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Last update: 30.07.2021

Email Security Analyst (spam & phishing)

Graduation: Master's in computer engineering
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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | Hindi (Native or Bilingual)




KIRANDEEP RANA  Email Security and Anti-Spam Analyst    E-Mail:  Mobile no.: +91 9953096467     CAREER PROFILE  Looking forward for the opportunity to show my capabilities & strength in an organization.     PERSONAL SKILLS  I am an innovative thinker and quick learner. I can look at a problem from many different ways and can come up with a variety of possible solutions. I am hard-working and multi-tasking which enables me to prioritize my work and organize things well.      SOFTWARE SKILLS 
  • Analyse and classify emails on basis of phishing and spamming category. 
  • Identify and quickly respond to spam campaign attacks 
  • Analysis of message headers and structure to discover spam or threat attributes and construct regular-expression (regex) based rules to detect those attributes 
  • Interact and interpret results of automated malware analysis tools 
  • Research current trends in email-based malware spam, malware, phishing and other cyber-crime tactics. 
  • Experience in identifying cyber threat tactics and social engineering attacks 
  • Experience with anti-spam and anti-malware/AV tools 
  • Strong understanding of HTML/CSS/JavaScript and SMTP protocol 
  • Strong understanding of the English language 
  • Strong understanding of the internet, websites, applications, software’s 
  • Knowledge of regular expressions 
  • Experience with scripting language: python, php, PowerShell 
  • Analysis of SPAM and Legit emails and writing Anti-Spam, Anti-Fraud and legit rules using Regular Expressions. 
  • Spam Analysis: Analyzing Email Headers, call to Action Domains and other parameters to Identify Spam Messages and blocking them 
  • Analyse and Detect Email traffic and malicious activity. 
  • Maintenance of Real-time Block Lists, Real-time Allow Lists, URI Block Lists. 
  • Understand working of mail servers, DNS, other mail protocols. 
  • Knowledge of IP, DKIM, DMARC, SPF.   
   CERTIFICATION  .NET with SQL technologies.     EXPERIENCE 
  1. Current working as freelancer from July 2018 to till now  Projects undertaken:  
  • Website penetration testing 
  • Code review and evaluation 
  • Technical writing 
  • NIST security policies 
  • Malware and virus removal 
  • Email security and identification of phishing emails 
  • Enhance security of devices, mail servers and clients, applications. 
  • Develop command line Static malware analysis tool 
  1. Security Analyst in CR Advisory Gurgaon India from October 2017 to October 2018. 
  1. Lecturer of 8 months as Associate Professor in Sri Guru Gobind Singh Polytechnic College Hando Wal Kalan Hoshiarpur. 
From January 2016 to September 2016 
  1. Lectureship in .NET in Rayat Bahra College Hoshiarpur. 
From September 2016 to December 2016 
  1. Online transcription work with Pactera Company. 
  1. Academic award in 2010 at college level. 
  1. Winner in painting competition at district level. 
  1. Winner in poster making at college level. 
  1. Pilot aptitude battery test has been cleared in the Indian air force at Dehradun. 
  PERSONAL DETAILS  Date of birth: 28-07-1989  Marital Status: Married  Languages known: English, Hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit  Hobbies: Yoga, love with nature and animals.  Present Address: Mohali, Punjab, India

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