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Last update: 12.08.2020

SAP ABAP-OO Entwickler, SAP FSCM Berater

Company: SVET Consultancy BV
Graduation: Engineer Informatics, (HIO) IHBO Eindhoven
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Remote: 88. Kundenstandort: 88 plus Reisekosten und Übernachtungskosten
Languages: German (Limited professional) | English (Full Professional) | French (Elementary) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual)


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SAP Consultant 22,5 Jahre:
  • Entwickler:
    • Techniken: ABAP-OO, BAPI, BADI, ALE-IDoc, ALV, PU12, Interface Toolbox, MigrationPack, Interfacing, LSMW, data conversion, Dialogue programming, Script, SmartForms, WebDynpro.
    • Modulen: FSCM(CR, DM, CM), HR (PA, OM, ESS, MSS, CATS, TEM), FI/CO, SD, CS, MM, PM, RM for PS, BW, SEM-BPS, SEM-BCS, IS-CD, SAP Hybris CI.
    • Projektwerkzeuge: ChaRM, Jira, DevOps, Scrum, Agile, Solman, ServiceNow, 
  • Berater: FSCM Credit Management, Migration HR, PM
  • Team Leiter, Coach
Mainframe Entwickler, PC-Entwickler, Pre-sales consultant 13,5 Jahre:
  • IDMS, IMS, DB2, ADS/O, Cobol CICS, PC software, network, Cobol, I-Case tools
Schulungen und Kurse:
  • Engineer Informatics, (HIO) IHBO Eindhoven
  • SAP NetWeaver ABAP Workbench 2003 certified
  • SAP ABAP Kurse, SAP IS-CD  und  SAP BW Kurs
  • Agile Essentials (Cibit), certified by Agile Foundation
  • SAP HANA HA300 Kurs 
  • SAP Fiori overview: Design, Develop and Deploy (OpenSAP)
  • Developing Web Apps with SAPUI5 (OpenSAP)
  • Mehrere andere kleine Kurse

Project history

02/2020 - 07/2020
ABAP-OO Entwicklung
Covetrus (5000-10.000 employees)
Consumer goods and retail
Optimization existing FMD (Falsified Medicine Directive) notification messaging system

12/2017 - 02/2020
FSCM Beratung, ABAP-OO Entwicklung OTC Wholesale
PVH Europe (>10.000 employees)
Consumer goods and retail
FSCM beratung: Improve credit check proces to optimize Warehouse efficiency
ABAP-OO Entwicklung OTC Wholesale: Scrum team member solving issues and new functionality

07/2019 - 12/2019
FSCM Beratung, ABAP-OO Entwicklung
Philips Healthtech (>10.000 employees)
Disentanglement of an existing FSCM DM / CM implementation and FI-AR implementation and change it in a multi system solution.
- Analyse how to split up custom code
- Build Trusted RFC's to execute processes on another system

04/2018 - 02/2019
Senior Consultant SEM-BCS (functional / technical)
Philips Healthtech (>10.000 employees)
The ISA (Intra Service Agreements) system handles the charging of Counterclaims, Technical Licenses and Brand Fee to Philips Entrepreneur companies. An American Holding needed to be implemented for charging American Philips entrepreneurs:
- Blueprinting, customizing ISA tables, build steering table maintenance program
- Designed and built changes to implement the new holding entity, support Group Tax department.

08/2017 - 12/2017
Senior ABAP developer
BCD Travel (>10.000 employees)
Developing in a SAP Hybris project, mainly CI (Convergent Billing) and BW backend.

02/2016 - 04/2017
Senior Technical Consultant FSCM / BW / SEM-BCS
Philips Lighting / Signify (>10.000 employees)
Gemini Day_2 project (split-up Philips in 2 companies): Design, building and testing the physical separation and adjustment of existing FSCM system and BW / SEM-BCS systems.

02/2013 - 01/2016
Tech Lead SAP Development
Philips (>10.000 employees)
Responsible for quality of products developed by offshore suppliers.
Project: Enhance 14 different SAP kernel systems for SEPA compliancy(Agile, scrum)

10/2010 - 01/2016
Senior Technical Consultant FSCM / BW / SEM-BCS
Philips (>10.000 employees)
Gemini Day_1 project (split-up Philips in 2 companies): Design, building and testing the logical separation and adjustment of existing FSCM system and BW / SEM-BCS systems. 

FSCM implementation (new central system for Credit Management, highly customized):
- Adjusted / enhanced inbound interfaces of delivering  kernel systems (via PI  / XML).
- Adjusted / enhanced Business Partner dialog screens
- Designed / built various ALV reports and programs to support the credit management process
- Designed / built report to compare Credit Management data of kernel systems with data in FSCM
- Designed / built programs to (partially) automatic extend credit limits by creation of credit cases in Case Management and approve it automatically depending on the risk. 
- Solve production issues.

BW / SEM-BCS related:
- Intra Service Agreements: Developed Customer tasks to charge Research costs, Technical Licences and Brand Fee, based on relevant sales to Philips companies. Postings are rounded effectively to keep the General Ledger in balance. 
- Designed generic ABAP-OO BW Data load quality check system to check the consistency of incoming data loads
- SEM-BCS Customer tasks and Customer exits, performance improvements
- ABAP-OO program to round consolidated data from SEM-BCS (3 hierarchies) for external financial reporting 
- BW building and (performance) improving start- and endroutines and update rules ( main reporting areas: planning, actuals and Year End close)
- Programs to change existing BW Cubes (key figures, attributes)
- Badi implementations

01/2009 - 12/2014
SAP RM-PS and ABAP Consultant
LBIO (50-250 employees)
Public service
- Review customer code on quality and robustness and advice how to improve the system
- Solved performance problems (online / batch), designed and built improved parts of the Case Monitor 
- Customized Record Management for Publicv Sector
- Designed program to assemble/store Fiscal Overview and a RFC which returns a Fiscal Overview based on a Tax number. 
- Redesigned and built program Balance Overview for flexibel use on various places within system
- Solved production issues and designed/built various supporting programs
- Redesigned and built attachment of wages process. Outbound documents are now linked to an attachment of wages. Many standard letters developed in SmartForms
- Together with another consultant designed and built a Central Printing system for printing letters and scanned PDF documents and link these documents in a Case.

02/2012 - 03/2012
Senior ABAP Consultant HR
Mediamarkt/Saturn (>10.000 employees)
Consumer goods and retail
Badi implementation for Periodic Increases.

02/2010 - 10/2010
Senior ABAP Consultant HR
T-Mobile Netherlands (>10.000 employees)
- Changed ESS custom programs for Overtime, Irregular hours and Standby claims: BAPI’s and Business Object for Workflow approval processes 
- Changed Payroll Functions for payment Commission amounts and designed/built program to align a customer infotype with changes in PA and OM
- Designed and built 3 interfaces from and to a Fleet management system (based on IDoc’s)
- Solved production issues

06/2010 - 09/2010
Senior ABAP Migration Consultant HR
Accenture (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
MigrationPack enhancements

12/2009 - 01/2010
Senior ABAP Consultant HR
Transport and Logistics
Outbound interface to ADP PERMAN for payrolling

10/2009 - 11/2009
Senior ABAP Consultant HR
Deutsche Telekom (>10.000 employees)
Outbound interface to management appraisal system (fixed price)

06/2008 - 07/2009
Senior ABAP Consultant HR
T-Mobile Nederland (>10.000 employees)
- Built customer infotypes, user-exits and Badi implementations
- Changed SAP ESS scenario’s Bankinfo,  Family data, Trip and Leave Request
- Changed ESS TEM scenario: new functionality External Training request, approval Workflow for Prebooking
- BADI’s, BAPI and Payroll Functions for Sales Commission Tool and 2-way link with SAP BW-BPS application (RFC)
- Solving production issues

05/2008 - 07/2008
Senior ABAP Consultant RM-PS
LBIO (50-250 employees)
Public service
Assistance upgrade project: solving a large number of ABAP-OO related issues.

06/2007 - 06/2008
Senior ABAP Consultant HR
Achmea (>10.000 employees)
New SAP HR implementation for Achmea - Interpolis merger:
- Designed and built a Generic outbound interface tool and various interfaces using it
- Interfaces to feed LDAP and a number of Pension scheme administrations
- Support of system testers and coaching developer
- Built WebDynpro for ABAP component to run SAP Queries and display the result in a table with ALV functionality within Portals.

09/2006 - 04/2008
Senior ABAP Consultant HR
SD Worx (1000-5000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Analysed, designed and built generic payroll interface to various Salary Processing Systems. The time to implement at a customers site is short, solution is country independent.

03/2007 - 08/2007
Senior ABAP Consultant MM/SD/FI-CO
Bakker Hillegom B.V.
- Coaching 2 programmers and supporting the development coordinator
- Changed SAPScript forms, built reports, programs and update dialogs
- Extending inbound and outbound IDoc’s

02/2007 - 03/2007
Senior BSP / ABAP Consultant HR
RET (500-1000 employees)
Public service
- Built BSP program Illness figures and yearly reviews
- Built ABAP program Illness Report (WIA)

08/2005 - 02/2007
Senior SAP Development Consultant
Philips (>10.000 employees)
SAP-HR implementation Austrian and Singaporean Philips organisation:
- Designed and built generic master data inbound interface for time registration in CATS.
- Designed and built generic master data outbound interface.
- Realisation of Salary Review changes (BADI’s, ABAP-OO)
- LSMW scripts for disentanglement of departments
- Implementation of ADP Global View tool based on PU12 interface 
- Lock-Unlock procedure for validating input of on-site resources of ADP.

SAP-HR Global Template development (PA, OM):
- 4 ECM reports in BSP (Model View Controller design,  ABAP-OO, HTMLB, JavaScript)
- Executive Reward Compensation overview using SmartForms.
- Improved and enhanced various BSP programs, built automatic update of authorisation profiles and roles in an existing overview of ESS and MSS users in error.

BW related:
- Validation Cockpit (BSP) to validate data streams before loading into a central BW system.
- Various supporting programs, also for a SEM BPS implementation
- BW load performance analysis and improved inefficient written start, end and update routines
- Enhancements on BW datasources, userexit routines Bex variables

SEM BCS related:
- Program for downloading COMAR tables and for interfacing via Open Hub Services.
- Mapping table creation program to map planning units and reporting units including hierarchy functionality
- Start routines and update rules to populate a Group BCS system 

Support: various programs improved, performance improvement IDoc processing, additions to Query infosets, improving Badi's and writing programs.

08/2004 - 08/2005
HR Migration & Interface Consultant / Team leader
ATOS Origin (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Global implementation SAP HR (PA and OM)
- Internal project of ATOS Origin
- Leader integration team of 6 consultants
- Design, building and testing outgoing interfaces (PU12 Interface Toolbox)
- Building and testing LSMW scripts to load  PA masterdata.
- Migrate PA and OM masterdata
- Improve BW update rules, enhance BW extractors

01/2003 - 07/2004
SAP Development Consultant / Coach
LogicaCMG (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
SAP ABAP developer and coach, various projects, various branches.
- SAP Modules HR (PA), FI/CO, SD, CS, MM, IS_CD, CATS and SAP-BW
- ABAP, ALE/IDoc, conversion, interfaces, SAP-Script, user exits, writing update rules, start- and end routines
- Coaching, coordinating, reviewing, creating programming standards, designing, ABAP HealthKit tool
- Performance improvement, design and built sizing estimation tool.

02/1998 - 12/2002
SAP Development Consultant / Coach
CMG (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
SAP ABAP developer and coach, various projects, various branches.
- SAP Modules HR (PA, OM, PY), FI/CO, SD, IS_OIL, PM, CATS.
- ABAP, ALE/IDoc, conversion, interfaces. 
- Coaching, coordinating, reviewing, creating programming standards, designing.
- Performance improvement, designed and developed a flexible planning tool.

02/1997 - 01/1998
Senior Consultant
CMG (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Various roles, various projects, various branches
- Supporting and coordinating various projects
- Coaching consultants, interviewing candidate colleagues
- Project management assistant

10/1995 - 01/1997
Technical Pre-sales consultant
Seer Technologies Benelux (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
Technical support in sales situations of I-CASE tool SEER HPS

01/1990 - 09/1995
CMG (>10.000 employees)
Team leader, analyst / programmer, Coach: various branches, various projects.
- Mainframe development IDMS, DB2, IMS, Cobol, ADS/o etcetera
- Project leader large Intelligent Retrieval implementation
- Coaching/training junior consultants

(zeitraum: 1-1988 bis 9-1995)

01/1990 - 01/1990
Developer / Office Automation Specialist
General Electric Plastics (>10.000 employees)
Industry and mechanical engineering
- Developer on HB 61/DPS (Cobol) and IBM Mainframe ( IDMS, Cobol, ADS/o )
- Advising, purchasing, installing and testing of PC hardware and software (>150 users), building and maintaining datacommunication software.

(zeitraum: 8-1984 bis 3-1984)

Time and spatial flexibility

Für NRW bevorzuge ich 2 oder mehr Tage Remote, für andere Bundesländer 1 Woche vor Ort, 1 Woche Remote

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