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Ivan Kesler


Last update: 11.01.2021

Solution Architect and Full Stack Software Developer

Graduation: B.Sc. in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (in spe) | University of Belgrade | Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
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Languages: English (Native or Bilingual) | French (Elementary) | Russian (Full Professional) | Serbian (Native or Bilingual)


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Professional Summary
  • Senior Full Stack Software Developer 
  • Solution Architect with profound knowledge in the field of IoT 
  • Exceptional communication, language and presentational skills

  • Programming languagesC#, JavaScript, Java, C
  • Web DevelopmentASP.NET MVC, HTML/CSS, JSON, jQuery, Backbone, Jasmine, React, Redux, OAuth2, Spring, Spring-Boot
  • DatabasesSQL Server, MySQL, SQLLite
  • CloudAWS, Azure, Azure IoT
  • Development ToolsUML, NUnit, NHibernate, IoC, LINQ, SVN, GIT, Apache Solr, Redis, Xamarin, OSGI
  • LanguagesEnglish (native) / Serbian (native) / Russian (fluent) / French (basic) / Italian (basic)

Project history

01/2013 - Present
multiple companies and projects

2017 - now       Senior Software Developer and Solution Architect at ICENTIC, Belgrade, Serbia

Design and implementation of a PTS (Production Tracking System) for a German industrial client. Orchestration of manufacturing processes and automation of testing functionalities. System based on Azure IoT and client’s IoT platform. 
Technologies: Azure IoT, netFIELD, RESTfull interface

Development of the hardware and software stack for a smart energy management IoT solution. Development of the hardware platform involved integrating proprietary hardware security solution for certificate storage. Development of the software stack involved designing and developing drivers for various smart meters, and inverters (ModbusTCP and various proprietary protocols). 
Technologies: C, JNI, Java, OSGI

Development of a prototype hardware isolation dongle, used to isolate vulnerable devices from the network, using a proprietary encryption solution. 
Technologies: C, Java, JNI, Spring-Boot

2017    Roundglobe Technologies, Belgrade, Serbia

Full-Stack development of various applications used to submit and display the state of a blockchain accessed via JSON-RPC. The aforementioned applications are used to provide proof of value (purchase) to the block-chain, as well as manage an affiliate marketing structure. A part of the development included creating a third party app allowing access to user details through OAuth2. Technologies: JavaScript, express, Redis, MySQL, React, Redux, OAuth2.

2016    GoodYear Dunlop Tires S.A., Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg

Android and back-end development for Focus mobile application (Android, iOS, WinMobile), used for tracking exploitation of pre-production GoodYear tires and comparing them to competitor tires in normal and special conditions (extreme snow, hot and dry weather, rain, heavy exploitation etc.). The mobile application connects to a web service which synchronizes data between the mobile application and Oracle database in GoodYear headquarters. Field engineers visit partner companies across the world and mount/unmount test tires (identified by barcode using phone camera) from/to selected vehicles (passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles or special vehicles) and track the tire pressure, thread depths (using Bluetooth device) and tire profile. The application also allows adding new partner vehicles and updating data for existing vehicles. When the field engineer returns to headquarters the data is synchronized back to the main Oracle server and analyzed by GoodYear engineers. Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC WebAPI, Xamarin, SQLLite, LightInject, Oracle, T4 code generation.

2016    Ministry of Mining and Energy, Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Front-end developer of the Energy Management System Reporting application for monitoring and reporting on implementation of EMS by all designated parties (industrial and commercial companies, public entities and municipalities). The system includes a broad set of regulatory and technical rules and validations defined by the Law of Efficient Use of Energy. Designated parties use the system to submit annual reports by elaborating their energy consumption, to submit energy audit reports, to appoint the necessary number of energy managers and to notify the ministry in charge of energy thereof, to adopt their energy efficiency programs and plans. The system is also used for maintaining trainings and exams for energy managers and energy auditors and for issuing licenses for both legal entities and persons. Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, jQuery, Backbone, NHibernate, SQL Server, DevExpress.

2016    Reifen Kiefer GmbH, Orscholz, Germany

Rewriting old framework based on stored procedures to work with both MS SQL Server and MySQL. The application supports services of storing tyres and wheels and it is used to create storage contracts and work orders for mounting and dismounting wheels and tyres from the cars, but also to provide different search possibilities in order to find certain tyres/wheels stored in one of the more storage locations (each service point has one or more storage locations). The application reduces the time needed for creating storage contracts and work orders and also time needed to locate where actual tyres and wheels are stored. Technologies: VB.NET, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server 2005, MySQL.

2015    Elafor d.o.o., Belgrade, Serbia

Back-end and front-end developer for start-up SaaS platform connecting sellers, buyers, delivery services and individuals who sell the products in their neighborhood by using tablet devices. Responsiveness was one of the most important tasks, so CMS was improved to allow different page templates and widgets for different devices. The platform was later expanded to allow direct public (B2B and B2C) access offering all products and sub-portals for specific niches (schoolbooks, wines, preparing custom Christmas presents etc.). In addition to offering products of partner companies, platform offers services by partners or platform itself to other partners and users. The key is collaboration and confidence between users. Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Backbone, Require.js, NHibernate, MySQL, Roslyn, SASS, Apache SolR, DevExpress.

2013-2015      Software Developer at Halo oglasi doo, Serbia

Front-end development and back-end development on the project for maintenance of newly developed Halo oglasi portal. In addition to bug fixing and second level support a couple of substantial new features and feature overwrites were included (rendering ad lists on the server using node.js instead of the Handlebars JavaScript on the client, introducing quasitaxonomies for improved SEO, joining and minimizing all scripts and CSS to one file, ad rendering using razor and storing in Solr, improved searching, new specialized controls, improved responsiveness with customized controls and pages for devices, database optimization and using SQL Server 2016, improved performance by rewriting and optimizing specific parts of the system etc). Technologies: C#, ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, jQuery, Backbone, Require.js, NHibernate, SQL Server 2016, Apache SolR, Node.js, DevExpress.

Time and spatial flexibility

remote - temporarily available at client location


Ivan Kesler is an employee of icentic.

Please contact Dr. Branko Bjelajac (, +41 79 5999814, +49 721 66972911) for further information.

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