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Last update: 06.09.2022

Devops and AWS Developer

Graduation: BS Computer Science
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Hi, My name is Muhammad Zeeshan. I'm Devops and AWS Certified Engineer having 1+ years of experience in the industry. My strengths lie within automating stuff, and creating the efficient CI/CD environment for a better, faster, and more reliable software features delivery. My daily work tasks starts from writing Infrastructure as a Code, creating/managing Kubernetes Clusters, creating CI/CD environments using Jenkins, and finally ensure the software is delivered in the right way.

Tools/Cloud Providers/Languages I've used during my work experience:
- Bash Shell Scripting, Python, Ruby, Go, Nodejs
- Ansible, Terraform
- CI/CD using Jenkins, GitLab and AWS pipeline
- Docker, Kubernetes, Helm
- Grafana, Prometheus
- AWS (EC2, S3, ELB, High Availability Architecture , EBS, Beanstalk, Security Groups, Route53, Cloud Front, (CDN) , RDS VPC, Cloud watch, Autoscalling)

Project history

09/2022 - Present
DevOps Engineer
Easy2Employ (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
This project is to create multiple CloudFront distributions with S3 for static web hosting. LightSail for WordPress hosting, EC2 Instance for dynamic content and mongoDB. Created multiple AWS CodePipelines for CloudFront-S3 and EC2 deployment, manage and maintain nginx web server to handle huge traffic load, maintaining and managing multiple DNS records and certificates including ACM and letsencrypt.

04/2022 - Present
DevOps / Big data Engineer
Dealermeter (< 10 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
This project is to handle big data and store in database after transformation, Multiple Lambda Functions coded in python attached with Event-bridge deployed using AWS SAM to execute code and save CSV in S3. For long-running processes auto-start/stop EC2 instance on business days execute scripts and save CSV result in S3. Used Glue Crawler for visualizing schema and Athena for table from S3 CSV files. Coded to filter relevant data from raw CSV files stored in S3, ECS-Fargate to process GBs of data and store in RDS, for small data files multiple Lambda Functions in Step function to filter data, store result in RDS and parquet it. Created API-Gateway and Lambda to expose RDS data on API endpoint, mapped API with Route53 domain and Quicksight setup for client for business analyst.

02/2021 - Present
DevOps Engineer
Northbay Solutions (250-500 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Worked with Amazon Web Services as AWS DevOps Engineer.

***** Main Responsibilities *****

• Building and maintaining the Infrastructure as Code using Terraform and AWS CloudFormation.
• Keeping the availability of Infrastructure high by building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines and automate deployments using Jenkins, AWS CodePipelines.
• Maintain source code repositories and Git workflows using revision control tools i.e Github, BitBucket, AWS CodeCommit.
• Maintaining the flows of microservices using AWS Lambdas and Docker, Artifactory (AWS ECR, Nexus).
• Worked with containerization and orchestration of microservices applications using Kubernetes on AWS EKS and deployment of services using Helm Chart.
• Constructed logging and monitoring system using AWS CloudWatch to build dashboards for metrics and logs of servers and applications using SumoLogic.
• Maintain and guarantee high availability and scalable applications using AWS AutoScaling Groups and AWS Load Balancers with DNS host mapping using AWS Route53 HostedZone and RecordSet.
• Configure multi-accounts application deployments using cross-account IAM Role methodology.
• Optimizing and tune the developer’s setups and configurations to gain the possible maximum of speed at the lowest possible costs.
• Analyze and solve deployment and infrastructure issues while improving the stability of cloud environments using modernize processes.
• With strong analytical and problem skills, worked with international clients with diverse one team model.
• Worked in agile/iterative methodologies using Jira, Miro Board and Slack.

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