driving the OMTP BONDI standard for browser based applications. Defining new requirements and
specifications for BONDI APIs. Driving native ports. Implementing selected APIs. Defining technical
architectures for potential ports. Face2 Face meetings, phone conferences.

Key Technologies: WebKit, Javascript, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Javascript, C, C++, Java, BONDI, JIL, WAC,
HTML 4/5, W3C

01/2008 - 02/2010
Mobile Platform Prototype Architect/Developer
Ericsson Prototype Unit (>10.000 employees)
Developing a completely new browser based application framework including the UE concept for
platform independent browser based applications. Definition of a mobile platform, all interfaces to
a real mobile platform (LTE, EMP), inter application communication, fundamental Widgets and User
Experience. Definition of important use cases for proof-of-concept work. WebKit work.
Implementation under various platforms including Android.

Key Technologies: WebKit, GWT, jQuery, EMP, Java, Javascript, Prototype, Android, OpenMoko, OMAP, mobile Linux etc.
Intellij Idea

07/2006 - 01/2008
Mobile Platform Prototype Architect/Developer
Ericsson Prototype Unit (>10.000 employees)
Ericsson Prototype Unit (Nuremberg)

Project Description:
Developing and improving of a prototype design for multimedia services as part of the Ericsson
Mobile Platform (EMP). Integration of the prototype description and design into existing platforms.
Developing new services based on SIP/IMS-Frameworks and EMP (Audio, Video, Text Messaging, File
Transfer, Whiteboarding). Testing. Integration of the new services into the platform as well as
other applications. System design, System architecture, International standard requirements.
Defining the complete UE (GUI/User Experience) of the new application suite including wireframes,
screens (managing external graphics department) and defining the system requirements along the way.
Concepts for future applications based on LTE/WiMax/HSPAe
Concepts for new UE based on browser based applications, mobile Linux

Key Technologies:
Eclipse, C. C++, Lauterbach Trace, diverse Platform-Tools, Visio, MS Office, MS Project, diverse
Emulatoren. Standards: SIP, RTP, IMS, RSVP, SAP, SDP, MSRP, Asterisk, MobileTV,
Mobile Linux, Android, Webkit

04/2006 - 07/2006
UE Specalist
Sony NetServices
Internet and Information Technology
Developing, adapting and optimizing of UI flows for a "Streaming Music"-application for mobile
devices and desktop PCs. Improving the existing infrastructure based on the user experience view.
Useability Tests, Analyzing the UE.

Developing a new solution for Podcasts, Download-Manager etc. Analyzing potential AJAX

Key Technologies:
Visio, Symbian Tools, MS Office, MS Project, Photoshop, Emulators, Storage and general content
delivery network (CDN) solutions from Akamei etc.

03/2005 - 12/2005
User Experience Implementation Manager
Vodafone Global (>10.000 employees)
Vodafone Global, Duesseldorf

User Experience Manager for a large international mobile operator.
Organisation/Management/Optimisation/Implementing of menu structures, the Look&Feel etc. based on
the operator specifications for mobile devices. Managing devices from different vendors.
Practical solutions and implementation of new services. Organisation and managing/running of device
tests, fault reports/calls.
Application Flows, Adaption, Project management, Industrial Design. GUI Design and Optimisation.
GUI/HMI/CHI Interface Design, Implementing, Consulting, Mockups.
This project includes services like MobileTV, streaming Music, PTT, IM.
Additional activities like technical presentations covering mobile system platforms or explaining
upcoming trends in the mobile industry.

Key Technologies: Office Tools, MS Project, Visio, div. Tools for mobile Applications

Time and spatial flexibility

I have been working on-site internationally and in various places in Germany (Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Nuremberg, Fulda, Darmstadt, Traunreut, Munich). I have been living in the Bay Area for a while too. For some of my projects i have been visiting various places in India, the Carribean and most european countries. 

Would prefer the Munich area but Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Berlin are fine too.

Austria/Switzerland: Depends heavily on the daily rate since i am usually booked long-term locally/remote


I am - on purpose - crossing the lines in my projects from time to time. I am working on topics like UX/UI to System Architect and machine Learning but also focusing on Kafka/Pulsar for a project and then moving on to/back to Android or Embedded and Edge devices.

Why is that?

I was recently working as a Senior System Architect steering and helping the dev team with up to 50 developers (Pune/India for Siemens ITS for example) for a Smart City/Traffic Control/IoT project recently. My project history helped me big time to help the team, to provide a lot of know how transfer (how to build APIs, how to build a scalable big data system etc.) and to steer a bunch of initially unexperienced developers to form a powerful team during the time. All of the projects and work i did before was very helpful enabling me to steer such a wild offshore team.

Now i am working as CTO for a startup defining the technical architecture but also working as a developer. Before that i helped a large company to define the UI technology for its embedded solutions (doing a shootout between four competing candidates - implementing the same UI flow to be able to compare) and also worked on potential use cases for machine learning for variouis use cases. I implemented a edge based NLP solution, worked on a abstracted system for define and manage voice UI dialog systems. Before that i defined the system architecture and the Android app for my mobile context based ad startup (succesfull Exit to Verve Inc.). 

Why all those different paths? Well, they are all connected. Without a good UX/UI any product looses and "eats" unnecessary user time. Voice is just another UI component but most UI designers do not understand the implecations for multi mdal scenarios. The embedded platforms have not been developed to support multiple UI states. The backend need to be scalable to be able to retrieve the data from millions of mobile devices and IoT sensors. The backend technolopy for these kind of use cases changed  quite a bit. From JPA to Kafka to Pulsar to OpenWhisk etc. From in-House development to open source solutions like the activities from SODA foundation for example. 

The technologies change fast these days. It is good to understand the basic components first hand from different angles to be able to support my customers as good as possible.

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