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Process Engineering Leader

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  • Last update: 05.10.2020
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Visualization, API, Microsoft Office, Power Point, Excel, Word, Project, LP Model, ProII, Inplant, Dynsim, Hysis, HCAMS, PIMS, HTRI, HAZID, HAZOP, SIS/SIL, 3D Model. Crude Oil Refining Process. Planning.
  • 09/2015 - Present

    • Petroleos De Venezuela, S.A.
    • >10.000 employees
    • Energy, water and environment
  • Process Engineering Leader
    •  Lead configuration studies for major Greenfield and Brownfield refinery investment.             
    • Analysis and evaluation of different kind of crude oil blends and feasibility studies.
    • Review of Refinery LP Models of each study case in order to get the more optimum process scheme.
    • Review of the cost estimation and the economical evaluations.

  • 10/2007 - 09/2015

    • Pertoleos De Venezuela S. A.
    • Energy, water and environment
  • Process Engineering Leader
    • Conducting technical BID evaluation developed by the PMC contractor for Procurement and Construction companies.
    • Participating in risk studies as HAZID, HAZOP, SIS/SIL and 3D Model review for CDU, VDU, DCU and NHT/CCR.
    • Responsible for development of existing CDU and VDU revamp study.
    • Performing technical reviews of Process engineering deliverables developed by engineering consultants / contractors, ensuring design quality in compliance with relevant codes, standards, and best practices.
    • Attending to the review meetings and workshops with licensors and consulting companies, in order to review documents, schedule, available resources, planning, etc.
    • Completion of Basic Engineering Design Guide document, Basic Engineering Design Data document and Design Basis of process units.
    • Supporting to other managements of the project: finance, procurement, construction, planning, etc.
    • Participate in layout reviews, model review, design reviews, and technical workshops.
    • Supporting to other PDVSA projects.
    • Provide technical assistance and coordination with other discipline engineers.
    • Perform economic/financial evaluation for feasibility studies for different facilities.
    • Responsible for coordinating the feasibility study of integration between refinery and petrochemical facilities.
    Providing technical assistance during installation, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up.

  • 01/2003 - 10/2007

    • Petroleos De Venezuela, S.A.
    • >10.000 employees
    • Energy, water and environment
  • Process Enginneer
    • Providing support services and troubleshoot any problems guarantying expert advice and assistance to Operation's organization in order to increase profits and efficiency, reducing operation costs and identifying identification opportunities.
    • Advising and supporting technically to the operation’s department during normal operation, start-up and shutdown of process units.
    • Originate and carry out engineering studies to determine potential problems and remedies to existing problems, solve complex technical problems, increase revenue, optimize processes, protect the environment, or improve safety.
    • Technical support to the maintenance department during Refinery Turnarounds (minor and major). Perform process calculations and assessments.
    • Review and evaluate the capabilities of vendors and contractors to determine their acceptability to perform major services.
    •  Working on or with task forces assigned to investigate incidents or to determine root cause of some issue.
    • Coordinating of special activities and studies as: Test Run, catalyst regeneration of Platforming and Isomerization units, catalyst loading during Shutdown & Turnaround.