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Marco Vaessen


Last update: 21.10.2020

Support Manager (SPM), GIS developer for DG env DG env, GIS/JAVA Developer

Company: Marco-One
Graduation: not provided
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Languages: German (Full Professional) | English (Full Professional) | Dutch (Native or Bilingual) | Romanian (Limited professional)


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GIS, UI, UDT, Database, Hibernate, C#, Coldfusion, Linux, Oracle 10g, JAVA EE, HTML, CSS, JAVA, DRUPAL, PHP, Programming, Java 8, Javascript, arcpy, python, Spring, Spring-boot, Hibernate (over Oracle), JUnit, Struts, Dojo, Jquery, Mobile, Continuous integration, Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, Netbeans, Build automation tools, Maven, ORACLE, POSTGRE, SQLserver, XML, SQL, version control systems, SVN, Issue tracking, JIRA, MANTIZ, RTC, JAZZ, Dev methodologies, SCRUM, Waterfall, ArcGIS, °: 1,5, 6, 7, /ArcSDE 9.1, 8.0 8, 9, 16, ArcGIS javascriptAPI 4 4 40 Professional, ArcGIS online 4 31, ArcGIS server, ArcGIS server 10.2 4 68 3,5,6,7,8,11, ArcMAP (8, 9,10) 4 211 1,4, 12, 15, 5, 6, 7, 8,10, ArcMap 8-9-10.4 4 145 Professional, ArcSDE, metadata, Caris BDB server, COM model, Dojo Framework 3 22 Professional, FileZilla, FME server, Professional, FME workbench 3 114 8,11,13,14,16, Leaflet js, Geoserver, HADOOP, NDS, Jira 1, HTTP apache server, IIS, ITIL, J2EE, JAVA 7 +, Java liberies, DAO, ADO, JAX-WS, JMS 1 7 Professional, Jboss, MS-DOS, ERP, Oracle 11g 4 56 Professional, 9i, Oracle10g, ORM, PHP (5.3), PL/SQL 2, OOP, QGIS, Servlets, JSP 1, Smallworld NGR, SOAP, TCP/IP, WSDL, GMT, SQL NET, OBDC 3, SQL server 10.0 (2008), SQL server 9/0 (2005), OpenLayers, web application, ESRI, ETL, data pipeline, KNIME, FME, Bamboo, git, deployment life, webservices, arcMap, miscrosoft PowerBI, Jenkins, Springboot, GUI, apache, wicket, CLOUD, Microservices, Docker, Spring Boot, Javax WS, Sankey, d3 javascript, ArcGIS portal, ESRI restfull, API, JS, PL/SQL scripts, regex, D3, PostGIS, FME 2017, ArcGIS Online, AGILE, PostgresSQL, GitHub, UMGIS db, databases, polygon, PLSQL, PL/SQL, UMBRELLA db, ArcGIS 10.4, Oracle Spatial, COAX cables, Fiber, XML readers, Oracle 11g, Geosever, FME 2016, server configuration, web applications, ArcGIS10.3 api, Dojo framework, bugs, CMS, SCOPE, IMMOGEST, ArcGIS javascript API, SQL server, arcGISserver, EE 6 +7, WebLogic, GWT, XSL-T, PHP 7, JSP, ESRI Portal, ESRI Online, backups, HTML5 code, json files, SQL server databases, arcGISonline, arcSDE server, data capture, data analysis, data conversion, GIS object, TOAD/ Oracle10/11g, TOAD, 11g, arcMap 10.1, FME workbench, ArcGIS server 10.2, SQLite, RDMS, spatial data, test scripts, test-cases, Application development, Visual Studio, load balancing, WMS, WFS

Project history

10/2020 - 10/2020
Support Manager (SPM)
Periods worked at the From: ..................... until: .......................... DG : ...............
Commission as "Intra From: ..................... until: .......................... DG : ...............
Muros": From: ..................... until: .......................... DG : ...............

06/2018 - 01/2019
GIS/JAVA Developer

Project name: Development for Telefonica

Telefonica - Munich
Company (employer):

Dates (start-end): 15/06/2018 - 1-1-2019

Effective number of 6
months achieved:

Client (customer) : Telefonica - Munich

Project size: 216 man / days

Project description :

Building webservices javax WS.,

Employee's Roles & Responsibilities in the project:

Employee's Roles : GIS/JAVA Developer

Responsibilities in the project :

- Building webservices javax WS.

- Springboot, Maven, Eclipse > create a AddressTranslationService SOAP webservice.

- Proposal (Open source) GIS implemenation Analysis and Design document.

- Geoserver, qGIS, GIS_BO_GUI apache wicket apps.

- POC-CLOUD project, intro to Microservices, Kubernates, Docker.

- Building a docker image for running a Spring Boot application.

Technologies and methodologies used by the employee in the project:

Eclipse, Geoserver, Javax WS, JAVA EE, Maven, qGIS, Springboot, Hibernate, Spring 5, Dojo,Git, Jenkins

07/2015 - 10/2015
GIS Developer
Canadem; WHO; Marco-One; Waterboard Frysland
Project name: Ebola crisis team

Company (employer): Canadem

Dates (start-end): 7/2015 - 10/2015

Effective number of 4
months achieved:

Client (customer) : WHO

Project size: 360 man / days

Project description :

GISCorps, UNMEER (United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response)

The outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in West Africa is unprecedented in its scale, severity, and complexity.
Some countries are still affected by this outbreak, and are struggling to control the epidemic against a backdrop
of extreme poverty, weak health systems and social customs that make breaking human-to-human transmission
difficult. While encouraging progress has been made, there is still a considerable effort required to stop all
chains of transmission in the affected countries, prevent the spread of the disease to neighbouring countries and
to safely re-activate lifesaving essential health services.

I worked for the international Ebola Response team, located in Geneva.

Employee's Roles & Responsibilities in the project:
GIS Developer, in charge of:

- Configure the ESRI Portal and ESRI Online (Ebolamaps response).
- ArcGIS maps, cartographic maps, work with Geodatabases 202 (staging) and 207(production).
- Create triggers (after insert, update) for the georequestbatch and georequestdetail table for backups.
- Set PK at all tables for to improve the server performance and indexing.
- Adding CCS stylesheets, HTML5 code, javascript, json files, images, thumnails creatings for the MXD
upload projects in the ESRI ONLINE web application Ebola.
- Maintain SQL server databases, add GP services arcGIS toolboxes.i
- GIS training & support WHO staff

Technologies and methodologies used by the employee in the project:
ArcGIS javascript API, SQL server, arcGISonline, HTML, arcMap 10.3, arcGISserver 10.2, Jquery, Dojo
Framework, arcSDE server, arcGIS server 10.2, Oracle 11g, SQLserver, PL/SQL, XML, XSL-T

CV professional experience page

DIGIT TM - CV Form for Time and Means services

CV experience page number for this CV: 7


Project name: Maintenance, internal work process

Company (employer): Marco-One, Blue trail

Dates (start-end): 05/2015 - 07/2015

Effective number of 3
months achieved:

Client (customer) : Waterboard Frysland

Project size: 324 man / days

Project description :

All-round maintenance GIS servers (temporary substation internal staff member).

Employee's Roles & Responsibilities in the project:

Working as a GIS analyst the candidate was responsible for creating data workflows, data capture & storage;
Perform geographic data analysis, data conversion and map automation using Python and ArcPy;
Mapping and cartographic output. ArcGIS /modules distributed network;
Upgrade GIS object/TOAD/ Oracle10/11g.

Technologies and methodologies used by the employee in the project:

TOAD, arcGIS server 10.2, ArcPy, Python, Oracle 10/11g, arcMap 10.1

06/2014 - 07/2014
GIS test engineer
Marco-One; Alliander
Project name: Connect Asset

Company (employer): Marco-One, IT-staffing

Dates (start-end): 06/14 - 07/2014

Effective number of 1
months achieved:

Client (customer) : Alliander

Project size: 20 man / days

Project description :

General test GIS data in NRG project.
Execute test cases and test scripts.

Employee's Roles & Responsibilities in the project:

GIS test engineer
Perform Test scripts, analyse test scripts for Connect Assets.
Connect Assets, regression tests, setup test-cases.

Technologies and methodologies used by the employee in the project:

Smallworld, NGR, arcGIS server 10.1, arcGIS map 10.1. FileZilla

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