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Last update: 27.12.2022

Freelance Developer at Farte Razvan-Dan PFA

Company: Farte Razvan-Dan PFA
Graduation: BSc Computer Science at Universitatea „Babeș-Bolyai” Cluj-Napoca
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Languages: English (Full Professional) | Romanian (Native or Bilingual)




CMS, Wordpress, Website development, Prestashop, Shopify, WooCommerce, Google, Google Analytics, Codeception, PHPUnit, Regression testing, unit testing, Docker, SVN, Git, PHPStorm, Java 8, microservices, Framework, Core, JPA, JSON, WEB, Kafka, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, scalability, AngularJS, Angular, Bootstrap, HTML, Java, JS, CSS, Android, C++, Python, Functional Programming, C, Unity3D, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Agile Application Development

Project history

02/2021 - Present
Customer Data Integration Support, DevOps at Parcel4You with Ruby on Rails, IT main contact point, Project Coordinator for internal Software solutions
Parcel4You (10-50 employees)
Transport and Logistics
Integrate big customers like Asendia, B2C Europe, Hermes UK, DG International, Fedex, P2P to final mile local carriers and to delivery networks throughout Europe (Baltics, Balcans, CE, Scandinavia and more)

Investigate issues in data flow and provide solutions and suggestions to the customers and their third party ERP, WMS, E-commerce providers.

Train and teach internal customer support team for best use of available tools when dealing with customers, their parcels, tracking, performance reports on shipping.
building the internal IT documentation.

Management on customer access roles and authorization.

Stakeholder and coordinator role in new internal software outsourced projects. Manual test role. Development role.

With my experience in software development, Linux systems, API Integrations, E-commerce website development and with the continuous learning of specifics of Logistics industry, I am able to cover many responsabilities for my client and provide in house advice and solutions for their needs. I am also able to jump on technical issues that noone in the team is able to handle and provide resolution, quick fixes and suggest plans on bigger needs.

04/2020 - 04/2021
Automation Engineer and Occasionaly Software Developer (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
I'm building the pipeline for automation and writing the Selenium tests for 2 of my customer's products.

I'm using Selenium, Codeception (PHP powerful testing framework), PHP Unit, Travis CI, Docker and Docker Compose.
I'm setting up the environments, fixing the pipeline, writing new Selenium tests. 

//Todo I'll be adding more details for this listing

From time to time, if I have free capacity, I develop new functionalities in website's dashboard and landing pages using pure PHP and a couple of legacy templating frameworks.

02/2020 - 04/2020
Customer support L1 and L2 (10-50 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
ShortPixel is a WordPress centered company, with it's own WP plugins for image optimization and media management.

I was looking for WordPress projects and this is how I came across ShortPixel's job offer at the beginning of the year.

My role was as follows:
- reply the customers via our HelpScout CRM system
- inspect and identify possible issues of the customer directly in the frontend of their site using google chrome developer tools (Network, Sources, Elements, JS Debug)
- read the knoledge base and orient the customers towards the solutions
- in some cases reading documentation of other plugins to identify possible conflicts between their products and our product
- fixing and improving the existing documentation. Adding new documentation (both internal and for the customers)
- consult with team members regarding different tasks, regarding our products and regarding improvements, feedbacks and other topics I would see whilst working there
- investigating and testing our products. Creating various test cases, similar to the customer's ones, creating different WP environments, configuring various parameters, applying SQL dumps, using SSH to login to customer machine/our machines
- reading through closed tickets to find similar issues and the resolutions found there in order to direct the customers toward the same solutions
- using our internal systems for fixing customer issues with billing, invoices, quota usage, email change etc

It was a really short but fun project. I found it really easy to grasp, even though I never did customer support ever before.
My customer needed me for a couple development functionalities and for automated testing, so I stopped working on support and focused my energy in other areas of the products.

06/2018 - 05/2019
Software Developer
Micro Focus (>10.000 employees)
Internet and Information Technology
DCA product development. Data Center Automation, similar with HP's Server Automation product, but this one beying microservice based and a lot more scalable

My role, in the project was extended on multiple layers of the product:
- data ingestion from various microservices and messaging through kafka
- desing and implementation of OLAP warehouse with Vertica
- Java Spring Rest endpoints construction, mantainance and extension
- full stack flows from our React frontend through 

A normal day of work would go in the manner:
- taking a task
- reading a couple of architectural decissions and talks regarding the task
- reproducing the scenario and inspecting the case,
- creating a VM environment with the scenario reproduced,
- discussing the implementation with the PO and with the Tecnhical Lead
- starting a container locally
- writing the code and debugging locally, testing
- writing the unit test and/or integration tests with Mockito
- review phase, build and tests phase, fixing, improvements

I worked in a SAFe team and our team was an important team in the hierarchy.

Technologies, frameworks, keywords:
- Java 8
- Kafka for microservices communication
- Spring Framework(Core, JPA, JSON, WEB, Kafka); Spring Boot;
- Docker for containerization
- Kubernetes for orchestration and scalability

Used working in a corporate environment with lots of documentation and lots of work invested in all processes. Working in a secure maner with many knoledge base documents regarding security hardening and policies. I was responsible, self sufficient and capable in fulfilling my tasks with few to none tasks dropped.

11/2017 - 03/2018
Freelance Web Developer
In my second University year, as I moved in UK for my study exchange, I started working on small development tasks as side projects in my free time.

A couple of the projects I worked on were:
- A static HTML and Bootstrap website for a Romanian towing car company.
- A personal blog at
- A web crawler for an US lead generation service (dropped, due to lack of experience at the time)
- A couple of JS automation tasks and browser automations using Google Chrome Macros Plugin

As the projects were not coming on a constant base, I stopped taking gigs and I got employed at MicroFocus after a 4 weeks GoLang workshop.

07/2017 - 08/2017
Software Engineering Intern
Montran Corporation (250-500 employees)
Banks and financial services
In the Spring of my first Uni year, I started to apply for internships and job shadowing offers. This was after I decided I want to improve my career path during my studies.

After many interviews, applications and rejections, Montran took me in and I was really happy about it.

The project was purely educational, we worked on replica of company's RTGS system in a new technical stack: Java + Spring Boot and Angular on frontend.

I was in a team of students, me being the youngest one. 

My roles were various and were covering:
- angular 1 frontend construction and backend API construction
- AngularJS components, template views and services
- authentication and authorization
- CRUD operations on transactions page
- research for native app platforms (Cordova, Ionic w Angular 1, React Native)

Frontend development in AngularJS (Angular 1), Bootstrap 3 and HTML 4
Backend with Spring Boot and PostgreSQL

Local Availability

Available worldwide
Currently I am based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

I'm open to team building physical meetings in a different location and for a few weeks business trips. Although I am not thinking of relocation. I would mostly prefer 100% remote setup.


I have strong traits that make me capable of taking part in new projects.
I trust myself I can prove my skills and I know how far a way I have come till now and how much value I could bring.
Profileimage by Razvan Farte Freelance Developer at Farte Razvan-Dan PFA from Tamaia Freelance Developer at Farte Razvan-Dan PFA