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Enterprise Portal Expert, Liferay DXP Expert

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Java Based technologies, Operating systems, Linux, Windows 2000/NT/98/95/XP, Java, Servlets, JSP, JMS, JNDI, Struts, JSF, JDBC, C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, Oracle 8i/9i, SQL Server - 2005, MYSQL, WebLogic8 & 10, Tomcat, Apache, JBOSS, Eclipse 3.x, CVS, Subversion, ANT, Teamsite, Hibernate, Spring, Liferay DXP, Liferay 6.2, Microsoft Visio, Dreamweaver, Rational Rose, Liferay, DB, VOIP, Sharepoint, CMS, data migration, Juniper, command line, GUI, UI, DW, refactoring, user stories, SCRUM, QAD, LinkedIn, analytics, Bug fixing, build process, Liferay 6.0, Eclipse 3.3.2, Anthill, ERP, payment gateway, Compiere 3.6, Trac, Windows, UNIX, requirement gathering, Tomcat 6.0, Java Script, HTML, Tortoise SVN, WCM, SVN, SAP system, User Management, SOA, Encryption, TIBCO, SAP, Java1.5, J2EE, SQL Server, WEBLOGIC 8.0, Eclipse 3.1, dynamic content, Database design, Servlet, WEBLOGIC 10

Project history

11/2017 - Present
Founder and Technical Architect
AIXTOR Technologies (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology

10/2015 - 10/2017
Presales head and Liferay Practice Lead
KNOWARTH Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Project - Presales
Duration: February, 2017 to October, 2017
Role: Presales head and Liferay Practice Lead

Working closely with the Sales team to help them creation of the proposals. Leading the Liferay practice
having more than 90+ members with defining of Liferay best practices and handling the training program.


* Customer visits to understand their requirements and defining the proposal for the project
along with the Sales team.

* Handling the Liferay internal training program which trained and certified more than 70+
team members on Liferay.

* Helping projects in case of any critical blockers encountered.

* Encouraging the team on creating re-usable components and writing technical

08/2016 - 01/2017
Technical Lead
Environment: Liferay

Partner portal migration from LR6.0 to LR6.2 version.


* Defining the strategy for migration the data and the Liferay customized code to 6.2 version.

* Development for migrating hooks and EXT to 6.2

* Performing DB migration and resolving issues arising from it.

* Provide production go live support to customer team members.

01/2016 - 08/2016
Technical Lead
Project - Bridgevoice
Environment: Liferay

Project was to built a B2B VOIP purchase portal. Customers can register themselves on the portal and can
purchase/bid for the VOIP plans available for sale. Bidding platform was created inside of the portal so that
the customers can get the best rates for VOIP bulk purchases.


* Requirements understanding and design of the HLD and LLD.

* Defined the system architecture.

* Developed the third-party service integration framework.

* Production deployment and Go-Live.

10/2015 - 01/2016
Technical Lead
Environment: Liferay

Project was to migrate the users existing Sharepoint CMS to Liferay CMS. Many custom components were
built in Liferay to provide the same functionalities as Sharepoint to the content editors.


* Mapping requirements with OOB Liferay available functionalities.

* Design the architecture and define methodology for data migration.

* Providing development approaches to the development team.

* Production server setup and configuration.

* Implementing portal performance best practices.

* Code review.

09/2009 - 07/2015
Technical Lead
CIGNEX Datamatics Technologies Pvt. Ltd
Project - Juniper Networks
Duration: July, 2013 to July, 2015
Role: Technical Lead
Environment: Liferay

This portal was named as Interaction Center where the data from the different tools was displayed as a
dashboard in a single portal. Tools integrated with the portal are command line tools and don't have a rich
GUI available for viewing/updating the data. IC portal enables user to see data graphically and manage it
using UI rather than using command line tools.


* Design the approach for implementing the requirement.

* Integration of CLI with portal actions.

* Providing development approaches to the development team.

* DEV and client Liferay server setups.

* Code review and Liferay best pratices implementation in code.

06/2013 - 07/2013
Project - Coach
Environment: Liferay

This project was for performance tuning of the existing intranet portal of the client. Client was facing
performance related problems and requiring frequent restarts of the server.


* Analyze the issues with the server setup

* Validating whether the Liferay best practices are followed or not.

* Code review of the existing applications.

* Suggest changes in the code by providing samples

* Liferay server tuning as per best pratices.

* Analyzing the load test results and tuning the server on basis of the results.

08/2012 - 02/2013
Technical Lead
SCRIPPS Production Portal
Environment: Liferay

SCRIPPS is a media and entrainment company involved in productions of many different channels. This
portal was to easy the upload of required deliverables for the production companies. It also helps the
SCRIPPS in viewing different deliverables and approving them through the portal.


* Responsible for the offshore technical deliverables

* Understanding of the user stories and there estimations.

* Leading the Liferay offshore team. Explaining the User stories to the team members and
providing them with the technical details for implementing the same.

* Code review

* Handling the teams daily SCRUM calls.

* Deployment and management of different client servers.

05/2012 - 07/2012
Technical Lead
Project - QAD
Duration: May, 2012 to July, 2012
Role: Technical Lead
Environment: Liferay

Creation of new Forums site for QAD. The existing site which was in Vignette was not used by many of the
users. In order to increase the participation of the people on the Forums the site was to be created in


* Responsible for all the technical deliverable of the project

* Design on the basis of the requirements provided.

* Code review

* Client co-ordination for requirements understanding, resolving deployment issues and

* Designing the way of migrating content from Vignette to Liferay.

* Designing of LinkedIn and PEG integration approach with Liferay.

01/2012 - 02/2012
Technical Lead
Project - Spectant
Duration: January, 2012 to February, 2012
Role : Technical Lead
Environment: Liferay


Client was creating his analytics product in Liferay. We had to help him with creation of some portlets
which were going to be part of this analytics product.


* Responsible for all the technical deliverable of the project

* Design on the basis of the requirements provided.

* Code review

* Development of some of the modules in project.

* Client co-ordination for requirements understanding, resolving deployment issues and


04/2011 - 12/2011
Liferay Developer
This project was to design the new owners portal for the Toyota owners. Portal allows users to maintain
records of the cars they own and provides useful information such as dealers, offers to the users. Users
can have a look at there model manuals and dashboard icons for reference.

* Requirement understanding and development of the dealer search module.
* Requirement understanding and development of the dashboard indicator module.
* Handling the module team in absence of the module lead.
* Bug fixing and maintenance of the entire application in the maintenance phase of the project.
* Onsite travel during maintenance phase.
* Took complete ownership of build and deployment task from onsite.
* Co-ordinating with client on the status of bug fixing and the new tasks in the maintenance phase.
* Communicating with offshore team on daily basis for task update and new assignments.
* Adopted the entire new build process as per client process during this phase.

Environment: Liferay 6.0, ANT, Eclipse 3.3.2, Teamsite, Anthill

04/2010 - 01/2011
Compiere Developer
This was the project for customizing the Compiere ERP system as per the requirements of the client. In this
project many different integrations with external systems have been done from Compiere. Shipping
integration with FedEx, payment integration with Paypal are done.

* Understanding of the compiere ERP system.
* Understanding of the customizations required by the client.
* Design and implementation of integration with different shipper services (FedEx and USPS).
* Design and development of integration with payment gateway (Paypal).
* Handling entire ordering, shipping and invoicing module in the project,
* In the testing phase was responsible for solving the issues and updating the appropriate tickets
once they are resolved by the team.

01/2010 - 03/2010
Alfresco Developer
Project: CLMS & Procurement Service
From : Jan 10 - Mar 10

This was to help DBS design new Contract Life Cycle Management Solution using Alfresco. Also they wanted
to integrate there procurement service with the new CLMS solution.

* Involved into the project right from the begining. Started the requirement gathering phase for this
* Developed the design architecture and other design documents for the application.
* Design of integration point of CLMS and procurement application.
* Designed complex CLMS workflow for the client.
* Designed the "Shopping Cart" to give similar feel of e-commerce site in Alfresco.

Environment: Alfresco 3.1, Tomcat 6.0, Java Script, ANT, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, SQL, HTML, Eclipse
3.3.2, Tortoise SVN,Windows and UNIX.

10/2009 - 12/2009
Alfresco Developer
Client: Renesas, Japan
Role: Alfresco Developer
Project: Virtual Preview Server
From : Oct 09 - Dec 09

Alfresco WCM comes with an inbuilt preview server for previewing the contents in the workflow as well as
before deployment to the server. But the performance of this preview server was very poor. So we
designed an entirely new preview server which would work in similar to one Alfresco has but with a better

* Complete analysis of the preview server issue of Alfresco.
* Design the entirely new architecture for the new "Virtual Preview Server".
* Developed the main Valve class which would help in previewing of the content.

Environment: Alfresco 3.1, JDBC, Eclipse 3.3.2, SVN, Windows and UNIX.

07/2007 - 08/2009
Java Developer
MindTree Limited
Client: Cibavision, Altanta, USA

Role: Java Developer
Project1 :

* Project is being implemented for CIBA VISION (Subsidiary of NOVARTIS Company). MCV Application
is an eCommerce application where in Doctors or users that belong to the doctor's office can place
order for the lens (Optical lens) to their respective office on behalf of patients. Also this allows user
to pay online and will generate the Invoice and Statement for the order placed using MCV
* MCV Application has been modularized into following sections based on the functionality
* Account Management - In this module all the accounts for the Doctor's office would be created. All
the details will be fed into MCV through the SAP system as XML
* User Management - All users will be created for a given account in this module. Account admin will
provide the preferences to perform certain activities in the application.
* Order Management - This is one of the main module of the application, where in user can order the
product (lenses) online by adding them into his cart and checking it out.
* Product Management - Processing the material (products) xml to make the products available for
ordering online.
* Other Services - All the admin related activities are included in this service.
* Integration of MCV with Momentum - Momentum is a SOA based application /framework developed
by MindTree. Some of the services built in this application such as Authentication, Authorization,
Encryption and Decryption, Email feature has been integrated with MCV as a service. This is the first
project in MindTree to use this framework and delivered to customer.
* Integration of MCV application with TIBCO (Messaging system) and SAP (For processing users
request and generation of response as XMLs)

Responsiblities :

* Development/implementation of " Account Management " module.
* Integration of momentum with the application.
* Code review of the peer team members.
* Design of the new requirements.
* Application deployment to production.
* Project discussion with client.
* Performance tuning.
* QA environment testup

Java1.5, J2EE, SQL Server, WEBLOGIC 8.0,, Java Script, Hibernate, SQL, JSP, Struts, Spring, Eclipse 3.1,
Tortoise SVN, Windows and LINUX.

Role: Java Developer
Project 2: Wearlenses.xx


CIBA Vision has developed a website (Wearlenses) for attracting a young target audience to their contact
lens brands. You can see how lenses suit your eyes by uploading your photo and selecting the different
lenses. You can order free trials of the lenses as well refer some lens to your friends to try it.

* Development/implementation " Administration Of Opticians " module.

Struts, Hibernate, WEBLOGIC 8.0, SQL Server

Role: Java Developer
Project 3: Visitor Information System (VIS)

VIS is an service type of application which was designed in a way to accept data from various CibaVision
marketing sites. Sites provides VIS with the user submitted information for storage. VIS in turn manages
the data and makes the data available to the data owners in the form of different reports. VIS in response to
data submission request also generates the response pages with dynamic content to be displayed to the


* Application design.
* Developed the main data acceptance module and generating the response pages with dynamic
* Database design.

Struts, Hibernate, WEBLOGIC 8.0, SQL Server

Role: Onsite Co-ordinator
Project 4: CibaVision Support 2009

Being one of the oldest team member of CibaVision team and having the knowledge of all the projects
developed for them I was given the role to work from onsite with the clients in USA. I had to perform
various different roles over there which included managing the applications, solving queries of the clients,
doing requirement gathering and helping the offshore in solving there queries related to requirements.

* Maintaining one of the applications which was in production. Providing immediate fixes for any
issues that comes up in the production to the clients. Need to respond to the queries of the business
users regarding the application.

* The new project that was getting developed in the offshore, provided the clarifications to the team
on that after discussing it with the business. Also had the responsibility to get the environment
setup for the application and moving it to production. Also gave the training of the new application
to the clients and solving any urgent issues that come up in the live site.

* Had to do requirement gathering for the new project. Understanding the requirements of the
business and preparing the requirement documents accordingly.

Role: Sr Java Developer
Project 5: Virtual Consultant

CIBA Vision had an existing site for helping doctors finding appropriate Cibavision lenses for their patients.
The site was required to be entirely re-designed for providing ease to the doctors in finding the appropriate

* Requirements gathering.
* Application re-design.
* Project planning and schedule.
* Development of the core front-end module of the application.
* Co-ordinating the project status within MindTree and with the clients.

Servlet, JDBC, WEBLOGIC 10, SQL Server

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