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Systems Engineer

Graduation: BSc. Computer Science, MSc. Information Technology, Computer Programmer Technician
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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | French (Elementary) | Spanish (Native or Bilingual)




Database, Cloud, databases, RDS, OLAP, pipelining, data modeling, API, IaaS, ITIL, quality assurance, Hybrid Cloud, IBM, 3PAR, VMWare, Azure, Oracle, ETL, Programming, API Management, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Analytics, Network monitoring, Big Data, Data Science, GIS, MongoDB, Redis, Javascript, microservices, PHP, webservices, Amazon Web Services, data processing, IoT, data stream, middleware, Hadoop, Laravel, Lucene, PostGIS, Python, MQTT, Microsoft SQL Server, Data Management, Object-Oriented, SharePoint, MOSS, ASP.Net, Data Mining, social media, No-SQL, JSON, XML, Nutch, log files, SubVersion, Concurrent Versioning System, Galera, Red Hat, Linux, Percona, Graph databases, HBase, ElasticSearch, Jenkins, ReactJS, Front-End, New Relic, Automation Testing, Korn, shell, SVN, Selenium IDE, Maven, technical debt, SonarQube, JIRA, Mantis, Application Servers, Oracle Data Integrator, Weblogic, Interoperability, SOA, Liferay, Data Warehouse, NET, Microsoft Dynamics, CRM, PL/SQL, MATLAB, HPC, DevOps, Grid Computing, virtualization, Image Processing, Neural Networks, cloud storage, client/server, SaaS, Software development, WCF, CAD/CAM, C#, IIS, Windows Servers, OpenCV, CUDA, GPU, image rendering, GlassFish, Elastic, AWS, MapReduce, EC2, Amazon S3, Apache, Vagrant, Ubuntu, VMWare ESX, Oracle Database, Oracle Golden Gate, Integrator, Scrum, algorithms, ASP .NET, SQL Server, Database Engine, SAP Business Objects, MemCache, ERP, Fox Pro, GUI, Telecommunication, RTOS, Solaris, Crystal Reports, software tool, VoIP, Database Administration, CAD, GPS, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Citrix, WinForms, Infragistics, WAP, mobile devices, Java, J2ME, WML, AIX, NoSQL, UI, DTS, COBOL, CICS, JCL, CONTROL M, MicroFocus, IBM DB2, Document Management, LAMP, Shell Scripting, Lotus Notes, Exchange Server 2003, Algorithm, Perceptron, Neural Network, Unix, Windows NT, Anthropology, ESRI, Microsoft Access, PERL, Text Mining, Berkeley DB, software tools, Visual Basic, Windows NT 4.0, Backups, Primavera, Informix, 4GL, spooler, PL/1, ADABAS

Project history

03/2020 - 09/2020
Data Infrastructure Engineer
Database Engineer. Design and Exploit Data Cloud Infrastructure that includes
databases including datawarehouses, storage, buckets, RDS, OLAP engines,
hypercubes, Data Lakes, MPP, data pipelining and data modeling.
Contributing to the databases servers' software that runs API ecosystem.
Keeping on Schedule Maintainance from complex system of allocating
dedicated hosting customers and keeping highly available even across server /
AZ migrations.
Scope a customer's issue by collecting the relevant facts and investigate the
problem by doing research and by involving other teams as needed.
Consult and collaborate with peers around the world and with management
and engineering team to resolve service issues.
Research and recommend emerging technologies to increase cost
effectiveness, system ability and future expansion.

07/2019 - 03/2020
Infrastructure Information Technology Technical Lead
Respond for technical development of Data Infrastructure thru best practices
and standards.
Contribute to build several capabilities inside Infrastructure as a Services
(IaaS) with ITIL and ISACA practices.
Create separated sandbox - like environments in the Software Application
Lifecycle (ALM) disciplines: program management, requirements,
development, testing and quality assurance (QA) as well as customer support
and IT service delivery.
Prepare IT Infrastructure to migration to Hybrid Cloud environments of demand
requirements to predictive workloads. Design Capacity Plan of SAN Storage
(IBM Storwize, HP 3PAR} .
Design Infrastructure as Code applications' spots over on demand platforms
from VMWare to Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.
Plan, design, prepare, try Proof of Concept (PoC) products in adoption of real
time monitoring.
Contribute into adoption of Data Self Service thru inclusion of Business
Intelligence (BI) - oriented framework and Data Engineering ETL - tools for all
kind of users.
Technical Exposure on Azure Ecosystem:
Azure Container Instances
Azure Container Registry
Azure Functions Programming
API Management
Application Gateway
STA storage Blob & Files
Structures in CosmosDB
Structures in Azure SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL
Event management with Azure Monitor (Log Analytics)
Network monitoring with Network Watcher
VNets Management
Instance Configuration
NSG Management
Subnets and route tables management
Nat Gateway and Internet Gateway
VNet Peering

11/2018 - 04/2019
Senior Database Engineer
Supporting Business Intelligence and Big Data projects. Dealing with a
DataOps and Data Science technologies, solving Development team' issues
and working with several databases PostgreSQL, SnowFlake DataWarehouse,
GIS maps, MongoDB, MySQL, Redis, Javascript microservices and PHP
webservices on Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Infrastructure as a
part of a remote database team.

11/2017 - 11/2018
Senior Data Engineer
Remote Back End Developer. Design and development of Big Data
technologies and API products with Data Lakes As A Service (DLaaS) cloud
Build pipelines for data processing according to OASIS standard, ISO/IEC
27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27002 compliance in the IoT hubs.
Checking data stream thru middleware of Spatial Computing platform.
Design and checking Detailed Architecture of Spatial Components for image
processing of digital satellital maps according to ISO 19115 standard.
Technologies: Hadoop Ecosystem, Cloud Computing - based Lambda
functions, PHP with Laravel, Lucene, PostGIS, Python, MQTT, MongoDB

04/2016 - 03/2017
Senior Database Consultant
DBA Consultant for Databases and Database As A Service in Cloud
Computing Platform in Microsoft SQL Server products. Realize Performance
Analysis for Data Management that run on mission-critical systems and
integration of systems.
Implementations of technology infrastructure for Information Systems based
on Relational, Spatial, Object-Oriented databases and Data Warehouses for
Business Intelligence schemata.
Migration of Databases and Infrastructure of SharePoint MOSS 2007 to 2013
Migration of Webparts of assignment of LMS courses in ASP.Net C #.
Undertake individual presales assignments or work on a project as part
of a larger team analyzing customer requirements, gathering data and
recommending solutions.
Technically manage the design and implementation of solutions.
Ensure consultancy assignments are undertaken consistently and with quality.
Highlight technical risks so that any Comms-care exposure to commercial loss
can be minimized.
Produce and update assignment documentation as required in SOW.
Perform Problem Management Root Cause analysis.

01/2015 - 03/2016
Senior Software Engineer
Project of software development and QA analysis of web modules for human
resources (HR) profiling and recruitment information system for Oil & Gas
shipping company using Data Mining techniques. Organizing unstructured
information to gather candidates profiles and feedback of job vacancies via
customer portal and social media using No-SQL approach (JSON, XML,
twitter, facebook, google ads, customized Nutch's log files).
Development and Deployment of webservices.
Implementation of SubVersion Servers for Concurrent Versioning System.
Technologies: Galera Cluster, MySQL, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OctoPerf,
Percona, Cypher Graph databases, HBase Store, PostGIS Spatial, Open
Data, ElasticSearch, Jenkins CI, Cloud Computing Services, PHP, Laravel,
Cascading and Data Analytics Components with ReactJS Front-End
customized tools, and New Relic monitoring tool.

11/2013 - 11/2014
Senior QA Automation Engineer
JAHV McGregor - DFK International
QA Lead for GEL project ( Responsible for
QA Automation Testing Cycles and Scripting [Korn C shell, SVN].
Programming Automated testing system [Selenium IDE, Maven].
Check the technical debt on code scripting [SonarQube].
Follow Test Use Cases [JIRA, Mantis]
Deploy QA Database and Application Servers technologies [Oracle
GoldenGate replication, Oracle Data Integrator, Weblogic].
Design and Execute Stress Tests on Interoperability Data Platform (IDP)
solutions for Electronic Authentication (EUA), IRS- Online (TEL) and
Notification Electronics (NE) with Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture
(SOA) and Microservices working with Liferay souce code
Review Business Intelligence framework requirements ETL / Data Warehouse
Use Cases on Azure Services [T-SQL].
Review Deployment of .NET Packages on Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Azure
Cloud Computing Platform.
Write Code for Regular Expressions to test ETL jobs on Data WareHouse for
BI stack [PL/SQL, Talend BI]

10/2013 - 12/2013
Technical Consultant
21 Trading Coach
Provide training on methods and mathematical models for the area of Financial
Engineering for the Colombia Stock Exchange. Calculate COLCAP and
COLSC indexes. [C#, MATLAB]

04/2012 - 09/2013
HPC Farm DevOps Infrastructure Engineer
Project: Information Technology on Grid Computing based on Artificial
Intelligence farm servers.
Key Functions: Support storage and virtualization for Big Data and Real Time
3D avatar Image Processing Development Guided By Neural Networks.
Work with Software Architect and Automation Team Manager to drive design
and development of cloud storage capability for post-processing.
Guide the architecture of a client/server platform to SaaS.
Design local and cloud datacenter infrastructure.
Software development of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
programs for load balancers on a farm of CAD/CAM servers' built on .NET C#
technologies on IIS & Windows Servers.
Adjust OpenCV modules to consume NVIDIA CUDA GPU API and data drivers
to achieve parallel image rendering thru several nodes in the farm.
Provide Active Directory Federation Services integrated to applications from
heterogeneous security layers of GlassFish applications' catalog thru the
domain forest with the collaboration of Network Administrator.
Development and Implemention of Amazon Elastic Hadoop's AWS
MapReduce with lambda-based functions hosted at Amazon Elastic Compute
Cloud (EC2) for the retailers' Open Cloud Service thru Amazon S3 Service
built-in Apache Hadoop Framework sizing the clothes and avatars.
Planning, design and deploy from Chef - Vagrant combined templates the
OS platforms Red Hat Linux Enterprise & Ubuntu Linux, the OAS - GlassFish
application servers and QA's VMWare ESX internal virtualization platform.
Deploy, check backward compatibility and integrate BPM to common
repository with Oracle Database, Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle Data
Integrator (ODI).
Check errors reported on Mantis Bug Tracker due to Scrum Backlog.

02/2009 - 04/2012
Senior System Engineer
McGregor DFK UK & Ireland
Project: Solution Architect of Audit System for Colombia's Financial
Department of Defense
( (Caprovimpo).
Solution of auditing problems by designing and building OLAP (online
analytical processing) cubes, applying data mining algorithms, writing queries
to support reports design. Responsibilities range from aggregating data from
multiple sources in an efficient data warehouse to designing enterprise-level
solutions for very large multidimensional databases.
Development of MENTOR Financial Audit and Tracking software product [C#,
ASP .NET, SharePoint webparts, SQL Server Database Engine, Analysis,
Integration and Reporting Services, SVN, SAP Business Objects Crystal
Development of a BI Data Mining Tool for gathering, indexing and text
mining analysis of overloaded data on demand or by programmed tasks from
historical records in several data source [Linux, MySQL, PHP, MemCache,
Apache, ERP, CRM, Data Warehouse, Fox Pro, MongoDB, Webservices].
Development a Hierarchical Data Tool for Class Imbalance Problem. Tech:
MySQL, Lucene.
Definition with the developers' team: reports, OLAP cubes and Real Time
Monitoring GUI for dashboards.
Execution of RFPs from owner product users' areas with Scrum Methodology.
Evaluation of new technical requirements from the perspective of the
Checking of the security model of the software information cycle according to
disaster recovery plans (DPR), business continuity plans (BCP) and service
level agreement (SLA) with ITIL Methodology, ISO/IEC series 27000 with
Chief Information Officer (CIO).
Measuring and sizing the Implementation of HyperV Servers and EMC DELL
SAN project with the Servers Administrators.

05/2008 - 02/2009
Application System Engineer
Project: Follow Motorola UK's issues using ITIL methodology and ITOM
tools for the networking infrastructure technical services of ETB Security and
Emergency Call Center (NUSE 123) Data Center (Bogota Telecommunication
Company), the biggest telecommunication company at Colombia.
Quality Assurance Tester functions: Script Testing of ProCAD System RTOS
running on Solaris cluster. Participate as coordinator for processes of Quality
Assurance of Information using SAP Business Objects Crystal Reports. Due to
this participation, I have aided to play a key role for negotiation of the Service
Level Agreements.
DBA functions: SQL Scripting to load gazetter on spatial database for
geocoders in GIS. Log software product, views, procedures and packages
scripting [PL/SQL]. Configure Oracle Application Servers middleware. Design
of database macro-structure to report technical issues, check logs on Oracle
Weblogic applications servers.
Backend Developer functions. To design Database Log software tool to report
technical issues for VoIP components.
Give technical support for Database Administration Team, Server
Administrators, Reporting Leaders, CAD Administrators, Technical Support
Specialists, Help Desk Team and Systems Technicians.

05/2007 - 05/2008
Software Engineer
Design and development of modules for Logistics & Transportation ERP.
Design a GPS tracking Web-based geospatial module and Workflow, Cubes
and OLAP tools on Microsoft SQL Server. Design Integration Services
workflow in ETL interface for Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne via Citrix
and SAP Business objects. Code VB Scripts and WinForms with Infragistics.
Added Value on WAP mobile devices. Development Java 2 Mobile Edition
(J2ME) / WML. Created Real Time Turn Queue Systems IBM i2 Intelligence
Analysis Platform. Level 3 contact for customers.

09/2006 - 05/2007
System Administrator
Admin 1 PetaByte ORACLE RAC (Real Application Cluster) Database on
AIX IBM p-Series BladeCenter JS43 Power 6 on Department of Defense
at Colombia. Admin Actian Versant NoSQL Data Store Object for National
Identification. Project: Fraud Detection of National Identifications.
Development of UI module of ID validation applications using Python.

04/2006 - 09/2006
Software Analyst
DTS Consulting
Design and develop calculus of portfolio integration with COBOL, CICS, JCL,
CONTROL M, MicroFocus to interact with IBM DB2 Entities for one world's
largest bank (BBVA Spain)

11/2005 - 04/2006
Technical Sales Engineer
Ricoh Latin America Inc
Assist outside sales team in executing and achieving their territory and market
business plans.
Resolve internal and external technical support requests or issues related to
product selection,
application, specification, installation for Document Management Workflow
System product.
Support presentation and trade show activities.
Maintain expert level of product knowledge and application.

08/2001 - 11/2005
System Administrator
North Vision Institute
Incorporation of intranet service on LAMP environment (Linux - Apache -
MySQL - PHP); Shell Scripting on Linux servers. IBM DB2 Universal database
administration on e-Server series with on demand loads. Scripting Fox Pro
language for e - Health Clinic Récords and modelling to LAMP Web-based
applications. Process map of functional requirements of the users of the
company's ERP system covering Inventory, Purchasing, Procurement and
Order Management. Helped to Migration of Lotus Notes 5 Mail accounts and
info to Exchange Server 2003 and SQL SERVER 2000

01/2001 - 06/2001
Research Assistant Internship
University of South Florida
Develop Inmunoperceptron: A model of simulation using Genetic Algorithm
Theory and Perceptron Artificial Neural Network to create association and
regression analysis of correlation ARJ in patients DNA wih biomarkers at HCM.
An undergraduated thesis was followed. Technology: Unix Alpha Tru64, C++,
VB Forms Windows NT UI Client / Server.

01/2000 - 12/2000
System Engineer
Universidad del Norte
Developed the Colombian Caribbean Archeological and Anthropological GIS
and integrated to the ICAN's (Colombian Anthropology Institute) databases
network systems. The system allows making queries about migration of
the first settlers of Northern South America, and provides anthropological,
paleoclimatic, geomorphological and historical data. Importation of ESRI maps.
I/O data plain text for Microsoft Access.
CGI, C Language, PERL for Text Mining, Berkeley DB and UNIX platform.
Generated new software tools for data statistical analysis for archeological
Post - implementation technical support of website with 2500 online users in a
typical peak.

12/1998 - 12/1999
Engineering Analyst
Unitech Research, Inc
Developed the Help System Documentation for Customer Service modules
for an ERP-CRM management system product for telecommunications
companies, at AIX RS/6000 environment, running on IBM DB2 Universal
Database. Generated in Crystal Reports and Visual Basic dynamic language
resources for embedded statistical reports.

01/1998 - 07/1998
Universidad del Norte
Server Administrator Windows NT 4.0. Performed Backups and Stage
Monitoring for Oracle Primavera Project Planner for Soil Lab of Civil
Engineering Faculty.

12/1996 - 12/1997
Developed batch processes for Fox Pro payroll application. Support migration
from the DBase Plus IV to the Oracle database. Executed the monitoring of the

06/1995 - 11/1995
Science Teacher
CES Institute
Developed a school's curricula competence-based system with learningteaching
media by working cycles and self-value pedagogic structure.
Technologies: Informix 4GL. Subject: Physics and Informatics

01/1994 - 06/1995
Universidad del Norte
Check and Control spooler jobs and priority of compiler processes from
COBOL, PL/1, ADABAS / Natural programs on Unix platform and it ran on
MUSIC/SP with IBM S/360 hardware.

01/1993 - 12/1993
Adjunct Professor
Americas Institute
Development of Mathematics curriculum for K-12 alumni.

Time and spatial flexibility

I would prefer to work remotely. If onsite and it is outside work, all relocation assistance must be provided.


A wide experience development and supoorting Information Technology projects in several industries.

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